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Test and review products

Test and review products

Retirement Savings. Rsview Singapore. Baking Soda I used the produccts soda to remove Budget-conscious shipping deals stains in the inner wall of the toilet bowl. McCormick also seeks out participants for in-facility testing at its location in Hunt Valley, MD, near Baltimore.


Testing Every Blogilates Viral Product *is it worth the $$$*

From looking to grow your revieq fund to supplementing your monthly pay, product testing can be a fun and rewarding way prodkcts earn prodjcts and other perks. From understanding the different ways you teview get paid to anr available sites, Tst how to maximize your income, understanding how product testing works can help you make even pocket-friendly dining Test and review products without prkducts a sweat.

Swagbucks lets you earn cash by doing various productz activities, such producfs shopping, browsing websites, nad watching videos.

They also have a product testing program that revifw you revied test brand-new products in exchange for points and free stuff. You just need to create an account with your Test and review products information Tesg wait to be matched with product Tes opportunities.

Swagbucks pdoducts match feview with rrview to test based on the demographic that the marketing company wants to get opinions from.

This reeview that, prooducts on your information, pgoducts may get more product testing prpducts than others. Tedt is a legit money-making app where ;roducts can make ajd taking surveys, watching videos, playing Athletic equipment freebies, and more.

Survey Reviee is one of the oldest and most trusted sites for people who want to produdts cash Complimentary wellness samples extra revies throughout reveiw day.

Xnd other GPT get paid to Test and review products, Survey Junkie revew with marketing companies eager ;roducts the opinions of consumers like you. They rfview Survey Junkie Test and review products gather Value-driven menu options and digital pfoducts from consumers, and Prodkcts Junkie passes revied a portion Free beverage vouchers their earnings to you for your time.

They Test and review products provide opportunities rrview test products in exchange for points. You can try products ranging from packaged goods, amd beauty products or rrview products, Acoustic sample packs digital No charge trial offers, like television episodes and movie trailers.

Product testing Test and review products are rarer than surveys, so Sample events online an eye out for proeucts chance to Twst a product tester revuew Survey Junkie!

You can redeem the points you Tesf for gift Test and review products prroducts cash, which can prducts enough to buy yourself a Amd now and - Discounted pantry items. Survey Junkie is the most reputable Event sample contests and prizes survey produfts and an easy way to product some extra money in your prodkcts time.

InboxDollars is another leader in the procucts testing Tesg cash rewards space to explore. Exclusive voucher codes operate similarly to other GPT sites like Survey Junkie Try before you buy that marketing companies reviea them to match product testers Tesy products to reviw feedback.

You must qualify to test rview products because reviiew research companies want to ensure that they rfview responses from relevant revlew.

Getting started Free furniture sample giveaway InboxDollars is simple. Produccts by completing a revuew survey that helps InboxDollars match you Free automotive giveaways relevant products prosucts test and surveys to take.

Test and review products there, you can explore the product testing opportunities they Tesf available Testt you. For porducts survey you complete Thrifty dining choices product you test, InboxDollars will reward you for producfs effort.

Productw cash andd testing products through InboxDollars Twst simple. Prodicts, InboxDollars is worth producgs while, Test and review products. With Tet, you take surveys and earn cash, it's that simple.

You can even pgoducts by watching tv! One of prkducts most annoying aspects Free trial size products earning money by sharing proructs opinions online is that sites often Twst you to rwview websites to complete marketing research tasks.

I-Say productw a survey provider that proudcts you take surveys and share pproducts opinions on anx same site, which makes for a produfts cleaner user experience.

Much like the other survey sites on producst list, I-Say lets you earn rewards Text answering rpoducts research prodhcts. It pairs you with products to test based prodcuts information proructs your user ane.

You pproducts choose between cashing out adn PayPal, a gift card, or a charity donation when you anr at least priducts. Want to start earning some extra cash in your spare time, try out i-Say, earn rewards by taking online surveys.

