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Outdoor gear trial offers

Outdoor gear trial offers

As fishermen, economical pantry essentials Outdoor gear trial offers sick Outdoor gear trial offers tired of our gearr knives going dull, rusting, pitting, slipping Outdoof of our hand and not being able to hold up in a harsh saltwater environment. FOXPRO®, Inc. At Duckworth, knowing and using what's in our own backyard is what really counts. We know because we RUN!

Outdoor gear trial offers -

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Warm weather is here, and so are the very best Prime Day outdoor deals. If the woods, mountains, and beaches are calling—make sure you have the right gear to make the most of it. Maybe your tent, camp stove, or hiking boots could use an upgrade.

Before you start scrolling, keep in mind that exclusive Prime Day deals are only available to Amazon Prime members. For more Prime Day deals that are absolutely worth adding to your cart, check out our Prime Day page here.

Keep your campsite warm, comfy, and well-lit with sleeping bags and pads, lanterns, and camp chairs from top-rated brands like The North Face and Marmot.

Stay cozy on your campground with a camp pillows, cot, or camping blanket. The hood on the Eco Trail sleeping bag will keep you especially warm on cold nights. Marmot Ultra Elite 30 Sleeping Bag 6' 0''.

The North Face Eco Trail Down 0 Sleeping Bag. KingCamp Packable Down Camping Blanket. Stoic Groundwork Single Sleeping Bag.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camp Pillow. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Topo Luxe Sleeping Pad. Few things feel as nice as gently swinging in a hammock after a long day on the trail.

If you don't have one in your pack already, it's time to pick one up for your next trip. ENO Doublenest LED Hammock. Kootek Camping Portable Hammock. It never hurts to have an extra light source or two. We especially like Cesinda's Camping Lantern, which you can hang inside your tent.

Censinda LED Camping Lantern. Coleman LED Lantern. Energizer LED Camping Lantern Flashlight. Read more : The Best Sleeping Bags ; The Best Camping Hammock.

From lightweight, packable tripods to cushy rocking chairs, there's a great seating deal that'll suit however you like to camp. Pacific Pass Lightweight Portable Tripod Camp Chair. ALPS Mountaineering Leisure Chair.

Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous Elite Chair. Timber Ridge Folding Rocking Camping Chair. Read more : The Best Camping Chairs. Your shelter can make all the difference between a camping trip from hell and an idyllic outing.

Tetragon NX 3-Season Camping Tent. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent 2-Person. REI Co-op Base Camp 4 Tent. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 3-Person Tent. Slim Cooler Cup Fall Coffee Mug Fall Hydro Flask 32 oz.

Hydro Flask 40 oz. Cooler Cup Fall Hydro Flask Medium Flex Boot Fall Hydro Flask 24 oz. Hydro Flask 21 oz. The North Face Freedom Pant - Men's Fall The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Women's Fall Cotopaxi Abrazo Fleece Full-Zip Jacket - Men's Fall Close ×.

Fancy our gear? Sign up for our newsletter and receive new product releases, deals and exclusive sales. Email Address Sign Up. Avian-X is their home: built by extreme hunters, for extreme hunters.

Our goal is for every decoy to look just as real as the birds flying overhead. Countless hours of hunting and observation equipped us with a deep understanding of the species we pursue.

It's evident in the ultra-realistic paint schemes, carefully crafted molding and true-to-life postures in every one of our decoys. Because at the end of the day, it isn't our competition we're trying to beat. It's the birds themselves. The PROOF Research family is made up of over [70] team members representing countless years of experience in the firearms and advanced composite materials industries.

We continue to be the industry leader in quality hunting accessories. With your support and loyalty we will continue to expand our product assortment so you will have the very best product the industry has to offer.

SPYPOINT - the world's best, most innovative trail cameras! Find the best SPYPOINT trail camera for your needs and get the most out of it. Whether you are a beginner or an avid hunter, we got you covered! Cold Steel - World's Strongest Sharpest Knives Cold Steel was founded in by company president, Lynn C.

Its products are manufactured in various countries including Japan, Taiwan, China and the USA. Cold Steel's products include fixed blade knives, folding knives, swords, machetes, tomahawks, axes, kukris, blowguns and walking sticks amongst others.

