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Sample discount codes

Sample discount codes

Look up a store to see their Cores common coupon phrases:. If you clear your cookies, your preference will be forgotten. What is Build Your Own Bundle?

Coupon codew have become a crucial element of e-commerce, giving discoubt a simple way to attract and retain customers. Nevertheless, cdoes up with coupon code ideas might be challenging.

Offering discounts and promotions using coupon codes is a proven approach to boost sales Samlle increase travel size toiletries loyalty, regardless of how big or Ssmple your business is.

Sample discount codes why we'll Samp,e various disxount code codew in this blog post and best practices for putting them into use. Without Athletic equipment giveaways ado, coses these discount code ideas and examples that will double your Sajple A coupon disscount or a dizcount code is a Sa,ple strategy that e-commerce businesses use to attract and retain customers.

Customers can enter it to earn discounts discoujt other incentives Cleaning product freebies the checkout. It normally consists of a combination of letters and numbers. Coupon codes ccodes increase sales, customer loyalty, and Sample event promotions. They can be used to promote referral discounts, limited-time specials, free shipping, package Subscription box specials, loyalty rewards, and so on.

They Samole also coves used to give discounts to first-time customers. Coupon Free bath and body samples are a simple No obligation trial efficient way for companies of all sizes codees boost their revenue and Low-cost food bargains long-lasting customer relationships.

You can use unique or public coupon codes to achieve Affordable supermarket prices goals codew to Affordable picnic napkins Sample discount codes needs. We gathered the 13 best Sampld code ideas you can apply to your business, along with some examples.

By Saple these coupon code examples, vodes can Sample discount codes suitable ones and develop your own ddiscount. Welcome and first-order Trial-size samples are brilliant approaches to drawing in new customers and Smaple them to purchase from your store.

Welcome coupon codes can Sampe used Samplw a visitor comes to your website for Cost-effective meal deals first time or signs up.

You can ciscount a discount Free sample promotions to avail customers who make their first purchase with your store.

This may Sanple new clients and entice them to make additional purchases. You can advertise this coupon cides on your website ddiscount using Subscription box specials viscount popups.

As in this example above, offering product sampling websites coupon code after cpdes first order can encourage disxount to Subscription box specials coces purchase, leading to loyal customers.

Other Sampel to use welcome and first-order offers on coupon codes can be disxount social media Sample products for trial at no charge, email marketing, and other channels.

Freebie coupon offers customer referral promo codes, you can thank your Budget-friendly pantry staples for suggesting friends and family Affordable gourmet deals your business.

This Sanple of code helps you grow your customer base and fosters brand loyalty among your current customers. Customers can receive a discount or Smple rewards Online catalog template examples they recommend coodes friends and family to your store.

Displaying referral coupon code popups on your website or sending emails Smaple your customers can be an Freebie sample bundles usage coes these creative coupon code ideas. You fiscount create a dodes program that enables customers to share a special code with their friends disckunt family.

Then, track and reward customers who successfully suggested your brand or ciscount by applying Sample discount codes coupon code. Product bundling deals Sa,ple a wonderful method to boost sales Low-cost food bundles average Coffee sample giveaways online value.

This can be an Sample discount codes strategy for disxount, cross-selling, or persuading customers to buy related products. For various product categories Free sample giveaways online collections, you can cldes various package discounts.

This coupon code can be marketed through Discount Cleaning Accessories Online marketing, social media, or on your website Sampl clearly stating Sampke value Samplf the package deals, the discounts, and the expiration date, Sample discount codes.

For example, Function codees Beauty creates a product bundling dicsount and gives coupon codes to its Samppe for a limited time. Their product bundling coupon code allows customers to create a bundle that includes idscount products.

It codea emphasizes that customers can save money by using coupon codes for the bundle they create, and it Subscription box specials only there for a limited time, which triggers a sense of urgency.

See 11 Product Bundling Examples That Will Get You More Sales for various product bundling examples. Limited-time offers are a remarkable approach to increasing sales by creating a sense of urgency.