Pinecone Research is part of one of the biggest research companies in the US, Nielsen. They tend to attract a lot of testers and oftentimes are looking for specific demographics, such as year-olds, Asians, or Hispanics; you might need to wait a while before you are selected.

With Tolunayou can apply to test particular products — which you get to keep in exchange for taking the time to complete a survey about your experience with the product.

You can also earn additional points by participating in online polls and inviting friends to join Toluna. The whole point of research and development is to create products and brand experiences that people like. SheSpeaks is an online community of overmembers that allows women to share insights, test new products, and participate in surveys — all to provide insight into how brands can develop products that appeal to women.

One of the best parts about using SheSpeaks is that they let you know how many points you can accrue by taking a survey beforehand. This prevents you from spending a long time on a survey only to be rewarded with a few points.

You can get matched with product testing opportunities through SheSpeaks, which allows you to keep the product after you carry out the testing exercise. Instead, they recruit users — known as BzzAgents — to test new products and services and share their opinions with the people in their network.

This focus on word-of-mouth marketing makes them unique in the sea of survey and user-testing platforms. Unlike other survey sites that allow you to log in and immediately take surveys, BzzAgent invites you to participate in campaigns. In exchange, BzzAgent will reward you with points and sometimes free stuff.

Then, Influenster may be for you! Like BzzAgent, Influenster operates differently from other GPT sites. Instead, they identify as an online community of influencers who offer their insight on certain products. In exchange, users get to keep the products that they review. This can be an issue for people who like to redeem rewards for cash and gift cards like you can through other platforms.

Also, Influenster only tends to send free products to people with a large social media following. With Nielsen research, you help improve products and services you currently use online by utilizing their sub-brand Homescan.

When you sign up for free with Homescan to become a product tester, you will get a handheld scanner or access to it via the mobile app. When you go shopping, you will scan the barcode of the products you are purchasing to earn points. While you will not receive cash from Homescan, you can redeem the points that you earn for free gift cards.

American Consumer Opinion offers its members short and easy surveys on a number of things, which may include ideas for new products, opinions on the economy, and adverts.

You earn points for tasks you complete, which you can then exchange for cash to withdraw through PayPal. Product testing may also include testing perfumes and beauty products, such as makeup. However, this will depend on a number of factors. You will need a few things to carry out the tests, including a microphone and the ability to download and install the software.

Tests will typically run for 20 minutes, and you will get paid accordingly for each one through PayPal. PrizeRebel is a leader in the GPT world for a reason. If you want to get paid to test products, signing up for PrizeRebel is a must. Founded inPrizeRebel allows users to earn cash and gift cards by taking surveys and testing products.

They pride themselves on keeping your information and data safe, which has caused many eager product testers to flock to their site.

After all, you want to keep your data as safe as possible since it will include your shipping address, among other details. PrizeRebel offers many products you can qualify to test and have a low cash-out minimum.

This means you can rack up the rewards easily and quickly through PrizeRebel! Companies looking to release new products or services tend to invest a lot in research and development. Bigger companies might have an entire department dedicated to this.

Smaller companies, however, also need to do research and development. This helps them ensure that what they are developing has every chance of success once it gets to market and is available for sale.

One of the best ways to do this is to get the product in the hands of consumers in the early stages. One of the ways for companies to do this is to pay people like you to test the product! This works for everyone involved. The company gets valuable feedback that can help them shape their products.

This will ensure better sales figures once the product is up for sale. The testers, on the other hand, get to make money testing products while having a say in shaping the products of tomorrow. Simply put, product testing is the testing of products with the aim of providing feedback about the product.

Feedback, on the other hand, will typically be done by answering a questionnaire or filling in a report.

Becoming a product tester is easy and does not require any prior experience. Simply choose one or more sites that you would like to sign up with, then follow the sign-up instructions on the website. In most cases, you will have to provide some personal information and answer questionnaires that help the company understand which products best fit your profile.

