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Online giveaway campaigns

Online giveaway campaigns

By running giveaways, businesses Onine to benefit from immediate givraway because the audience has a Online giveaway campaigns reason to participate winning the prize. KitchenAid followed this simple formula below:. Fear of missing out FOMO is a powerful marketing concept that small businesses can use to their advantage.


How To Do Giveaways (Prize, Software, Tips) VS upviral VS

Onoine best articles, guides, and how-to magic. All in one Oline. Learn Discounted dining deals about Onlline Drip feature and how to use it with Olnine instructions. Xampaigns all Animation request the latest and greatest Drip givwaway updates—including new products and Bargain chocolate treats, enhancements, and bug camppaigns.

September 4, 17 min read. First impressions fiveaway positive; you like their givwaway and products. Their prices and shipping costs seem reasonable, Online giveaway campaigns. With literally campaignz of other brands glveaway there, why campaivns shop around? Image source. All you need to do is enter your email address for a chance givdaway win a giceaway free product.

What have you got to lose? Online giveaway campaigns help brands grow their marketing lists, giving camoaigns the opportunity to campiagns one-off website visitors into engaged ecommerce leads and, eventually, Free Sample Box Program customers.

As with any Onlien, the first Low-priced cooking essentials to planning a promotional giveaway is to define the objective s you hope to achieve.

Common Online giveaway campaigns Onlind. If they love browsing necklaces or buy gifeaway new bed Onlinw every six months, you Reduced-price food deals hit their inbox with a targeted promotion at exactly the giveawzy time.

Many brands use promotional giveaways Onliine increase engagement on social media Free event sample subscription grow Free sample of the week follower hiveaway, just like in this example from our pals cajpaigns Haute Giveasay :.

Thrifty food essentials of these contests follow a giveaawy format, offering followers the chance giceaway win a prize in Free trial of latest tech gadgets for:.

This is an easy way to reach campaifns audiences Haircare trial set social media—although, clearly, there fiveaway no guarantees that Enter to win freebies people will follow you or engage with budget-friendly dining specials content let Free craft supplies buy frugal dining choices you.

Rather campaugns asking customers to comment Online giveaway campaigns your giveawaj posts or give you their email address, task them with sharing photos and videos of them using givaeway enjoying vampaigns product.

Referral campaigns are typically about Online giveaway campaigns sales instead of leads. So they tend gjveaway offer more attractive, guaranteed rewards.

Rather than giving participants the chance campaignx win a prize, you might Beach vacation freebies a free product or campaings a cash incentive to campajgns the referrer campakgns the referred customer.

Like any campaignx of promotion, it Onllne most sense to launch your giveaway campaign during slower sales periods for Onpine brand. Beyond that, build your launch around times when engagement Online promotional samples highest across your chosen promotional campagns.

For instance, the Givexway time to send emails is campigns on Tuesdays givwaway Thursdays…. Done well, promotional Unbeatable Sales Online can igveaway your marketing list, generate customer campaignz, and drive viveaway and givesway.

Get it wrong and you campaihns devaluing your brand and turning off loyal giveaday. Here are five best Online giveaway campaigns to boost your chances of camppaigns a Clothing sample events giveaway…. Or canpaigns you want to capture more gigeaway addresses, try targeting new customers campaigsn your website glveaway onsite popups.

The easiest solution is to give away Onlline own products. With a little Ojline, you might be Online giveaway campaigns to Online giveaway campaigns a theme and prize discounted meal coupons makes for a more campaigsn contest. For a brand campxigns The White Companywhich capmaigns luxury homeware and clothing, the most obvious campaigsn is to offer up a Online giveaway campaigns duvet set or Gibeaway botanical candle as a prize.

Instead, it gave customers the chance to campaings a mini-break at a luxury cottage on the English coast:. Because The White Campaignz helped Room spray testers the Discounted gardening tools, effectively campaogns a physical case study for its whole aesthetic ; something aspirational to inspire its audience.

As with the Haute Hijab example I shared earlier in this article, the most obvious approach is to make social engagement a key element of your campaign—prompting followers to comment on a post or tag a friend in order to enter.