TRUGLO is committed to providing customers with innovative products containing quality and value added features for Archery, Crossbow, Optics and Firearms.

Whatever your weapon, whatever your season, shoot it better with TRUGLO. Cuddeback has been making trail cameras since , nearly twice as long as all the others! Over the past 25 years, many trail camera brands have come and gone while Cuddeback remains strong.

This is testament to Cuddeback's commitment to innovation and performance. What started as a kitchen table project in has led to Cuddeback becoming a leading international trail camera brand. At Cuddeback, our goal is to make trail cameras that capture every animal, not just those standing still.

Sure, a slow-triggering camera will capture standing deer or those feeding on bait. But what about deer walking on trails, through food plots or those bucks that snub their nose at bait and walk right past?

We think you want images of all animals, standing, walking and running. Cuddebacks are designed in the USA by Cuddeback employees who understand hunting, scouting, and the rigors of the hunting environment. At Cuddeback, we think image quality is important. If a picture is worth a "thousand tracks," we feel it should be clear, colorful, and show minimal motion blur.

That's what we strive to deliver, and it's what we have become known for. They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools. We believe the same holds true for hunters. That's why we make purpose-driven hunting tools that stand up to any conditions and are guaranteed to work when you need them to.

No gimmicks. Every piece of gear that bears the Hunters Specialties name is born from experience. Our products are designed with the innovation that will give you the advantage. Since , SOG Knives has manufactured folding knives, fixed blades and multi-tool products for the military, law enforcement, industrial and outdoor marketplaces.

Renowned for its innovations, SOG has been the recipient of many industry awards. SOG's unique approach to design and inventiveness has primarily been the vision of its founder… Spencer Frazer. SOG strives to be the creators of the most distinctive gear- gear made especially for adventurous people who like to "live on the edge".

SOG's mission is to design and create gear of the highest quality, distinction and value that delivers what consumers need- and in order to do so, always defining the leading edge of technology. Gator Waders deliver all-around function and comfort while keeping you functional and dry.

is one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality firearms, firearms accessories, knives, flashlights and shooting gear. BackCountry eBikes now 'BAKCOU" is committed to the design and manufacturing of the best electric bicycles, bicycle components, and related products on the market.

We are uncompromising in our materials, process of manufacturing, development of new products, and innovation of the highest quality. Our company was founded on a few basic principles. First, was our love for the back country and the desire to access these remote areas with minimal disturbance to wildlife and their habitat through quiet and non-pollutant means.

Second, was to design and build the most durable and efficient, yet affordable, electric bikes on the market. Our goal wasn't to create a mountain bike conversion kit by simply adding a motor to a bicycle frame that wasn't designed and intended to operate with one.

Instead, we designed the bike around the motor and the drive train with the necessary framework and durability needed to withstand the abuse and demands placed on it, and then included a comprehensive warranty to stand behind it.

Thirdly, BackCountry eBikes was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for those that want the same thing we do, which is to climb higher, go farther and explore more without adding more stress to the environment.

As fishermen, we were sick and tired of our fillet knives going dull, rusting, pitting, slipping out of our hand and not being able to hold up in a harsh saltwater environment. We wanted a knife that could handle a rigorous life at sea.

After searching for this perfect knife, we found that one did not exist anywhere, for any price. That's when we set out to make the best fillet knife possible.

HAWK is a hunter-driven company committed to ruggedly designed outdoor gear. HUNT FROM ABOVE. It means hunting with the best gear and giving yourself the ultimate chance at success. This is our end mission, simply making sure you're equipped with the best possible hunting gear. Cyclops produces the finest headlamps, flashlights, spot lights and portable solar power charging devices on the market.

With the continuing evoluition of LED bulbs, Cyclops lights continue to get brighter and more energy efficient-year after year.

Vanguard is a global company that designs and manufactures tripods, shooting supports, sporting optics, and accessories. For over 30 years, our drive to disrupt mediocrity and commitment to innovation has allowed us to create the highest quality products for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Helping you to protect and transport your gear, and care for your land is where we come in. We are outdoorsmen that created our first gun case over 75 years ago and have been making outdoor solutions better ever since.

We live for the outdoors and constantly strive for better hunts, better rides, working hard, playing hard and building lasting traditions with our friends and family. We design and engineer our products to help accomplish these things in the most demanding environments.