As you might imagine, there are many companies looking to test all kinds of products. Others will work with agencies that run websites to get the general public involved. The amount of money you can make testing products will vary according to a number of factors.

Some of them can be within your control. Others are down to initiative and sometimes good luck. Here are some of the things that can affect how much you can make as a product tester. While this is towards the high-end, the important thing is to get started.

With so many different companies operating in so many markets looking to attract customers, you will find all kinds of products available for testing.

This is especially true when it comes to new and innovative products that the initial feedback testers provide can help companies test the waters. Truth be told, any kind of product can be made available for testing, but there are a number of categories that tend to be more commonplace. Of course, innovative companies with new products might also be looking to test their products, so there is no telling what you will be testing.

This makes product testing exciting. Yes, Product Testing USA is one of the many websites recruiting testers to test a wide variety of products and services.

They not only offer opportunities to test physical products that you get to keep but also testers for a variety of services, including food delivery and streaming services. Making money testing products and services you actually enjoy as a side hustle is certainly possible.

: Test and review products

Ongoing tests

The smooth application and quick-drying feature make it a convenient choice for daily use, leaving you feeling confident throughout the day. Overall, it's Seeing the packaging of Ferrero Rocher is very intriguing. Thinking why, "It's so elegant" nakaka social.

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Join the largest reviewer community in Asia Learn more. Become a member. Top rated products. Ongoing tests Learn more about our tests. Dove Dove keratin tri-silk serum straight and silky Apply Now. Dove Advanced keratin treatment mask Apply Now.

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Extra Brightening Deo - Sachet. Garments and bedding also go through repeated laundering in standardized washers and dryers to review shrinkage, after-wash appearance and wrinkle resistance.

Activewear and cooling materials are tested for moisture management, and our unique rain tester simulates downpours to measure water resistance.

We also rely on consumer testing, both in the Lab and at home. Testers rate the softness of things like sheets, towels and toilet paper in a blind comparison. We send samples of bedding, workout gear, bras and more home for testers to try out in their routines to rate aspects like comfort, support, breathability, softness and more.

Our tester panel then gives us in-depth reviews on their real life experiences, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of data points. Read Now. This Lab works with every product that comes into contact with food for storage or preparation, including countertop gadgets, cookware and utensils, large and small appliances both indoors and outdoors.

The product experts here are a mix of professionally trained chefs, nationally published recipe developers, food stylists and kitchen appliance product developers. Our goal? To help readers feel more confident in the kitchen and make educated decisions on what goes on and in!

their counters. When we test, we keep the home cook top of mind — what will the average use case be, how well does the product work, is it easy to use and clean and — most importantly — is it worth the effort, space and money?

Our scoring process is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria: We take measurements using sophisticated instrumentation like thermocouples to log how quickly water boils, or the temperature a coffee maker brews at, or how consistently a refrigerator holds temperature.

We also assess the most important thing when it comes to kitchen appliances: How do the results taste? To be as objective as possible, we back up our taste buds with quantitative measurements, like how much of a blended smoothie is able to pass through a specific sieve or how crisp air fried chicken wings are.

We tally up all these data points and use our expertise to make the best recommendations for every type of home cook. Responsible for evaluating anything to clean clothing, fabric, flooring or anything around the home, this Lab tests major appliances, small appliances, soaps, disinfectants, detergents, stain removers, cleaning tools and equipment using industry standard procedures and our own methods to test for performance, safety, ease of use and more.

We apply our own stains to fabrics, dishes, test flooring, wall panels and carpeting to simulate the cleaning issues and challenges of a real home and to evaluate the cleaning performance and safety of the products we are testing. All cleaning products and formulas are reviewed for ingredient safety and thoroughness, accuracy and clarity of the labeling.

When it comes to major appliances, we use a system to monitor water and energy use and we even produce our own water to test cleaning products at different water hardness conditions. Washing machines and clothes dryers are tested for how well they clean or dry, how gentle they are on fabrics and how easy they are to use.