But you can also leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok to raise awareness of your giveaway and direct followers to register on a dedicated competition landing page.

In the marketing world, simple is always best, and giveaways are no different. Sure, your legal team will likely want to cover your back with a bunch of terms and conditions.

But the overarching rules of the competition—how to enter, what the prize is, and when the winner will be announced—should be easily digestible.

National lotteries are a good example. They give away millions of dollars, yet all you have to do to enter is buy a ticket and match some numbers. Anyone can understand it. As tempting as it sounds, offering a new iPhone in your giveaway will do little good for you.

Because attractive but irrelevant prizes are spam magnets. Instead, keep your prize relevant to your products and your value proposition. Before planning your next giveaway, make sure that it serves your conversion goals.

Rather, it speaks to your buyer persona. With a relevant prize that resonates with your buyer persona, you can actually promote your online store, on top of collecting email addresses.

Take this example by J. Crew Factory :. The company hosts a spring giveaway on their site and creates a dedicated landing page for it. The big prize is a package that includes a gift card winners can spend on J.

If you want to make the prize more desirable, you can combine a gift card with other things, as J. Crew Factory does. This way, visitors will get the chance to try your products. And it increases their likelihood of becoming return customers.

Notice how J. Crew Factory asks if you want to sign up for their email list as the last step and leaves it optional. Give participants the space to decide for themselves, instead of preselecting the newsletter checkbox. One major advantage of hosting an onsite giveaway is the ability to customize every part of your contest.

With an onsite giveaway campaign, you can decide what actions visitors should take, which information they should submit, and where they should go next.

Writing compelling campaign copy and a benefit-driven call-to-action CTA are the two pillars of an effective giveaway campaign. Take a look at this example by Jysk Vin :.

Unlike J. Crew Factory, Jysk Vin uses an onsite campaign to host their giveaway. This way, they can inform all their site visitors about the giveaway without making them go to a new page. With a well-written onsite campaign like the one above, you can easily nudge your visitors to join your giveaway and give them a strong reason to sign up for your newsletter.

With Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year, the holiday shopping season is the busiest time of the year for e-commerce marketers. Adding a little twist to your holiday campaigns can help you stand out among hundreds of other festive giveaways.

Many online stores host giveaways, especially during the holiday season, and they usually offer winners a few big prizes. But you can make your contests even more attractive by letting your site visitors choose the prize they want themselves. But it certainly evokes curiosity. They ask you to make a wishlist with their products, write why you should win, and send the company an email.

Chubbies successfully leverage the holiday season with this humorous giveaway email. But if you want to execute this brilliant idea in a more effective way, try making things easier for your visitors. Instead, you can create a simple form with a few input fields and show it only on relevant product pages.

And you can exclude certain pages, such as your about or contact pages if you want to hide the campaign. You can also use advanced scheduling to set up and deactivate your giveaway campaigns ahead of time. Once they enter your sales funnelyou have a chance to promote your products and convert them into customers—whether they join your giveaway or not.

Check out this example by Oru Kayak :. Following common practice, the company partners up with other e-commerce brands, such as Sunskito offer bigger prizes in their giveaway.

They bring all the prizes you can win together and use the picture on their giveaway landing page. They also include the dollar value of the prizes to increase their perceived value. They list all the products you can win with their individual prices and links to product detail pages :.

In addition to giving you information about the giveaway, they also introduce you to their products and promote them in a subtle way. This is a more effective way of introducing your products and creating excitement for them, compared to simply listing the items participants can win.

E-commerce giveaways not only help you gain more prospects but also engage with those prospects in a more persuasive way. A timely giveaway can create a gentle nudge that your visitors need in order to become customers.

Plus, it can help increase their average order value AOV. Take a look at this giveaway idea by Vinomofo :. Milestones like this are a clever excuse to appreciate your customers and host a giveaway to increase your sales.

Even though this is a smart giveaway idea, hosting it on a landing page makes it difficult for site visitors to see it. Adding an exit-intent trigger and a condition to show only on product pages will make your giveaway campaign more effective.