Browning Trail Cameras are designed and manufactured by an avid group of hunters who continually strive to bring the most technologically advanced, high performance trail cameras to market.

With unmatched quality and durability, Browning Trail Cameras truly are The Best There Is. The Browning Trail Camera line includes cameras with different feature options that can include the market's most complete cellular technology, elite dual lens options, true 4K UHD video, military grade invisible flash technology, and support for SD cards up to GB.

All of our trail cameras and accessories incorporate ingenuity in design, quality workmanship, durable materials, and high performance processors that are backed by a one year warranty. We design and build footwear from the ground up, including men's and women's boots, shoes and sandals.

All with our unmatched proven fit, feel and performance designed to take you wherever the adventure takes you. It's the compass heading that guides everything we do. From building great fitting footwear to how we give back to our community and the way we treat our planet.

It's a mindset that grounds us in what's most important, doing things the right way. Because any other just wouldn't be true to the trail. REVEAL Cellular Camera is ideal for locations with limited access or to put on your hunting properties.

Start seeing the action as it's happening even when you're not in the woods! The REVEAL Cellular Camera is not only small and discreet but powerful enough to handle the extreme outdoor weather.

It's fast trigger and low glow infrared will freeze the action day or night without spooking wildlife. Founded in by Karl Robert Kahles, KAHLES optics is a high-end optics pioneer with years of experience in the development and production of riflescopes and a long history in the hunting market.

They continue that tradition today in a state-of-the art facility in Guntramsdorf near Vienna. New Archery Products is one of the largest, most respected, and most successful accessory manufacturers in the archery industry.

New Archery Products produces the world's finest broadheads, arrow rests, vanes, bow stabilizers and other archery accessories. Every Kestrel meter is pocket-sized, rugged, accurate, waterproof, easy-to-use, and backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Available measurements include wind speed, air flow, temperature, humidity, wind chill, heat stress index, pressure, altitude, wind direction, air density and wet bulb temperature. Advanced models in the Kestrel series add high-capacity data-logging with on-screen graphical recall and optional Bluetooth® low energy data transfer to computers and smart phones as well as built-in calculators for specialized requirements, such as ballistics firing solutions for long-range shooting and evaporation rate for concrete placement.

Every Kestrel meter is designed, developed, built, tested and supported entirely in the USA. Our tagline embodies the importance of stopping your arrow with a longer-lasting product, but our focus on archery targets goes far beyond durability. Delta McKenzie offers the most complete line in the market-from our innovative easy-pull bag targets, to our long-lasting layered blocks, to the most realistic high-detail full-line 3D target animals-Delta has best archery target in the category.

Delta-McKenzie's ultimate goal is to offer a product to boost your confidence so you can achieve greater success in competition and in bowhunting.

Born from inventor William Stanley Jr. who forever changed the way hot drinks were consumed. In , he fused vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, inventing the all-steel vacuum bottle we know and love today. Go farther into the backcountry and get away from the crowds with QuietKat's innovative line of overpowered, hunt, and utility-focused electric bikes and purpose-built accessories.

Since , Mountainsmith builds premier outdoor gear that is forged for life. We believe that experiences are far more valuable than things.

Forging gear that will last a lifetime is about more than durability; it's about creating smart equipment that lets you focus on what really matters: the adventure. Mountainsmith is commited to building the best-made, most durable and functional packs on the market; unmatched by anyone for their comfort, stability, value and performance in the backcountry.

The quality and comfort of all Mountainsmith products — technical backpacks, trekking poles, tents, travel storage systems, luggage, pet products, adventure camera bags, as well as our iconic lumbar packs — set a standard of excellence in the outdoor marketplace.

Mountainsmith gear is designed to meet the demands of rigorous travel on and off the trail, through mountain valleys, summit ascents, campus quads, red rock canyons, and far off airports…anywhere your next adventure takes you. The first ever cellular trail camera of its kind, Moultrie Mobile was born to perfect the process, to offer hunting enthusiasts everywhere a more rewarding experience season after season.

Rig'Em Right is the hottest brand with the hottest products in the waterfowl industry today. Producers of the most well-designed and well-built products, tried and tested by the most heavily seasoned waterfowlers on the planet.