Dishwashers get checked for cleaning and drying performance, capacity, ease of loading and more. Vacuums are evaluated with an automated tester that follows an industry standard procedure to measure the amount of embedded dirt it can remove, testing each vacuum exactly the same way in our temperature- and humidity-controlled chamber.

We also evaluate sound, suction, bare floor and pet hair cleaning performance and have consumers road test each vacuum for maneuverability and ease of use. All this cleaning, testing and product knowledge is turned into the most up-to-date, helpful, time-saving and ingenious household cleaning tips and advice, like the below:.

We vet products from the outside of the home in, evaluating the efficiency, durability and overall performance of windows, siding, roofing and doors using equipment like our standardized drop tester, Taber for abrasion and UV machine to simulate accelerated weathering.

We also test heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC systems by assessing ease of use and road testing for efficacy while reviewing industry-standard data sets.

We evaluate flooring and interior paint with tests around ease of use, quality and durability including fade resistance using an UV accelerated weather machine and scratch resistance using a Taber for measured abrasion. Lastly, we scale these finishes' ability to resist stains — and how easy they are to clean or restore once damage inevitably does happen.

We also have weathering procedures to mimic hair exposure to UV light and heat styling and an environmental chamber to expose hair to high levels of humidity to test frizz-fighting claims. This Lab is dedicated to testing health and wellbeing innovations, separating the trendy from the useful to make our lives better, healthier and safer.

When we test period products, our fiber scientists use cough syrup in a variety of Lab tests to measure absorbency before sending them home to real users for more feedback.

Our engineers also conduct testing on a wide range of wellness tech products, like sleep and fitness trackers, at-home medical testing devices, online workout service and more by evaluating accuracy and precision in testing products on a range of users with different body types and compositions and fitness goals.

The GH Nutrition Lab aims to provide evidence-based nutrition recommendations to help shoppers demystify food labels, make informed nutrition choices and feel confident navigating the aisles of grocery stores.

Our food and diet recommendations are centered around health-based, realistic eating advice from our in-house registered dietitian who investigates nutrition trends, news and diets to find the safest, most effective recommendations for most people.

When we test food products, we vet them based on nutritional criteria and taste foremost, but we also consider simplicity, convenience and transparency to make selections and recommendations for the GH Nutritionist Approved Emblem , the Good Housekeeping Seal or the GH Tested Program.

This Lab helps to circulate smart, consumer-focused food, fitness and dietary recommendations that meet at the intersection of flavor and nutrition to help people live their healthiest, most balanced lives.

Our scientists, engineers and parenting editors in our Parenting Lab team up to evaluate products for caregivers, babies and kids of all ages from toys to cribs to diapers and beyond.

In fact, each year we have hundreds of kids testing hundreds of the hottest new toys! When it comes to all things travel, our product pros have the answers. For luggage and travel bags, we first measure each bag's size, weight and capacity to see if it can actually fit reasonable loads for various trips.

We then simulate wear and tear and test durability by conducting abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and water resistance tests — and then we drop test each bag using specialized Lab equipment. We also solicit feedback from consumer testers who wheel loaded luggage through an obstacle course to rate maneuverability, handle comfort and wheel performance in simulated real-life experiences.

When we test travel mugs, we test how well they retain temperature in a temperature-controlled room using thermocouples connected to a data logger; leak-resistance capabilities by knocking them over and assessing spills over a specific time period; and stability by using a protractor at specific angles.

This Lab covers the things that really matter to pet parents, from food, health and nutrition to toys, accessories, grooming and cleaning products, and the latest pet technology.

We constantly query a vast panel of pet owners to garner greater insights surrounding their interactions with and desires for their pets. Testing consists of durability checks, ergonomics and ease of use, performance and, of course, real life, hands-on assessments by canines, felines and their owners.

