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Crafty sample opportunities

Crafty sample opportunities

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Crafty sample opportunities -

They develop their own style and become recognizable. Approach your work like a craftsperson. Improve your craft. Find places and people that enable you to work on your craft, and turn away from what stifles or discourages it.

Set up your life so that you can work on your craft. Pick friends and partners who support you. If you feel the fire for the craft dwindling, find a new approach to it. Focusing on craft usually means letting go of external judgment, like what the buyers, the markets, or the algorithms reward.

Transcend the labels of commerce; be a craftsperson. In order to support this call to action, the following sections will describe the concepts that put the craft first. She also draws murals on walls and surfaces at live shows , incorporating an element of performance art to her process.

It can feel incredibly inspiring—and overwhelming—to consider a final body of work. In all forms of writing, each article, book, or poem, is made up of words.

In the recording arts, each bar and song is made up of notes. The simplest elements may take a day to learn but a lifetime to master. For me, a huge invisible wall was the traditional publishing system; I felt like I needed to have a book agent, write a book proposal, and build an audience, all before I could actually start to write a book.

This fixation on being accepted by the traditional institutions distracted me from the clear vision of what was in front of me and the valuable experiences and ideas I already had. A book can be as simple as 20, words strung together.

In the traditional book publishing world, some books are even just 11, words. This is true for you as well. You might think you need all of that to get started, when in reality all of those resources and insights will come to you as you do the work.

The most important thing I noticed today was that only in stillness can we recognize movement. Marina Abramović. There is no universal creative process. But any creative process will involve various periods of incubation , or time spent not consciously thinking about the problem.

You have likely experienced this phenomenon yourself when after hours at work spent agonizing over a problem, the solution pops into your head when you get home and take the dog for a walk.

Take a bath or long shower. Try meditating with or without an app. Go for a trail walk or bike ride. Let rest and distraction become part of your creative process.

The difference between work and play is largely intention. Play is intended for amusement, joy, and perhaps mastery, with the main intention being to continue to play. Work is intended for results, benefit, and sustenance, with the main intention being to continue to survive or provide for yourself.

We already know how to play—to do something for its own sake, to explore, to imagine. No wonder there are classes to teach us how to relearn this valuable skill that was squished out of us. If you need ideas, go do improvisational comedy or try a new instrument or a sport. Rent a bicycle and go for a ride.

Buy a Lego set and build. Draw a cartoon. Feed your creative practice and well-being by making time for play. Let go of your external expectations. Immerse yourself in the task at hand. If, like Frank, you sing it like you never have before. This immersion naturally lets expectations, hopes, and fears fade away; none of it matters.

Everything else is an unnecessary distraction. Whenever a thought of comparison comes across your mind, notice it, and then let go. If you catch yourself ruminating about it, tap it away like a feather duster cleaning a glass and bring your mind back to whatever you are doing.

Let it play you. Mastering any skill, including all forms of creative work, means spending a lot of time moving forward slowly. The spurts of growth are very occasional, perhaps even rare. Instead, day in and day out, we are working. We are practicing. Make your practice enjoyable.

Stay focused on your own skill set and craft. Perhaps it means changing your environment or schedule. It could also mean switching the routine or the sources of inspiration.

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