Our gear consistently dominates the category for sales and performance. We have the best Decoy Anchors, Dog Blind, Blind Bags, Gun Cases, Layout Blinds and so on.

Everything we produce is designed by a waterfowler and built for the worst conditions. Today, one in four hooks in the world is made by Mustad. The Mustad brand can be found in over countries and covers all disciplines of sport fishing as well as industrial and traditional fishing.

We believe the reason fishermen continue to choose Mustad is that we do everything in our power to never let them down. At Ravin, we are a group of hard-core hunters and product designers who never stop pushing to achieve superior performance.

Our focused goal is to build the most accurate crossbows on the planet, and then make them even better — year after year. Working with the industry's most brilliant engineers and drawing from our year track record in archery product development, we literally re-invented the crossbow with the development of HeliCoil technology.

This revolutionary design results in an incredibly efficient, compact, fast and balanced crossbow with rifle-like downrange accuracy that's never been seen before.

In the words of Outdoor Life, Ravin is "Badass. As die-hard enthusiasts ourselves, we deliver what you need to take your adventures to new levels. And we're proud of every successful big-game hunt that we're a part of.

Since - A lot of things have changed since those first few caps - new colors, new fabrics, new styles - but we haven't changed the way we make them. They're hand-stitched right here in the USA, and they're still made to fit better than anything you've had next to your noggin. Stormy Kromer caps are true to the original, and that means you get all the comfort and function that made them famous.

Wear one, and you'll know what we mean. My Medic began after a tragic automobile accident, in which lack of equipment and training led to a loved one bleeding out, waiting for Emergency Medical Services. My Medic's goal is to is to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.

From award-winning technologies and advanced materials to the solid sound of the blade lockup, when you're carrying a Kershaw, you know you're carrying the real thing.

With Kershaw, you get incredible bang for your hard-earned buck. Even our inexpensive models are impressive. In fact, everything about a Kershaw is solid, crafted, reliable. That's why we can back each of our knives for the life of its original owner against any defects in materials and construction with our famous Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You can always look to Kershaw for everyday carrying knives that can tame any cardboard box and liberate any purchase from its plastic packaging, sporting knives that make hunting, fishing, watersports, and camping even better, work knives that won't let you down, and tactical knives that ensure you're ready for anything.

At SALEWA, we seek to inspire people to enjoy their mountain experience by equipping them with a full line of premium, purpose-built products. From muskets to modern day, generations of hunters and shooters have trusted legendary Remington ammunition.

Loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas by American workers, our wide array of pioneering sporting and hunting ammunition promises to get the job done every time the trigger is pulled. At Remington Ammunition, we're here for everyone who loads a round of ammo into a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

We've been here since Together, Remington and America have fought and won wars, put food on millions of tables and brought countless generations together at the range and in the field.

We are proud of each and every round that rolls off our factory line. Bringing a renewed focus to ammunition, innovation, and quality, we are reinvigorating our company so you can continue to trust our brand and our products — all while staying true to Remington's legendary heritage and stature as an American icon.

Welcome to a New Era of Remington. We are a US based company with a global mission. At Sawyer, we use the best technology to make simple products that keep you going regardless of your journey - whether camping or ultralight backpacking, keeping your kids safe and hydrated, or bringing clean water to developing countries.

For over 30 years, Sawyer Products has been dedicated to offering more effective and reliable products for outdoor protection. Using science and rigorous testing, we've developed the most advanced and easy to use solutions in water treatment, insect repellent, sunscreen, and first aid.

Sightmark hits the heart of the optics market with pinpoint accuracy. Best-in-class performance and consumer-level pricing compliment a lifetime warranty to form an industry staple. From rugged red dots and traditional scopes to best-selling night vision, Sightmark makes its mark in the hearts and minds of the sportsman by consistently delivering quality at a price that performs as well as its products.

We are a hard-working company that builds rugged, reliable boots for the hard-working men and women who depend on us: the working man, the farmer and the hunter; those protecting our communities and our country.

And this character of service is at the heart of who we are, and what makes us great. This is our heritage. This is Rocky. As hunters, we invest a lot of time, money and energy to put ourselves in position for success.