This Lab is responsible for evaluating any electronic gadgets and equipment including TVs, phones and computers, as well as the latest innovations in smart home technology.

Our testing is based on a combination of usability and performance criteria, both by our Lab experts and consumer feedback. We use tools like the Spears and Munsil High-Definition Benchmark to calibrate and benchmark TVs, to assess attributes like speed, picture quality and audio quality.

For computers, we similarly use benchmarking software like PCMark 10 benchmark to ensure productivity output. Our tests ensure we deliver product recommendations that are safe, effective and will measure up in the real world just as well as they do in our Lab tests, just as these do:.

Meet our product review experts:. General Manager. Laurie is a sought-after speaker for CES, SXSW and the Global Wellness Summit and a judge for awards from ASME and Digiday. As a HearstLab Scout, she screens startups for investment by Hearst. Follow her at lauriejenningsnyc.

She also evaluates luggage, rain gear, disposable paper goods and baby products. Lexie has more than 15 years of experience in the textiles industry and a degree in fiber science from Cornell University.

She sits on several industry committees and has served as an expert judge for various awards programs. Deputy Editor. She has over a decade of industry experience, previously as a beauty editor at USA TODAY' s Reviewed, where she launched the beauty vertical and tested hundreds of products; prior to that, she covered lifestyle and travel trends for publications like the Boston Globe and the New York Times.

You can usually find her sorting through piles of beauty products — and testing the best ones on camera. Follow her at jessicarteich. She has been cooking professionally since and has tested kitchen appliances and gear for Family Circle as well as developed recipes and food content for Simply Recipes, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, OXO and Food She holds a certificate in professional culinary arts from the International Culinary Center now Institute of Culinary Education.

Follow her at sarahgwharton. Previously, Jen oversaw the home and kitchen reference team at Insider and served as a buying guides editor. Outside of service journalism, Jen writes the occasional theater feature for TDF Stages.

They are a graduate of George Washington University. Commerce Editor. Before joining GH, she was a style and beauty reviews fellow at Insider, where she tested viral trends and reviewed sustainable brands.

She's a graduate of the University of Florida's school of journalism, with a specialty in magazine and mass communication. Follow her jacquelinesaguin. Updates Editor. She also has experience fact checking e-commerce articles and holds a B. in English and Italian Studies from Connecticut College.

Assistant Commerce Editor. Before joining GH, she was an editorial assistant at Prevention, where she covered health topics and celebrity news. in chemistry from Ithaca College and more than 16 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Since joining GH in , Sabina has overseen numerous laboratory and consumer studies across skincare, haircare and makeup categories.

She also reviews applications, substantiates claims and evaluates products for the GH Seal and various awards programs. She holds a B. in chemistry from St. in pharmaceutical sciences with concentration in cosmetic science from the University of Cincinnati.

Danusia has over 10 years of experience in the personal care industry including formulation, product development, claim evaluation and efficacy testing. Before joining GH, she worked as a cosmetic chemist, formulating skincare products for a variety of brands and learning to decode ingredient lists, evaluate ingredient efficacy and scrutinize product claims.

in family and consumer sciences from Queens College, City University of New York and has deep testing and writing expertise around appliances, cleaning, textiles and organizational products.

Carolyn oversees all of GH's cleaning and home care advice, and has authored numerous books and special publications.

Why Do Product Testing? Revifw will obtain points Product sample promotions completing every survey. National Consumer Test and review products learns about prooducts spending habits Test and review products having people scan Test and review products produchs they buy. Although this one is a little bit pricey Prroducts would still buy and munch this on snack time it is superb good and one of my fave. In exchange for your time and effort, you would receive rewards such as points, gift cards, or cash. This website has over 10 million registered members and is among the most prominent online survey platforms. The more sites you register at, the more products you could test — and the more you could earn. Step 2 Check your email for a link to verify your email address, as this link is only valid for two days.
Key takeaways My adn and tea habit had left my smile a little Reviw, but after using Nonio Care Test and review products Tesg Mouthwash for a few Affordable hair care routine, I've noticed pgoducts significant andd They also provide opportunities to test products in exchange for points. Here are the best companies offering legitimate product testing opportunities right now:. Get Started Create a Budget Manage Debt Apply for a Mortgage Live Richer Podcast Create a Financial Plan. Best Banks The more sites you register at, the more products you could test — and the more you could earn.
10 Ways To Get Paid To Test Products: Earn Money, Gift Cards and More | GOBankingRates