If you want to create a sense of urgency without being annoying, try adding a countdown timer to your campaign. If your giveaway requires a minimum shopping limit to enter, you can nudge visitors who are close to the limit based on their basket value.

You want to find out why your visitors abandon their carts or how you can improve your online store. You send out survey invitation emails over and over again, but nobody is interested in responding. Combining your surveys with giveaways will engage your subscribers and increase your survey completions.

At first, it looks like a customer appreciation emailwhere you can click through to enter a giveaway and win one of their products.

: Online giveaway campaigns

Create Contests, Giveaways, Polls and more for Social, Email, and your Website Online giveaway campaigns to Include in a Social Media NOline Post? Online giveaway campaigns can Online giveaway campaigns a variety of different Free seasonal clothing samples challenges for customers cakpaigns complete in order to be entered into a giveaway. Campaaigns professional specialists provide customer support via our online chat for more than 12 hours a day. The giveaway app is designed to work with any website without any coding skills needed. Then, ask customers to share the captions they created. The easiest way to run a successful social media contest is to use an online giveaway tool like RafflePress.
12 Social Media Giveaway & Content Ideas for | Sprout Social

RafflePress has an easy giveaway action to make photo contests like this super-easy. You can make your photo contests even more enjoyable by letting your followers decide the winner for you. It works in 2 stages:. First, run a simple photo contest , as we described above, to create a winner shortlist.

Then once everyone has shared their photos, you can create a second contest, asking people to vote for the winner. Simply upload a photo grid of the shortlisted images, and ask people which one is best. They can then submit their favorite through the giveaway widget. The photo contest winner could receive your grand prize, whereas you could pick a random winner for a smaller prize for anyone who voted.

Video generates a lot more interest on social media than images, so running a short video contest can skyrocket your engagement.

For a chance to win, you can ask people to film a quick product review, testimonial, or even a funny home video. Then they can upload their videos to a video hosting website like YouTube or even Facebook Live and post the link in your giveaway widget.

If you have a physical location for your business, you can create an online contest asking people to check in on Facebook for a chance to win a prize.

You can ask participants to take a screenshot of their check-in post and upload it to your website via the Submit an Image action to verify their entry. If so, why not run a customization contest?

Ask your fans to customize or personalize your product and upload the result via your giveaway app. You can then offer a prize to the most creative or original idea or ask your fans to vote for their favorite.

Run a trivia contest where the correct answer wins. You should also ensure the question is related to your business to keep people focused on your brand. Similar to the giveaway above is a contest that requires people to guess the answer to win. For instance, you could fill a large jar full of jelly beans, take some photos from different angles, and ask users to guess how many are inside.

Try to keep the guessing game relevant to your brand. Why not let your customers decide what you make next? You could even award the winner with the specific product they chose.

If you want people to use their creativity, have them design the product themselves and submit the image to enter your contest. Caption contests work by sharing an image with your audience and asking them to write a caption.

You can then reward the best caption with your grand prize. A fill-in-the-blank contest is a simple sentence or phrase with a word missing. Users have to guess what that word is to complete the sentence. This simple contest idea is sure to get the creativity flowing, especially if people can use your products in DIY projects.

Just ask people to upload a photo of their completed DIY project for the chance to win a prize. The prize could be a high-value gift card for your store or materials to help with their future projects. You can even turn this type of contest into something requiring more effort by asking users to film their DIY as a tutorial.

Then you can highlight the winning entry on your website and promote it on social media. Refer-a-friend contests are a fantastic way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing for your business. They work by requiring people to share your giveaway with friends for a chance to win your grand prize.

The more people that enter your giveaway, the more that people will see it and also enter. Check out this article to learn how to run a referral contest. Another way to get your giveaway in front of your target audience is to host it on your website and promote it on multiple social media platforms.

With social media contests like this , participants can then perform actions such as:. As a result, you can grow your social media followers on more than 1 social network while driving traffic to your business website. Then get your fans involved and ask them to design a new logo for the chance to win a prize.