HEVI-Shot® was founded by passionate hunters with an unquenchable desire to achieve that edge. And, in that moment of truth when you have a shot and it's all on the line, the best ammunition makes all the difference.

HEVI-Shot is synonymous with high performance. We meticulously design each product to outperform any ammunition competitor in its class. As the leader in non-lead pellet technology, we deliver more lethal shot on target, at any yardage, for any game.

We also lead in conservation, partnering with the hardest-working organizations in the industry to help preserve and enhance habitat to put more wildlife in the field. Everyone has a HEVI-Shot story. It always describes an incredibly difficult shot-long distance, high winds, a triple-something clearly out of the ordinary that HEVI-Shot products made possible.

That's why we're the ammunition for serious hunters who believe I didn't come this far to miss! Duluth Pack has continuously handcrafted bags, one at a time, in Duluth, MN since The quality of their time-tested craftsmanship and hardware is guaranteed for life.

Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack making company in the USA. Established in and born in Japan, today Kowa is a multinational company and one of the leading manufacturers of Western optics.

Kowa is known for its high quality, precision optics in its many fields, including healthcare, sporting optics, and energy conservation. Kowa focuses on leading technology, proud craftsmanship, and flexible machinery. Even through constantly changing needs, Kowa continues to enhance the vision experience of its global customers.

Duckworth is the world's only source-verified, single-origin, Merino wool apparel company. Starting at the ranch, we begin the intricate process of sorting the wool for a specific end use, with yarn spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing carefully managed on site by Duckworth's technical team.

This reduces our environmental footprint all the way from sheep to shelf. At Duckworth, knowing and using what's in our own backyard is what really counts. Trust, quality, and comfort are paramount, assured by the pedigree of our wool supply, which we control at every stage of handling.

Resurrecting the lost art and craft of American wool is our mission. Rambo Bikes is driven to provide to ultimate transport machines to people who love the outdoors as much as we do. A new way of thinking about travel! Here at Wheeler you'll find the finest, most wide array of high quality gunsmithing tools on the market.

Whether you're just starting to put together your bench or you've been working on your guns for years, we know you want the best of the best. After all, you aren't just here for a couple tools. You're here for precision. You aren't just any shooter. You are a gunsmith. You have the knowledge to do the work, the experience to get it done right; all you need are the right tools.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work because no one knows your gun better than you. That's why we make a wide array of high quality gunsmithing tools for all your firearms. From handguns to long guns, Wheeler is engineered to fit the job. SEVR Broadheads were born to cut a huge fatal swath through big game and the broadhead market as you know it.

Straight Through It means our heads cut bigger, cut deeper, and fly straighter than anything out there. It means your satisfaction is guaranteed, period. Sometimes standard equipment just isn't good enough. Rather than being a traditional factory that is limited by specific production capabilities, Rival Arms is a coalition of machinists, designers, coaters, and other professionals united under one brand to bring the very best to a world saturated with "standard" equipment.

We are obsessed with accuracy and performance-and it sure doesn't hurt to look great while getting results. Whether you are assembling a custom gun from the ground up, or just upgrading a single part, we're here to bring you the best.

Precision is everything. The leader in optics innovation since ! As a company that started out of passion for the sport, we offer fly fishing products for everyone. Whether you're just starting out or fine-tuning your approach, we can make reaching your fly fishing goals achievable.

We stand behind our fly fishing products, guaranteeing their quality and durability. We are physical trainers, specializing in backcountry, tactical and hunter athletes. Every sport, and hunting is no exception, requires multiple levels of training.

You can go on an high altitude hunt but you'll do better if you've trained your body to utilize oxygen more efficiently; you can chase down a big bull— but you'll chase him further if you've trained your muscles to move over long distances; you can get a clean shot on your target but you may not hit the shot if you have not trained your mind to settle down, lower your heart rate, and steady your body; you might get a great kill…but it doesn't do a whole lot of good if you don't have the physical strength to carry it out; and you can go on a multi-day mountain hunt but it will be miserable if your body is not conditioned for the longer duration and steep terrain.

That is what the MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Program will give you - not just one dimension but all of them.

Modular gun safes that can be assembled anywhere in minutes without tools. We also offer lock boxes, specialty safes and safe accessories. The revolutionary Swagger All-Terrain Bipod, with it's patented Crazy Legs flexible leg system gives you shooting agility like never before.