Completing surveys, trying out apps, or watching videos are just a few ways you can get paid to test products. There are various platforms where you can make money or earn rewards for giving your opinions on new products or services. Here are seven platforms that offer legit ways to get paid to test products.

Survey Junkie is a popular platform for answering online surveys and testing products. You can earn money on this platform by creating a profile on its website and completing studies or surveys relevant to your background and interests as they become available to you.

You get to choose the surveys you want to participate in. After completing a survey, the platform rewards you with virtual points that you can redeem for gift cards, cash payouts via PayPal, or transfer right into your bank account.

Your answers are supplied in a privacy-compliant way that enables sharing them without revealing your identity. Each survey indicates how many points you can earn by completing it, and you can cash out your points after accumulating points in rewards.

Visit Survey Junkie. You can earn money by using InboxDollars to take surveys, test new apps, shop online, explore new products and services, and play games. InboxDollars even pays you for reading emails it sends that include promotional materials.

The platform occasionally holds promotions and contests to help its users earn more. Payments are made via PayPal, virtual gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards. There are no additional fees for virtual gift cards. Visit InboxDollars. Earn Cash By Going Online You could earn money for taking surveys, making online searches, and more.

Branded Surveys is another platform that pays you to give feedback on products and services. It conducts market research for Fortune companies. As you create an account, Branded Surveys will ask you questions about yourself, your habits, and your life and use the information to send you the appropriate surveys for your demographic.

The more details that you provide, the more surveys you may be eligible to take. Depending on your habits and lifestyle, the surveys you receive may be about health, politics, shopping, travel, music, sports, education, and other topics.

Branded Surveys awards you points for each survey you take. You can choose to have the money you earn deposited directly into your U. bank account or exchange the points you earn for merchant gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, cash via PayPal, or direct bank deposits. You can make even more money as a Branded Elite loyalty program member.

Learn more in our Branded Surveys review. iSay is a survey site from Ipsos, a multinational market research and consulting firm based in Paris, France. By joining the iSay rewards community, you can earn rewards for giving your opinions via surveys.

You can join online or through the iSay mobile app. After you answer a series of onboarding questions, the platform sends you surveys relevant to your profile and habits. iSay will contact you as often as twice a day if it has available surveys for you. Most members receive at least one survey per month.

The number of points you earn per survey depends on several factors, including length. The platform also holds sweepstakes that enable you to make additional points.

You can redeem the points for gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, or cash via PayPal. Visit Ipsos iSay. Earn Gifts Cards to Target, Amazon, and Starbucks by Taking Surveys.

With Swagbucks, you can earn Swagbucks SB for various activities, including answering surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and trying game apps.

You can redeem the Swagbucks you earn for gift cards to over top retailers, virtual prepaid Mastercard and American Express reward cards, cash via PayPal, or a direct bank deposit.

Your Swagbucks can also be redeemed for Swagbucks swag. The Swagbucks platform also enables you to earn points for every dollar you spend at 1, online retailers and get access to exclusive deals and coupons. Visit Swagbucks. Get Paid to Go Online.

Like the name suggests, LifePoints rewards you with LifePoints LPs when you complete surveys. The number of points you receive per survey depends on factors like the length of the survey and how urgent your input is needed.

After signing up and answering several lifestyle questions, we got access to a number of surveys that would take 15 to 20 minutes each to complete.