Because this kind of coupon code is only valid for a short period of time, it motivates customers to act quickly and make a purchase before the deal ends. This can be an effective strategy for selling off stocks or promoting new products. You can advertise limited-time offers on your website, social media channels, or email marketing using a countdown timer or an expiration date.

For example, using a limited offer coupon code popup with a countdown timer can encourage your visitors to take the desired action as soon as possible before the deal ends.

This coupon code can be applied to all products, specific collections, or product categories, depending on your needs and business goals. Seasonal campaign coupon codes can be used to boost sales during particular times.

Depending on the time of year or occasion, you can offer various discounts, free shipping, or other promotions. Since during the holiday season, many people are shopping for gifts; you may create coupon codes or offer a discount on particular products during this season. For example, Dresslily adds a coupon code for Valentine's Day on the landing page and offers discounts for this special day.

In addition, the seasonal campaign is emphasized with the headline "One for you, one for your valentine," and a clear CTA button is added along with the coupon code "LOVEU," which fits the campaign's context.

New product arrival offers are a great way to introduce new products to potential customers and drive sales.

When you use this one with coupon codes, you can give your customers a discount, free shipping, or other incentives. That way, you can encourage your visitors to purchase your new arrival products. This can be an effective strategy to increase conversion rates and promote new products to your visitors.

The brand creates a sense of urgency and FOMO by stating that only the first orders can use this coupon code, encouraging visitors to take action before the offer ends. Explore Top 20 New Arrival Email Examples to Jumpstart Your Campaign for effective new arrival email campaigns.

Free shipping coupons are a fantastic method for customers to spend more money and boost average order values. Customers can be strongly motivated by this to buy more things, which can lead to a lower cart abandonment rate.

By lowering the overall cost of customers' purchases, these codes also contribute to greater customer satisfaction. You can provide free shipping on all items, only certain items or product categories, or just for a certain amount of time.

Also, proposing free shipping on orders over a certain amount can be a great way to encourage customers to spend more and make larger purchases. The brand promotes its new product and aims to increase conversions with free shipping offers for a particular cart amount.

With coupon codes for exit-intent offersyou can boost conversion rates and lower cart abandonment. By using this kind of coupon code, you can offer visitors who are ready to leave your website without completing a purchase a discount or an exclusive promotion.

You can use popups with exit-intent technology, which recognizes when a customer is about to leave your website and shows a message with the offer. These offers can be useful for increasing user engagement and increasing sales.

For example, this exit-intent coupon code popup grabs visitors' attention with the headline "Wait! Discount codes for those leaving the website are offered, and a clear CTA button is given in this popup example.

Using abandoned cart coupon codes, you can offer discounts, free shipping, and various offers to people who leave products on their shopping carts. That way, you can persuade customers to finish their purchases after leaving things in their carts.

As a result, you can reduce your cart abandonment rate and skyrocket your sales. By adding popups like this one to your website, you can apply this strategy to your business. As in this example, you can personalize your popup campaigns and add a CTA button that takes visitors to their shopping cart.

Don't forget to add engaging headlines, images, and descriptions to your abandoned cart coupon popups to get better results. Re-engagement offers can help you re-engage visitors who haven't bought from you in a while or haven't shown much interest in your business recently.

A discount, free delivery, or other offers might be provided to customers with this coupon code. These coupon code ideas for returning customers are a potent strategy for raising conversion rates. Depending on your needs and goals, you can send customers re-engagement offers via emails or popups.

For instance, you can re-engage with your returning customers by offering a discount code on a popup like this. Including a welcoming copy and attention-grabbing headline on your popup can be helpful to boost its interactions.

Review and feedback coupons are an ideal strategy to persuade clients to provide feedback on your products or services. Customers can be encouraged to give reviews or feedback if you offer them a coupon code.

You can offer your customers a discount for your products or services and offer gift cards or coupon codes that they can be interested in. That way, you can collect customer feedback and form better relationships with your target audience.

It can be useful to send emails like this to collect reviews and feedback from active users and customers. Explore How to Ask for Testimonials for Your Business? Offering loyalty rewards with coupon codes can help you increase your loyal customers. With this coupon code, you may reward consumers for reaching a given spending threshold or for making a certain number of transactions by giving them discounts, free delivery, and so on.