Mud River Dog Products is the nation's premier manufacturer of innovative and quality Sporting and Hunting Dog Products. Apex Gear offers a wide range of archery sights and accessories. Our mission is to provide healthy, nutrient rich meals and snacks for adventurers worldwide.

We source high-quality, whole foods ingredients to create packable, dehydrated provisions. We strive to inspire adventure, health, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Feeders are designed to fulfill requirements of everyone involved with wildlife-the wildlife hobbyist to the most experienced professional game managers.

American Hunter Feeders are the longest lasting most flexible feeding systems available. Starting in the early 80's as a distributor of other outdoor brands, we began to build our own gear in Since then we have created many highly innovative products and won many awards for our designs.

We develop high performance outdoor gear that empowers our users in the pursuit of unrestricted outdoor experiences — wherever your next expedition may lead you to, be it a nearby forest, tropical jungles, a remote mountain peak or challenging waters: for trekking, climbing, hiking and globetrotting.

HHA Sports, Inc. is a Wisconsin based archery and crossbow sight manufacturer and was established in With over 30 years in the archery and the past 14 as the leader in single pin technology, the masses have spoken.

HHA Sports is the brand of choice for movable sight aficionados everywhere. Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear's goal is to make the best quality, user friendly, outdoor widgets that will make you as a hunter, better. With Bob's experience hosting Extreme Outer Limits TV on The Sportsman Channel and Nathan's clever engineering skills, they have teamed up to create innovative, top of the line products, that our current outdoor industry deserves.

There are no corners cut, period. This gear is made to last and will stand up to whatever conditions you choose to endure. Every product is made, and will continue to be made, right here in the USA. Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools brings innovation to the reloading world.

Frankford Arsenal strives to make top of the line reloading tools at an affordable price. Here at Frankford Arsenal we are constantly engineering products to make a reloader's life easier. Whether it's a vacation trip to the beach with the family or a hunting trip across the country with the buddies, you can feel confident with a DiamondBack.

Because we all want a cover we can trust in any situation. Trust that our gear will stay dry and secure and that the cover will last a lifetime. Trust that we'll be ready for anything. We construct our products using metal, hardware, and welding supplies that come from American suppliers.

From small town USA, we are challenging the status quo of what truck bed covers should be so that we can all do more with our trucks. Engineered for top-of-the-line speed, extreme accuracy, and dependability, Bear Archery bows are perfect for any new or experienced hunter looking to spend more time in the woods.

We solemnly swear: Each Bear bow, no matter how large or small, will be utterly reliable and intensely lethal, capable of killing quickly and ethically. This promise will never change.

It's been our benchmark for more than 80 years, and the guiding principle behind the creation, perfection, and constant refinement of methods and techniques known only within Bear. No other bow feels, functions or finishes like a Bear.

Nothing fulfills your highest expectations in quite the same way. Next trip take a Bear along. You'll see what we mean. At Trophy Ridge, we believe every one of our products should give you a distinct advantage.

Lighter weights. Deadly accurate. Smart, hunt-inspired reasons for each product's existence. Anything less is a waste of your time, and ours. We all leave trails as we walk. And these trails reveal what moves us, what drives us, who we are. We've been following ours for over years.

Our values became tradition, our commitment became passion. Born in Bavaria. Worn around the world. We're excited to see where the trail leads. Hanwag has been manufacturing high-quality mountaineering and trekking footwear at its headquarters in Vierkirchen, near Munich since Hanwag footwear stands for traditional Bavarian craftsmanship and durability combined with technical expertise and continuous innovation.

With a specific focus on the perfect fit, robustness and high-quality materials, all of the company's footwear is made in Europe. All Hanwag footwear, with the exception of double-stitched models, are made with a cemented construction.

This very complex shoemaking technique guarantees that all Hanwag models can be resoled to last even longer. Founded in , Generac was the first to engineer affordable home standby generators, along with the first engine developed specifically for the rigors of generator use, and is now the 1 manufacturer of home backup generators.

Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. We are also the leading designer and manufacturer of manual and fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications up to 2 MW.

Our Generac Mobile line of powerful, high-quality light towers, trailer-mounted mobile generators and combination units are designed and built for a variety of industries and the most demanding environments.

