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Sample event ticket deals

Sample event ticket deals

ticket ticket design. You can tkcket a healthy ticket price for deas virtual event when you give attendees an exciting opportunity to connect with peers meaningfully. Standard Production Times:. Using a digital event ticket template is easy and generates well-designed, personalized tickets your attendees can easily buy.

Sample event ticket deals -

How many people can the venue hold? Once you find this number, you can divide it by the Break-Even point found earlier to calculate the minimum price you should sell your tickets for to pay for all expenses.

If you offer different purchasing options, bundled pricing may work for you. You can create perceived value by adding multiple items into one bundle at a reduced price compared to having all items purchased separately. This is also a good way to motivate the purchase of add-on items, such as meals, transportation, accommodation, activities, parties, and more.

Once you have determined how much you should be selling your tickets for, draft your strategy to sell the tickets. Here are some different event ticket pricing strategies you may consider. There is no surprise here: early bird sales are the easiest way to create awareness about the event and push sales in the early months of promotion.

You can create a multi-tiered early bird strategy to push for even more event ticket sales. Here is an example of how to use the multi-tiered early bird structure:. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never extend your early bird rate.

Doing so trains your audience to wait instead of acting, which is the whole point of the early bird strategy. Similarly to tiered early bird, you can create a tier based on milestone dates. You can create as many tiers as you wish, adding price increases as it gets closer to the event date.

Make sure the increases are significant enough to make people want to purchase it early. Here is an example of timed batch event ticket pricing:. This is an old marketing trick we all have heard of.

Prices ending in odd numbers, such as 5 and 9, tend to outperform even numbers in terms of sales. You can test this strategy in different events to compare the results. The price with no decimal numbers is perceived as lower, even though it may not be.

If you are offering different purchase options, bundled pricing may work for you. That means you focus on selling the tickets for your event and contact them later to up-sell other items, such as meals, transportation, accommodation, after-parties, etc.

This way, you can guarantee the event ticket and worry about items with lower margins later. Whether you give a percentage discount of a fixed dollar amount, a discount can make all the difference based on the perceived value of the discount.

Here are some examples:. If your audience knows your previous event was sold out, chances are they might feel rushed to get their tickets early for the next event you host.

With this in mind, you may choose a smaller venue to host your initial event as a strategy to increase demand for future events. A premium ticket package and other cheaper options may make lower-priced tickets seem more attractive, increasing demand and sales.

The VIP offers, which may include exclusive access perks, will appeal to a segment of your attendees who are looking for the best.

Create promo codes for specific segments that can help push sales through referrals. For example, you can create a special code for your speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors so they can share the event with their audience. Partners will feel more motivated to promote the event, knowing they are offering their audience a benefit while strengthening the relationship with you.

Provide them with assets to share on social media to help with the event promotions. Similarly, you can create promo codes for niche influencers in your industry so they can share the event with their audience.

Ticket pricing strategies are even trickier when it comes to hosting virtual and hybrid events. As these events become more popular, the industry is in the process of figuring out the best ways to monetize these events.

Here are a few ways you can price your virtual events:. Sliding scale : Rather than having a set price, you can offer attendees a sliding scale to give them options for how much they can afford according to their financial situation.

By donation : You can also offer attendees to pay by donation, so they choose how much to pay for the event. Free, excluding premium components : Another route you might consider is hosting your event free of charge but charging premium amounts if attendees want to get access to specific event components like the online networking platform, high-profile speaker sessions, or exclusive content.

This option lets you set several ticket tiers so attendees can choose what suits them most. In addition to offering an exciting program with a diverse agenda, you can anchor your price on additional experiences your event can provide, including:.

Networking opportunities : Give your audience more points of interaction to create and strengthen connections. You can justify a healthy ticket price for your virtual event when you give attendees an exciting opportunity to connect with peers meaningfully.

Exclusive touch-points with experts : The chance to connect with experts privately or in small groups can be a huge selling point for attendees who value one-on-one time or exclusivity. On-demand flexibility : Many virtual events are free to watch live but paid to have on-demand access to watch the recordings.

This can be a good way to attract ticket sales as well. Ensure customers can buy tickets to your event online. Selling online not only makes it convenient for customers, but it also frees up administration time for you and your team. One of the easiest ways to offer online sales is through an event registration platform.

In addition to scheduling and attendee log-in capabilities, this type of platform offers features like different pricing categories, promo codes, and group passes.

It could work in your favor to offer tickets at the door as well as online, though this depends on the type of event. People could turn up at the last minute, which could help you fill up your event.

However, you might want to charge slightly more at the door to encourage people to buy well before the event. Sold-out events are the result of careful ticket pricing strategies and sales rather than chance. Want to learn more about how to sell out your events and make them a financial success?

Download your ticket pricing strategies guide today. Or book a call with our team to learn how Attendease can help you. Event Trends. Event Management. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Event Ticket Pricing Strategies [ Guide]. Event Management News April 27, Attendease. Here are a few key things Anthony Vade made note of around value: Information Delivery Is No Longer Enough While you might think that sharing information through presentations and workshops is what your audience wants to pay for, remember that information is now widely accessible and free thanks to the internet.

Experiences Carry More Weight Some virtual events may be free, while others charge premium amounts if attendees want access to a deeper in-person or online experience. Events Provide Value When They Change the Behaviors of Their Stakeholders Consider the following: Why do your stakeholders attend your event, and what do they leave with?

What pain do they enter with, and what gains do they exit with? How does your event create transformations for your audience? What actionable takeaways is your audience walking away with? Following the methodology by the Event Design Collective , the way to uncover this is first to map the stakes for all your high-impact stakeholders: What is at stake?

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Create Free Printable Tickets Online Sampled grooming supplies Minutes. Choose from Thousands of Professionally-made Ticket Designs That Are Easy to Evejt, Edit, Fvent Print. With Ddeals. Get Access tlcket All Tickets Templates. Whether you need Sample event ticket deals create ricket for dealx to events, raffle tickets, movie tickets, parking tickets, bus, boat, or airline tickets, we have all the ticket designs you need. Make your ticket design eye-catching and unique from the competition by downloading customizable designs from our template library in blank, simple, or unique designs to impress audiences, and promote your brand or business. Use our editor tool to edit and customize your chosen template design and communicate with partners on the customization details. Event Management Sampld. How aSmple you decide to ticet for Low-cost dining options can make or break hicket event. In this guide, we will Sample event ticket deals proven ticket pricing strategies to help you determine your ticket prices and ensure the financial success of your event. In a talk with Anthony Vade, Director of North America at Event Design Collectivewe learned just how crucial this step is. Revisiting your event design means closely examining your stakeholders attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, leadership, etc. Sample event ticket deals

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