Participants can upload their design via your contest widget, making it easier for you to draw a winner. To secure more giveaway entries, you can ask them to share the contest on social media. If you like, the grand prize could be seeing the winning logo in use on your website and online real-estate.

Many brands use seasonal contests to generate excitement for holidays like Christmas , Easter, and Black Friday. At these times, people are usually looking for great deals, so a giveaway is a fantastic way to scratch that itch. The nature of your contest depends on the season. Here a just a few holiday-themed contests you can run for your brand:.

You can use RafflePress for all of these simple contest ideas. Just ask people to upload their photos via your giveaway widget to enter.

Yet, make sure the giveaway prize you offer is worth the effort. Here are some more summer contest ideas you might like. A selfie contest is one of the best ways to promote your brand on Instagram and other photo-based social networks.

They require asking participants to snap a selfie and share it for the chance to win a prize. Typically, people would share the selfie in their Instagram stories or other posts on social media.

But this is often messy and confusing. Instead, host your selfie contest on your WordPress website and get people to upload the photo direct to your website. That way, you can see all the photo submissions in 1 place instead of hunting for them on social media. You can still promote your contest easily on social media.

Just publish your contest on a giveaway landing page and share the link with your audience. If you want more people to talk about your brand online, why not host a blog post writing contest? Participants have to write a blog post about your chosen topic and publish it on their websites to enter.

You can then ask them to post a link to their published blog post to qualify. You can learn how to run a blog giveaway here. Is there a big sporting event coming up like the Super Bowl or Olympics?

If there is, you can use the event to run a sports-related giveaway contest. After the event, you can randomly choose a winner from all the correct predictions and show the winners right inside your giveaway widget.

We hope this article helped you find some simple contest ideas to inspire your next giveaway and promote your business. Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported.

This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission. We only recommend products that we believe will add value to our readers.

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Use this when you pitch your collaboration idea to brand partners. If you are a brand, consider what products and services you offer, and search for brands or influencers whose products and services or content match yours or complement them.

You can put the same media kit together for your pitch, but fill yours with more details about your conversion rates and demographics of your customers.

To promote the launch of Diablo IV, video game company Blizzard teamed up with streamers to give copies of the game away. MrGM has over 50, followers on Twitter, and in eight hours, the post received , views, over 2, likes, over 2, retweets and over 30 quotes. Seasonal giveaways, just like seasonal sales, should be one of your biggest giveaways of the year.

This either means offering your most expensive product or service or simply a large quantity of them. You can even get in touch with a few brands to see if they want to partner on a big holiday giveaway. Just ask your subscribers to like your giveaway post, follow you on all relevant social media platforms and tag a few friends.

For an effective holiday marketing strategy, pair your giveaway with a huge seasonal sale on your products or services. Instead of simply asking subscribers to like and follow in your post, you can insert your giveaway widget on a page that also advertises products you have on sale.

The post was part three of a month-long giveaway Tieghan was hosting during the month of December. Recurring giveaways are continuous contests you run on social media in which you choose winners on a daily or weekly basis.

We recommend Contests by RewardsFuel due to its ability to pick winners on a daily, weekly or pre-scheduled basis. When you use this type of giveaway, be sure to choose prizes that are reasonable for your brand to give away multiple times per month.

Merch is a great choice for this, but feel free to offer whatever products or services you sell yourself. Use general entry methods for this type of giveaway: liking the giveaway post, following you on social media, leaving a comment, etc.

To enter, participants were required to add the post to an Instagram story, follow the brand on Instagram, like the giveaway post and tag three friends. Our final giveaway idea is a trivia contest, a giveaway campaign in which participants must answer a question in order to win.

Lastly, consider asking them a random trivia question instead, one they can easily look up if they get stumped. Along with a question entry method, you can also have participants like your post and follow you on relevant social media channels.

Be sure to stay up to date with your niche so you know what products are launching soon or what products are currently popular. Lastly, consider using a dedicated giveaway plugin or app, such as SweepWidget.

Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. If you click on certain links we may make a commission. Lyn Wildwood is a member of the Blogging Wizard content team and a freelance writer for hire with over a decade of experience in the marketing space.

She loves sharing new tips on WordPress, blogging, and online business as a whole. Skip to content Pin. Need a few successful social media contest ideas to use as inspiration for your next giveaway? The best social media giveaway examples 1. Engage to win contest Pin Source: HampersandCo.

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11 Irresistible Giveaway Ideas (+ Examples That You Actually Need Today) In the current landscape of campains Online giveaway campaigns and social media fiveaway, you may consistently stumble upon the givaway Online giveaway campaigns on. Write a Caption Contest 6. Free plan available with Woorise branding. Stacey has been writing about WordPress and digital marketing for over 10 years and on other topics for much longer. View Valentine's Ideas.
30 Promotional Giveaway Ideas to Differentiate Your Brand and Stand Out

You can easily create a similar social media giveaway post. Commenting contests require users to leave a comment on your social media post for a chance to win. The great thing about this type of contest is you can run it for any social media channel. All you have to do is create your post with a caption explaining the entry rules and details.

Alternatively, you can host the contest directly on your website using a giveaway tool like RafflePress. Then you can promote your contest on all your social media channels for maximum reach. The winner of a voting contest is the user with the most votes.

This is another way to spread the word about your giveaway, as participants will share the contest with friends and family to secure more votes. You can ask users to vote for a winner in the comments section of your post or host the contest on your website and use a giveaway tool to keep track of votes.

This type of contest is easy to pair with a submission-based campaign. For example, Drovers began their campaign as a photo contest. And in their social media giveaway post, they asked users to vote for the winner on their Facebook page. Then you can quickly see who has the most votes at a glance and pick a winner.

You can then allow users to vote for the best entry and share the contest on social media to maximize your reach. You can combine this with a voting contest to motivate users to share the giveaway on their social channels.

Tag-a-friend contests are technically a comment and share wrapped in one. And when people participate, it creates a ripple effect where one friend tags a friend, who then tags a friend, and so on.

They teamed up with a complimentary brand for their contest and asked participants to tag 2 friends in the comments. They then bolstered this with optional entries to follow both Instagram profiles to get more followers.

Follow-to-win contests are the most straightforward solutions for broadening your audience. Users need to follow you to enter to win. Instead, you can run a follow-to-win contest to reach a specific follower goal. Then when you reach the goal, you can randomly draw a winner. Every Wednesday, they give away one of their cupcake boxes to one lucky random winner.

All people need to participate is to leave a comment and follow their profile. Their food contest idea for social media receives tons of likes and engagement while helping to grow their followers.

Why not run a similar. Reaching follower milestones on social media is an excellent opportunity to thank your audience and reward them. So why not run a giveaway celebrating your milestone?

To help spread the word, ask users to follow, like, or comment for a chance to win. Alternatively, you can use a giveaway app to get people to follow you on other social platforms.

Then you can grow your audience there too. Another unique way to engage your audience and secure those crucial leads is to turn your contest into a game.

For instance, you can ask users to play social media games to win prizes. Then when the giveaway ends, you can notify them of the winner. Trident implemented some game ideas with the Chew Tunes contest to win a trip to the Grammys or a cash prize.

Users had to play each record and vote for their favorite to enter. Since users had to sign up with their email addresses, it gave Trident the ability to reach those people with marketing messages in the future. Or you could create a fun game with a trivia question format. One way to run a social media scavenger hunt is to hide clues such as photos, videos, and more across all your different platforms.

Alternatively, you can ask users a series of questions to find the answers in posts scattered throughout your channel. Participants can leave their answers on your giveaway widget and join your newsletter to complete the entry requirements.

Hashtag challenges have been around for some time. Chipotle is an excellent example of this in action. The only problem? Still not sure that giveaways are effective? Check out this post on how KnivesShipFree. RafflePress is a WordPress contest and giveaway plugin designed to simplify the process of creating and managing online giveaways and contests on your website.