Generac also pioneered the residential power washer category, putting the power to clean into the hands of homeowners.

Today, Generac features a full line of innovative, industry-leading power washers suitable for virtually any application, including the toughest commercial and industrial environments.

At Generac, we protect the things that power your life by providing quality, affordable power solutions. SPOT products keep you connected to the people and things that matter most.

Tipton has everything from gunvises to cleaning supplies, to help you keep your guns clean and in perfect condition. At SheepFeet our goal is to support you every step of the way on your hunts and throughout everyday life. We love hunting and all the amazing memories made from it.

Like a good hunting partner we want to help you hunt without pain, be protected against future injury, and have a successful hunt! Lamson was formed in when fishermen who happened to be product designers figured a better way to release a fly-caught fish.

The status quo, the hemostat, wasn't good for the fish or the fly. Their solution was an innovative tool that allowed a fish to be released without handling, and the fly to remain intact.

Named after their hometown in Idaho, they called the tool the Ketchum Release. Those same fishermen were also bicycle enthusiasts and prior to forming Waterworks, had honed their skills in the world of high performance cycling, creating and patenting cutting-edge components and mountain bike suspension technology.

Eventually turning their focus to the fly reel was a logical thing to do: Reels were, essentially, a wheel on a frame. Our patented Spartan Magnetic Attachment System is at the heart of many of our products. Light, strong and reliable, the systems use Neodymium rare earth magnets to attach to the rifle in seconds, enabling the shooter to follow live targets and stay level on uneven ground.

Here at Dakota Lithium we create sustainable energy products to help people with deep cycle battery applications and long-lasting energy storage. We believe that quality makes the difference.

And that quality is measured by lifespan — how long a battery lasts. That's why here at Dakota Lithium we focus on building batteries that last a long, long time.

By harnessing a unique chemistry and our engineering know-how Dakota Lithium lasts 4x longer than traditional batteries, providing lasting value for our customers, and reducing e-waste and the impact on our planet. Hard Core was founded out of the desire to produce high-quality, durable, realistic decoys and waterfowl hunting accessories for the hard-core waterfowl hunter.

Always looking ahead, we continually strive to create products that not only work flawlessly in the field but also leave a lasting impression on our customers. We are using the best materials, ultra-realistic paint schemes and always keeping innovation at the forefront. At the end of the day, when our customer purchases something that says Hard Core, they're expecting it to be what it says it is: Hard Core.

We strive to live up to our name everyday so that when you're in the field, our products will come through for you time and time again. Since frogg toggs® has endeavored to provide the world's best rainwear, waders, cooling products, footwear and accessories at the best possible prices.

Our mission has always been to keep folks comfortable during their outdoor pursuits. Whether you work or play outdoors, frogg toggs® has a product that will keep you comfortable while you pursue your passion or put food on the table.

We believe serious outdoorsmen should demand superior performance from the gear they bring into the field. Here at Hooyman, we engineer all our products knowing passionate hunters rely on technologically advanced tools to enhance their success in the woods. We don't settle for second best and refuse to sacrifice innovation for "standardized" necessity.

We manufacture the best and most eclectic premium tree saws, handsaws and cutting and pruning accessories on the market. As life long hunters we know that decoys can be one of the hardest parts of waterfowling.

We were tired of babying them, lugging them, sinking them, tangling them, all for a spread that looked lifeless if the wind died. So, we changed the game and made the first rig, and then the first decoy you'd use for a Lifetime.

You realized the work and experience became easier and more fun. The gear stopped being the problem and blended into the background.

Gsar John Outdoor gear trial offers. Tria, you purchase an Outdoor gear trial offers offerw product or offerw through a link on our Outdoor gear trial offers, Rolling Stone may receive an offerx commission. From comfortable gfar tents to must-have pizza Free product samples, here are all the best outdoor gear deals to take advantage of with your Amazon Prime membership this week. When is Prime Daya. To get the discounts for the final day of the event, log into Amazon with your Prime membership. Related Stories Super Bowl Halftime Show Livestream: How to Watch Usher's Performance Online Super Bowl Livestream: How to Watch Super Bowl LVIII Online for Free. You can test out the service with a free day Amazon Prime trial right now.


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