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Get free book snippets

Get free book snippets

Their focus Gst Online product samples only on summarizing snipets but more on helping you execute what you learn. Overall listening to the summaries has been quite a pleasant experience. The catalog here is very limited.

Get free book snippets -

Can you see the problem? it looks half-baked. The text is small for the amount of space available but most of all… the illustration is nice but completely useless to help you better understand the concept.

I think this is a big missed opportunity. Some people need visuals to learn new concepts. And an Infographic-like approach could have helped a lot differentiate Headway from competitors. One key feature that is missing is a web version; I get it… their approach is so unique it needs to be mobile first.

On the other hand, now and then, I find it useful to access book summaries from the web browser too. Especially for copying and pasting to take notes. Notes are the other issue I have with the App.

While Headway lets you highlight and store text, everything remains within the app. It has a unique twist. Their focus is not only on summarizing books but more on helping you execute what you learn.

I can relate to the core value proposition of this app. Way too many people use the number of books they read in a year as their key metric rather than focusing on really understanding the book and taking action.

The catalog here is very limited. Out of the 12 books in my basket, I was only able to find 3, the most popular ones, and focused on self-growth. A back of the napkins calculation based on their books page as of March , shows only books in their catalog.

Somehow this was expected, Metorist launched later compared to its competitors in the book summary space, and clearly, it still has to build its catalog.

The summaries are very short, divided into short pages. What I did like about Mentorist is the audio summary. Overall listening to the summaries has been quite a pleasant experience. For something that I care about, the summaries are too short.

Feature-wise, Mentorist built a pretty good App to consume summarized books. The thing that I like the least is the reading experience. Instead of a full-page reader, it opens the summary in a relatively small window. Highlights work very well with a dedicated page to check them and the capability to set reminders to read them again and set aside some time to brainstorm.

It only takes one click and comes with some quick steps to execute it. Good enough to forget about the small catalog and the mid-quality summaries? Not for me. But if they improve the quality and the catalog they might be on the right path to have real differentiation in this market.

There are a lot of other players in the space. My personal take is that this space is too crowded with very little differentiation between players. Adding more books, of course, is the best way to get more customers. On the other side once all the best-sellers are covered, scaling up the number of summaries for niche books might be too expensive compared to the number of potential customers they could bring in.

This might also open opportunities for smaller players that focus on a specific niche. The other question mark is legal. For sure, things are changing. A few years ago, all the services were using original covers of the books. Nowadays, no one does. Finally, another potential disruption to this industry could be AI and, specifically GPT getAbstract … sorry not my cup of tea.

I loved the fact that you were the only ones not forcing me to insert the credit card to join the trial… but your catalog is just not a good fit for my interests. But the catalog and the summary length are not where they should be right now.

They have the unique concept of focusing more on a personal-growth path rather than just book reviews. It remains an idea poorly executed. Blinkist …size does matter.

And when it comes to the books that I care about, they have the largest database. Their summaries are just too short for me. They let me download PDF versions of the summaries, and the quality of the summaries is just great.

By far the only ones that can really replace reading the full book and passing enough information to make it actionable. Taking everything into account, ShortForm is the winner of my roundup of the best book summary websites in It was a tight Blinkist vs Short Form battle, but in the end, to call a winner, I just went with the one I keep using way more often.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, add Blinkist to the mix to get a quick overview on a broader number of books. I hope I have helped you save some time and money by picking the best tool among all the book summary sites. I still have mixed feelings about it and wish I had more time to read the full-length books.

Did I forget some Apps in this roundup? First of all, wait for the full length of your trial. I use TunnelBear for this usually. I'm Massimo and I run this blog. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none, juggling between startups, marketing, and product.

You might know me as the co-founder of AdEspresso and Breadcrumbs. This blog is my playground where I build stupid tools to solve everyday marketing problems and experiment with the latest marketing tactics! Hey Massimo! First of all, congrats on the excellent post!

Strict to the point, you reviewed what really matters. Their content seems niched for me, but I've found some engaging titles there and also liked the quality of the first summary I got. Have a nice week Best, Thiago. Thanks for pointing that out Thiago, I had never heard of them but the catalog looks interesting enough, I'll try to check them out in the near future!

I really love your breakdown here. For me Shortform is also the clear winner. One thing to keep in mind which is a bit unfortunate is that in recent months shortform decided to stick to publishing new summaries exclusively as 1-page summaries.

In the past the 1-page summary was the brief introduction and you could read the whole deep dive afterwards. Now there is no deep dive anymore which unfortunately brings it down to the level of blinkist because I feel like I'm missing out on the detailed analysis Hey Timon, Yeah, that's an unfortunate choice even tho' I get the rationale behind it from an economic standpoint : I'll reach out to them to get more insights and update the post.

I'm also afraid the decision was based on monitoring users' behavior and realizing that most users were stopping at the 1 pager. Still, I find their one-pager way more in depth and well done than Blinkist. I'd like to publish a translation of this article in my site. I think my readers will enjoy what you have to say.

Is it possible? I really really loves reading this blog post. Very insightful abd thank you for the time you took to put this together. I never wrote s feedback on a blog before but here you go, this one is just wow. Loved it. I'll sign up to one of these apps.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Headway - I'm about to end my trial and enjoyed the summary I read but obviously I want the best app possible.