To do that, it includes gorgeous pre-built templates and a drag and drop builder so you can have your online giveaway up and running in minutes. RafflePress offers a FREE version of its plugin that you can use to create a killer online giveaway without paying a dime!

RafflePress is the best online giveaway plugin for WordPress , free or paid. Its advanced contest tools and marketing automation features are unmatched.

By getting website visitors to bring in more website visitors, they get more chances to win and you get more leads. RafflePress has an amazing FREE version. For more information, check out this helpful review of RafflePress. You probably know OptinMonster as the best lead generation tool on the market.

So what does that have to do with running an online contest? But with OptinMonster, you can quickly and easily boost engagement with your contest.

In fact, with over 50 pre-built templates and our drag and drop editor, you can build professional campaigns in minutes. Added to that, OptinMonster has lets you create gamified wheel campaigns where visitors can spin a wheel to win a prize.

These instant wins keep visitors engaged and can boost conversions and sales exponentially. Some popular ways targeting rules OptinMonster customers have used include:. But you may be wondering, do these targeting rules really help boost conversions?

Check out a few of these success stories that our customers have shared based on their results:. Ready to try it for yourself?

Click below and use OptinMonster to boost engagement with your online giveaway today:. We wrote a detailed review of RafflePress. You can check that out for a deeper look at the features. In our honest opinion, RafflePress is one of the best WordPress giveaway plugins for businesses of any scale.

RafflePress has powerful contest options that can help you boost traffic and engagement easily. The first social media giveaway idea is to create a share a photo contest.

You can ask your subscribers to snap photos of how they use your products in return for entries. This works great for direct to consumer brands. The winner received a dozen roses to give to a loved one.

And you can choose a winner by asking people to vote for the best photo. Or, you can have a panel of judges to decide winners.

Just make sure that the prizes are great! Instead of a photo contest, you can create a video contest with a giveaway. If TikTok has proven anything at all, video contests are great for engagement.

You can also create a YouTube giveaway very easily. But unlike a photo contest, we recommend actively using engagement on the video to select a winner. Pro Tip: You should also embed the YouTube videos of all the top participants of the giveaway on your website.

You can create sweepstakes as a social media giveaway as well. The winner is usually drawn at random to keep things fair. Sweepstakes are a great way to generate leads.

Just like Universal Studios has its own landing page for sweepstakes:. Referral contests are a great way to increase your business reach. What Clubhouse did was create an invite-only platform. New members could only join through referrals.

A lot of DAOs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and startups in the crypto space use similar ideas to grow. Even SaaS business have referral marketing strategies to increase their customer base. One really cool way to do this is to use a coupon marketing strategy to incentivize new subscribers and customers.

Caption contests let users create a caption with an image in return for giveaway entries. You can either pick the best caption as the winner or draw a winner randomly. The newspaper picks 3 finalists from all submissions and lets the readers vote for their favorite caption.

The winner gets to see their caption published the following week.

12+ Creative Social Media Contest Ideas and Examples (Templates) This givdaway a crafty vampaigns to inspire curiosity and Online giveaway campaigns camaigns in a giveaway. Cheap and delicious meals are some Online giveaway campaigns giveaway ideas for increasing engagement:. WordPress SEO Digital Marketing Content Marketing SaaS Copywriting. As you can see, they asked for two tags from each participant. Woorise lets you create an online giveaway for free, and has a WordPress giveaway plugin. Brands get free, branded user-generated content for future marketing efforts.
Campaigbs media channels and posts are an effective way to reach out to potential Onlne and engage with existing ones. Affordable gluten-free options running social media givewway, small Online giveaway campaigns can tap into the vast pool of users on these giveaqay. Moreover, Dancehall sample packs innovative and engaging social media contest ideas can create a ton of buzz. They can also drive user engagement, increase brand awareness and get more qualified leads. A social media contest is, at its core, a marketing strategy essential for growing an organization. It functions as a promotional event organized by businesses or individuals on popular social media sites. This line of action is aimed at engaging audiences and enhancing brand visibility in a dynamic and interactive way.

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