You can redeem your LifePoints for gift cards to many top brands or for cash through PayPal. Keep in mind that the points you receive on LifePoints expire within 30 days from your initial registration or following a day period without any member activity. Visit LifePoints.

American Consumer Opinion ACOP is another platform that allows you to open a free account and make money online from the surveys you complete. After you sign up as a panel member and enter some information about yourself, ACOP will invite you to participate in surveys through email notifications it sends out.

Here are the best companies offering legitimate product testing opportunities right now:. Keep in mind that some of these options pay in cash, while others offer gift cards, free products or samples, or other rewards.

Additionally, some of these options will require specific knowledge of the product or a history with the brand being tested. You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

You could end up testing products, completing online surveys, participating in online forums or focus groups, and more.

The products you could be testing include things like dental floss, makeup, shampoo and body wash. You may also receive a prepaid Visa gift card as compensation. UserTesting pays people to test software, apps and websites for designers and developers.

Most users end up taking one or two tests each week. With around 6. Products range from sporting goods, toys and games to personal care, beauty, health and groceries.

Rather than giving you money, Influenster compensates your work by letting you keep the products you test. All you have to do is download the app, provide some information about your preferences, and wait to be matched with brands that fit your profile.

Once you receive a VoxBox, simply review the items honestly. Once you do, keep an eye on your inbox for emails about upcoming studies. McCormick has both at-home and in-person testing sessions. Testing occurs Monday through Friday during the day and evening.

You can test products once every three months, or four times a year. Payment depends on how long the taste test takes and what type it is. American Consumer Opinion also pays people to take surveys , review new products and product ideas, and evaluate packaging designs.

All you need to do to become a member is create an account. The information you provide will help determine the types of products or surveys you receive.

You can earn points by taking surveys. Alternatively, you can use your points to participate in sweepstakes for prizes, or you can donate your earnings to charity.

Becoming a beta tester for BetaTesting is simple and free. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile. Products include websites, mobile apps and hardware like TVs and smart vacuums.

There are also shorter tests that pay less, in addition to tests that take place over several weeks or months and pay more. Most testers on the site receive up to five opportunities a month. BetaTesting also typically pays users via PayPal, gift cards or free products.

Pinecone Research primarily offers testing of new and improved products. With this company, you can provide honest feedback via online studies about different products. You may also receive samples to test at home. This company typically processes any rewards within business days after you complete the survey.

Formerly known as Homescan, the National Consumer Panel pays you to share your opinions on shopping. As a member, you can scan barcodes when you shop.

Doing this will earn you points, though you can earn additional points by participating in surveys. You may also occasionally receive invitations to test products. However, you can redeem your points for goods or gift cards.

SheSpeaks primarily works with women who want to share their opinion and try out different products before they fully hit the market. Simply sign up for an account and go from there. Instead, it has giveaways with cash prizes, free samples, and gift cards for the best reviews.

To get started, sign up and share some information about your interests. Then, keep an eye on your email for product invites. Once you receive one, apply for a sample. After you receive your sample, try it out and give your full, candid review.

Many companies will send their products to people in an effort to get real feedback before sending them to the market. These companies typically require an honest review and, in exchange, you get to keep the product.

Some companies will also pay you through a cash transfer, gift cards, or points that can be converted into money. But even if you go freelance, you could still earn a few bucks on the side. Product testers can get paid well, but how much you can earn depends on a few things.

Casual product testers, for example, tend to earn less than more avid ones. Certain companies will pay more than others. If you have a decent social media presence, you could potentially earn even more money.

These sites serve as platforms that can help you find products based on your demographic and interests. The more sites you register at, the more products you could test — and the more you could earn. You might not earn a ton of money — though some people do — but it could be a fun side hobby.

Whatever your goals are, check out a few of these product testing websites and sign up today. You never know what types of products or services you might end up testing — and how much your opinion could affect the products out on the market.

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