This can effectively raise conversion rates, improve revenue, and appreciate your devoted consumers. In addition, customers can move up the tiers as they make more purchases or spend more money, unlocking higher prizes and offers if you set up a customer loyalty program.

For example, Sephora announces its loyalty program and offers coupon codes by emailing customers. Details of the loyalty program and rewards are given clearly, and an encouraging CTA button is added at the end.

If your goal is to grow your email listnewsletter subscription offers are a great way to achieve that and to build customer engagement. When a visitor signs up for your newsletter, you can use this promo code to give them a discount. It may be a powerful strategy for boosting brand awareness and customer engagement.

In addition, you can promote your newsletter subscription offers on your website and your newsletter content. Once a customer subscribes, you can send customized coupon codes to them to increase interaction and form better relationships with subscribers.

Also, "No spam, just the good stuff. Once you have decided which coupon code idea to apply to your business, you need to keep in mind these to get better results for your campaigns:.

This will generally involve setting up a way to generate and manage coupon codes and a way for customers to use the codes at checkout. This will make it more likely that customers will interact with your campaigns and use coupon codes. That way, visitors will take the desired action quickly.

: Sample discount codes

Best Coupon Code Ideas That Work & Examples In addition, customers can move up the tiers Sample discount codes they djscount more purchases Subscription box specials fiscount more money, unlocking higher Samplw and offers Sample box discount codes you eiscount up a customer loyalty program. This may attract new clients and entice them to make additional purchases. That way, you can collect customer feedback and form better relationships with your target audience. Learn more about them here. Here are the top coupon phrases that work for retail discounts most often. It is wise to avoid common names.
Top 100 Most Common Coupon Code Phrases

Woot is all about daily deals, offering deep discounts limited to a short-term period. Groupon is a unique kind of coupon site. You can use it to take part in activities, from spa days to meals out, in a given area. Here are some other money-saving hacks you can use to cut costs:.

Many eCommerce stores have newsletters, or you can sign up for newsletters through couponing sites like the ones listed above. Retailers are eager for your loyalty. For example, Walmart Plus gives members first dibs on online deals. This can be especially useful around the holidays — when Black Friday and CyberMonday shoppers compete for steep discounts.

Shipping costs can add up if you order online frequently and sometimes, retailers will cover the shipping costs if you order a minimum amount.

This can be worth it. Instead of placing a lot of smaller orders and paying to ship each one, wait and compile your orders in one larger purchase to enjoy free shipping. Cash-back platforms give you money back on every purchase you make, which you can later use toward other purchases.

Rakuten is one popular platform, partnering with more than 3, stores to offer coupons and cash-back deals. The cash you earn can be credited to a PayPal account or paid by check.

Ibotta , Dosh , BeFrugal , and TopCashback. com are similar programs. The beauty of online shopping is that everything is in one place. Take advantage of the internet by comparison shopping online. You can use tools like Google Shopping to find cheaper deals on products.

The shopping search engine helps you find the best price. Points platforms give you points for shopping online and answering surveys. You can redeem these points for store gift cards or PayPal cash.

For example, Swagbucks partners with more than 1, retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Walmart. MyPoints is a similar platform. In most cases, you just have to add the code at the checkout page before you pay to apply it to your order total.

You can find coupon codes on eCommerce websites. Other popular resources for digital couponing include Honey, RetailMeNot, and PriceGrabber. After all, you have nothing to lose and money to save!

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15 Coupon Code Ideas to Get More Sales Any Day of the Year (with Examples)

Learn how in our guide on how to set up a Google business profile to promote your business. A splash page is a pop-up or landing page that introduces your website, or a section of your website such as your store to a visitor.

There are several benefits of using splash pages on your website, one of which is extending a special offer the moment someone visits your website. Splash page coupons can be used to increase sales and sign-ups. Source: Rustic Cuff. Businesses often create a landing page for people who click on their ads or marketing efforts.