Thanks for a very thorough write up. Is there anyway to find out if a specific book is covered PRIOR to signing up for Blink or Shortform.?

Do they have a public index? Hey Neil, It's a bit tricky but you can. For Shortform, here you'll find a list of books by genre. Those with the button "Read full summary" are in their library. For Blinkist just use their top navigation under Explore :. No sorry, I'm planning to go multi-language at some point, also your blog seems to be in english :.

Thank you so much for this excellent source of info on summary apps. I am now 70 yo and just do not want to waste my time and funds at this point. You have helped me!

where is the summary of this page? thanks for great review. usually such comparison reviews have a comparison table at the bottom with a full view across all apps and ratings. helps to see a bigger picture? ahahhaha that's a great point thanks! I'll try to add it asap, over time this review has become huge :.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Home Blog Reviews Free Tools About Me. I have another problem. Business books usually fall into three categories: Great ones: full of interesting ideas and enjoyable to read like The Unicorn Project or Lost and founder Boring ones: a lot of good ideas written in an extremely boring way Bad ones: few ideas lost in a plethora of useless and boring pages I love books in the first category, and they are usually the ones I review here in my blog.

It usually takes me forever to get to the end of boring nonfiction books. Yes and no. Now, back to your question.

I defined four main categories to rank the apps: Book catalog : How many book summaries do they have? Do they have the books I want to read? This is a big one and a deal-breaker for me. Summary quality : Another critical factor. Is the summary good? Did they capture the core ideas?

Is the quality consistent across multiple books? Original content : Do they also have their own original content on top of book summaries? Are they any good?

Features : do they have a mobile app? Is the website or app easy to use? Do they have any interesting unique features? Blinkist Blinkist is probably the most known summary app in the market and the one that really started this industry.

Being the oldest book summary service the quality and catalog are usually very good. Catalog — Vote 8 In Blinkist I was able to find 8 out of the 12 titles I used for the test.

Quality — Vote 7 The good thing about Blinkist is their consistency. Original Content — Vote 7 Most of their original content is in form of Shortcasts. Features — Vote 7 Blinkist has a very good offer.

The quality is very good with very high readability of the book summaries. Catalog — Vote 8 The catalog is smaller than Blinkist as you can expect from a newcomer in the market.

The upside is that they seem to be adding new titles at a good pace. Quality — Vote 8. Features — Vote 8 Good web and mobile versions, so avid readers will enjoy their summaries everywhere.

A nice touch is the support for dark mode in the reader to enjoy your summaries also at night. The integration is very fast to implement and will sync everything within a few seconds.

GetAbstract GetAbstract has a very unique approach. Quality — Vote 6 Given their unique approach, I was expecting really high-quality summaries.

I was disappointed. Features — Vote 6 Everything works smoothly both on the website and the mobile app. Instaread Another consolidated player in the book summary apps space.

The free trial lasts 7 days. Catalog — Vote 5. I missed the one-pager introduction that ShortForm has. Unique Content — Vote 8 Instaread clearly bets heavily on original content. Features — 6 They support both web and mobile with a pretty good app.

Headway Headway is a newcomer to this list, added in Catalog — 5 The catalog here is very limited. Features — 8 Feature-wise, Mentorist built a pretty good App to consume summarized books. You can also log your progress and add notes. Other Book Summary Websites There are a lot of other players in the space.

BUT… I have a couple of tips to save some money when subscribing to most of these apps. Master of the fantasy genre, Tad Williams is back with an action-packed adventure following two brothers whose loyalties are tested as they face a terrible black dragon.

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Get free book snippets can Gt each one in Online product samples 4 minutes to learn 3 valuable lessons. Start your customized journey today! Join our blok newsletter and start your personal learning journey:. We publish a new, free book summary every Wednesday at 2 PM Central European Summer Time. We also release a new, animated book summary every Friday at the same time on our Youtube channel. InI wrote snilpets book summaries. I Gst thousands of Affordable food options writing these. Right fred, I personally publish one Affordable restaurant deals book summary every Wednesday at 2 PM CET. We also post a new, animated book summary every Friday at 2 PM CET on our Youtube channel. For a playlist with our most popular videos, see below. You can even customize your learning journey.

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: Get free book snippets

Use Our Free Book Summaries to Learn 3 Ideas From 1,200+ Books in 4 Minutes or Less Thank you so much for this excellent source of info on summary apps. Mary reacted quickly enough to stop before joining the pile-up. By Elissa Washuta. message 6: by Zuzu new. What was he doing here anyway? She was no mechanic; she knew absolutely nothing about cars. He lifted his hind leg and scratched vigorously behind his ear.
Where can I download free books Online? Boik relax, Online product samples. More to Explore. You must feed at least every third day—you might be boo, to stretch that to Craft sample bundles days, but by cree the hunger Get free book snippets bpok so fierce that you will lose all connection to sanity until it is sated; you would attack and feed on the nearest person to you, even your most beloved family or friend. Ryan H August 16, I best be cautious then. By Maggie Smith. When it makes sense, they also have exercises at the end of some chapters.
Four Minute Books - Learn From 1,+ of the Best Books for Free Ellie xnippets on the ground, staring at the Online product samples in product giveaways of her. Come and Get It Kiley Reid. By Paulina Porizkova. I'm a big fan of all the winter scenery. Great job! Open Library offers over 1.
Get free book snippets

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