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Free dental floss samples

Free dental floss samples

Privacy Free craft supplies. By the way, here is a link to teaching the Dsntal Method. Samples will be sent to qualified professionals only. Robert Jones, L, Dr. Our toothbrushes and dental floss are not mass merchandise products.

Free dental floss samples -

Privacy Policy. I am a Healthcare Professional. I am not a Healthcare Professional. Welcome back! Log In Register Update Profile Logout. Products Indications Professional Education Resources Community Outreach Samples.

Contact Us United Kingdom. Products By Type By Indication By Brand. Indications Caries Dentine Hypersensitivity Periodontal Health. Professional Education Continuous Development Webinars Articles. Resources For Professionals For Patients. By Indication Caries Dentine Hypersensitivity Periodontal Health Everyday Prevention - Whole Mouth Health Children Oral care.

You also might like. By Type Toothpaste Toothbrushes Mouth Rinses Interdental cleaning High Fluoride Products. By Brand Duraphat ® Colgate ®. Helping Dentists and Hygienists teach their patients effective personal oral hygiene has been our core business for over fifty years.

Effective personal oral hygiene has to be taught, and nobody has a better chance at being successful than the dental team. Improperly used, a toothbrush and dental floss can be nothing more than a time waster. Proper personal oral hygiene on the other hand will effectively prevent caries and gum disease.

Developing the mind set and skills to master the Bass Method is easy. POH has the experience. You May Remember These From Your Childhood Plaque disclosing tablets will certainly get a patients attention. Like a bright red road map to where their bugs live.

Swishing one of these around, inspecting in a brightly lit mirror and explaining to a patient that the remaining red stain is where they missed will help to aim their efforts. No guess work, clean off the red.

A Little Bit of History POH has been supplying toothbrushes and dental floss to preventive dental offices all over for more than fifty years.

Dental offices that use POH know that preventing disease is preferable to suffering from it and that their patients' teeth are precious. The ability to teach a patient how to prevent the diseases known as tooth decay and gum disease is profound.

Today there exists a large group of dedicated clinicians who prefer to never again fill another cavity. Prevention is paramount. Robert Jones, D. Turns out, it built his practice better than anything before.

Percept® BLACK FLOSS. All Dental Flosses Are Not The Same The construction of POH dental floss is based on clinical efficacy in disrupting plaque, or what Dr. Bass used to call 'Material Alba'. POH floss is not designed for ease of assembly in a factory, or to slide over problems on teeth.

Each spool of POH dental floss is hand assembled and inspected. Made here in Tulsa. The exceedingly fine, multi-filament design of POH dental floss acts as a cutting edge to slice through plaque very well, and together with hundreds of other filaments POH floss entraps and removes the loosened material.

Cosmetic and aesthetic dental practices use our floss as a diagnostic to check margins and restorations to ensure all their work is perfect. Seeing Is Believing Percept ® Black Dental Floss - One of the best teaching aids to show a patient the good they are doing.

Percept ® visually contrasts with plaque, which allows a patient to see the results of their efforts and is a powerful and positive reinforcement. Plus, Percept ® does not readily show any blood from debridement, which tends to alarm a new flosser enough they quit trying.

Bass' work. POH toothbrushes use the highest cost, best quality Dupont Tynex ® soft nylon for the bristles, then we carefully polish the tips of each bristle.

Both end rounding and soft bristles were innovations to the toothbrush market and one of two reasons POH was started. The bending strength and thickness of the nylon bristles, the length and the diameter are carefully controlled.

All this to ensure that the toothbrush is as perfect as can be. The POH handle is designed to ensure that the fine motor skills used in the Bass Method are not lost, and also to make sure that too much leverage is not imparted.

Held with the fingertips, not a fist, proper manipulation of the POH toothbrush is easy and gentle. Bass said that "There is no good excuse for crooked, twisted or other distorted shapes of toothbrush handles. Sometimes Less Really IS More Tightly spaced bristle tufts are good enough for the broad surfaces of the enamel.

To really apply the tips of the bristles to the sulcus and the cusps of a patients dentition, having the bristle tufts spaced a little apart allows gentle and safe disruption and disorganization of bacterial plaque. POH offers a variety of bristle tuft layouts that offer a choice for all your patients.

Bass, R, Dr. Jones, L. He throws down quite a challenge to his profession. Do you believe you can trust testimonials? We have a quite a few. Like: Dr. Patricia H, Atlanta: "Fell in love with this floss at a CE given by a periodontist". Regina B. I have been using for myself and recommending your POH floss to all of my many patients, hundreds of patients ever since!!

Love Your Floss!! Here is a link to March patient's giving their "POH Story" They make for a fun read. Here is last months edition. Since Day One, Made In The USA. Soft, softer, softest. POH Toothbrush Bristle Tuft Layouts The diameter and length of the nylon, the number of bristles in a tuft, and the number and proximity of tufts together all determine the relative stiffness and resistance to bending of toothbrush bristles.

Bristle tufts that are closer together have a generally firmer feel than one with tufts spaced further apart. Fewer bristle tufts spaced farther apart have the opposite effect.

POH offers the above bristle tuft layouts, sure to fit the needs of any patient. Medicine, not marketing There are dental offices around the world who have succeeded in teaching their patients how to clean and keep their teeth for life.

In those patients who diligently carry out their personal oral hygiene every night before bedtime, the result is improved oral health and true, effective prevention of dental disease.

Those offices taught their patients the Bass Method of personal oral hygiene and used POH toothbrushes and dental floss. What is more, offices like those have been doing so since POH believes in Dr.

Bass, his method of personal oral hygiene and our track record so much we want to share it. Telling a patient to brush and floss is one thing. Showing them the best way to do those things is better.

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