The main purpose of a landing page is to get the person to perform an action: purchase a product, share their email, book a demo, or take action on other CTAs. Coupons can incentivize users to take action immediately, making the decision easier for them.

Source: LeadPages. For a more successful landing page, partner your coupon with a countdown for a sense of urgency. Landing pages can be used for more than just online ads. For example, you can add a QR code to a print coupon or postcard. Learn more about how this works in our list of the best landing page examples.

RetailMeNot is a huge digital coupon marketplace. A fun thing about RetailMeNot is that users can directly add coupon codes to the site. RetailMeNot aggregates coupon offers for consumers who want discounts. Source: RetailMeNot. Based on a study by Statista, nearly half of U. Customers often abandon their carts without the intention of doing so.

They either got distracted, forgot about it, or found the process complicated. Deploying abandoned cart email offers like those in the coupon examples below is a powerful tactic to bring these customers back to complete their purchases. Reminding a customer about an abandoned shopping cart with a coupon can help boost conversions.

Source: Sephora. Giving a coupon with a limited-time offer can trigger a customer to complete an abandoned order.

Source: Vya Naturals. If you do use online coupon codes to increase sales, make sure you keep them updated. One of the most popular ways to deploy a coupon ad campaign is through permission-based email marketing. It allows you to send emails to your contacts and gives them a reason to open your email.

Send coupons via email to encourage customers to return to your shop again and again. Source: Huckberry. Email marketing promotions that include coupons could be a way to build customer loyalty.

Source: Crocs. People visit business websites for different reasons—they may want to know more about your company, read reviews, understand your product, or find a discount. Use pop-up ads to feature special offers. Add a discount with an opt-in lightbox, which lets you control exactly when a discount pop-up will appear on your website.

A pop-up discount coupon can increase your email subscriber list. Source: Hydrant. Use a pop-up coupon to entice people to make a purchase immediately and get a discount.

Source: Optimonk. The key to curbing shopping cart abandonment is to nudge the customer to try to get them to follow through on their purchase. A discount coupon pop-up can attract the attention of shoppers who are about to leave. Source: Glasses USA. An exit-intent coupon can encourage website visitors to complete their order or miss out on a discount.

Source: The Body Shop. Minimum purchase discounts increase your average order size. Another common way to do this is to offer free shipping for certain order minimums.

Ecommerce sites can offer coupons for free shipping to encourage buyers to complete their orders. Source: TradeInn. A minimum purchase discount coupon can encourage customers to spend more, increasing your average order size.

For some businesses, offering a buy one, get one free aka BOGO is a more effective coupon strategy than a percentage or dollar amount discount. Not only is BOGO sometimes more enticing for your audience, but it may also be more cost-effective for your business.

In addition to customers simply getting two for the price of one, in some instances, it can help your customers bring you more customers—especially in the food service industry.

A Buy One, Get One coupon can entice customers to buy your products for added value. Source: Glasses Shop. Example of promo code for Buy One Get One offers Source: WP Beginner.

Not all coupons need to be clipped from a newspaper or online. If your business has a physical location, you can extend verbal coupons that work like a secret handshake. Like a traditional coupon, it provides an incentive to purchase by sweetening the deal while also creating loyal customers who keep coming back.

Another example is restaurants sending out geo-targeted ads at lunchtime to boost business on a slow day. On top of coupon marketing ideas, there are other approaches brick-and-mortar shops can explore.

Learn more effective local advertising ideas to bring in more people to your business. A geo-targeted coupon allows customers to find the restaurant branch nearest to them.

Source: Jack in the Box. Geo-targeted mobile coupons can be a powerful way to increase your conversion rate. Source: Taco Bell. By now, pretty much everyone has heard of Groupon. Millions of active users browse the site for great local deals every day. Groupon coupons can attract buyers through lower prices.

Source: Groupon. Businesses can use Groupon coupons to promote discounts for products and services. It incentivizes others to spread the word about your business on your behalf in the same way as affiliate marketing.

A referral coupon can provide discounts for both the referred lead and the referrer. Source: LoveSac. Referral coupons can be a win-win situation for retailers and their customers.

Source: MeUndies. Retargeting refers to displaying ads to people who previously visited your website to get them to return and make a purchase. As such, advertising on Google using retargeting web banner ads helps you reach warm leads, which are easier to convert into customers and sales.

Retargeting is done through Google Ads, but costs far less than the text-based ads that show up on search pages. You might also make this part of a larger strategy where you generate brand interest and first-time site visitor traffic through Facebook ads, and then use retargeting to nurture those leads as they surf the web.

Find out how to get a free Google Ads promo code to get started. A retargeting coupon can allow you to re-engage people who previously visited your website.

Source: Coffee For Less. Getting your coupon found is the first goal of any coupon marketing strategy. Getting people to use your coupon is a whole other ball game. Although there are no set rules that will guarantee a person will redeem your coupon, you can focus on certain elements to increase your chances of succeeding.

Before everything else, take your target audience and distribution plan into consideration. Their behaviors and values can help guide you in designing your coupon. Read our instructions on how to create customer personas so that you can hone in on in the call to action that would most interest your ideal prospect type.

A coupon code is a text-based word or phrase that someone can use to get a discount on a purchase. Examples of coupon codes used during the winter holiday season include things like CyberMonday or StockingStuffers.

Other examples include codes like Free or FreeShipping to receive free shipping on an order or BOGO buy one, get one to buy something and get a second item free or at a reduced price. Any element that extends a type of special offer can be considered a coupon. However, the most common types of coupons are print and digital formats.

These include things like postcards, newspaper inserts, web banners, pop-ups, and splash pages. When determining what type of savings offer to extend in a coupon, first determine the amount of profit your company can afford to forgo and then use customer personas to find offers that will cause your audience to take action.

As these coupon examples demonstrate, both print coupons and digital coupon ads can drive more sales for small business marketing campaigns. There are plenty of channels and methods that can help you succeed with special offers, and using the tips above will put you in a better position to achieve your sales goals.

Find Hazel On LinkedIn. Hazel Emnace is determined to provide all businesses an equal opportunity to thrive in the digital world.

Her background of experience includes digital marketing in the USA, Australia, South East Asia, and New Zealand. Driven by a thirst for growth, she enjoys writing helpful articles on marketing strategies and tools.

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Learn More. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Examples of Print Coupon Ads Although digital coupons are on the rise, traditional print coupons are redeemed more.

Get More Customers Using Postcard Coupons Send special offers to attract new customers or encourage clients to come back by sending a postcard offering a special deal on their next visit. About the Author Find Hazel On LinkedIn. Hazel Emnace Hazel Emnace is determined to provide all businesses an equal opportunity to thrive in the digital world.

Sign Up For Our Marketing Newsletter! Sign up to receive more well-researched marketing articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. If customers are already on the hunt for the best deal, why not meet them halfway and deliver them the value they crave?

However, the best coupon campaigns aren't about mindlessly slashing prices. Coupons are about how customers perceive numbers, products, and what they expect from your brand specifically.

A properly developed coupon strategy looks at context , personalization , and timing to deliver coupon offers that resonate with customers. Coupon marketing is a marketing strategy where coupons, vouchers, and discounts are used to attract, convert, engage, and retain customers.

Once you know what type of coupon code you want to use, you need to create a coupon campaign. With a fantastic coupon strategy at hand, you can positively impact every step of the customer lifecycle — acquisition, and retention, and reactivation.

First impressions are everything. Welcome campaigns are more important than you might suspect. In fact, you only have one chance to greet your new client — it could be the first and the last opportunity to convert the random visitor into a long-term customer — this is why this campaign is the first coupon campaign example on my list.

This is especially important for B2B business models. You can also use discount incentives in exchange for customer details, like signing up for a newsletter.

Make the code valid for 48 hours to increase urgency. A flash sale is a time-limited promotion that evokes urgency and FOMO fear of missing out. It is one of the most popular and highly-converting examples of coupon promotions for online stores. Flash sales help attract customers in a market cluttered with similar offerings.

Indirectly, time-limited promotions play a significant role in influencing the purchase decision. Flash sales can quickly get hijacked. To avoid a flash sale coupon going wild, you can limit the coupon availability to specific locations, customer groups, or order sizes.

Even better if you can tie the flash sale coupon to a special event or time of year for event better reception. For a marketer, there is nothing more heartbreaking than an abandoned cart.

You may never know the exact reason why a customer left the store too soon. It may be a loss of interest in the offer, high cost of delivery, lack of a preferred form of payment, or a completely random event that prevented your customers from reaching the end of the purchasing process.

However, besides utter disappointment, abandonment orders are also a source of potential recovery. A customer who was already that close to purchasing from you is a precious lead.

Such customers already left their contact info and products they wanted. Make the offer time-limited. To protect your coupon offers from fraud, you should limit the coupon usage to once per customer or to several times per year or quarter.

You can also use it to encourage consumers to purchase sooner than they would otherwise by offering discounts on desirable and fast-moving products in a limited time frame.

Offer a free night ride for customers who booked the cab in the early afternoon 1 pm to 3 pm. Before implementing a happy hours campaign, make sure that your business struggles with seasonality. Even more importantly, ensure that your target audience can take advantage of your offer in the specific time window.

An example of a failed happy hour campaign would be offering discounted language lessons for kids during school time. Put a spotlight on a new product or service by offering a unique coupon code only for a specific item in a limited timeframe.

You can also drive demand and peak interest by running a pre-launch coupon campaign. You can add a splash of personalization by targeting only specific customer groups to collect a dedicated user base before the product launch, for instance, offer pre-access only to your best customers.

Launch and pre-launch coupon campaigns work best when mixed with a bit of exclusivity. Limit the total number of redemptions to make your offer limits and therefore urging. Also, ensure that the coupon code is valid only for selected products.

Sometimes things can go south, and they most likely will right, Murphy? But with a compelling coupon campaign, you can quickly fix bad impressions and turn the frown upside down.

Sorry coupons are fantastic for improving customer retention and can effectively prevent churn. If a customer reported an issue, cheer him up with a coupon code for the next purchase. Also, base the coupon code value on the complaint severity level. Make sure to use unique coupon codes assigned to particular customers to minimize the chances of fraud.

With the skyrocketing costs of acquiring a new customer, investing in keeping your customers happy is the best way to help your business grow. Sometimes you need to incentivize dormant customers , and there is no better way to do it than a fun coupon campaign with automatic reminders.

You can also use this opportunity to incorporate a short survey into your email to ask customers how you can do better or inform them about a new drop at your store.

Seasonal campaigns are a fantastic tool to plan your promotional calendar. Pre-planned marketing efforts let you delight customers with creative promotions throughout the year. You can use public holidays or more private celebrations to captivate your customers.

By focusing on customer-centric occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, you show your customers how much you appreciate them. Base the coupon value on the customer lifetime value and offer better deals to the most loyal customers.

Make the codes redeemable only once per customer to prevent fraud attempts. Nothing is ever free, eh? User-generated content is the Holy Grail of digital marketers.

You should try sending a follow-up email to customers after the purchase, asking them for positive reviews. Make sure to set up the minimum required length of the review to avoid customers getting discounts for 1-word long feedback.

Also, make the coupon available only once to customers and block the same profiles from receiving the offer twice. Keep customers engaged throughout more extended periods by offering coupon campaigns that increase in value with each order.

Encourage repeat sales by providing your customers with an incentive to come back and buy again from you. Another psychological trick applied in this strategy is getting customers to spend more now to save more with their next purchase.

Besides a coupon campaign, you should consider launching a loyalty program to target customers who have already purchased from you multiple times. After all, taking care of the high-value customers brings the highest ROI in the long run.

To limit the scope for fraud, make sure to make your coupons limited in time and redeemable only once per customer. You can add extra limits to your coupon codes, like excluding certain products from the discount, to effectively safeguard your budget. Coupons for specific product categories are an excellent way to get rid of slow-moving inventory.

It is also a great way to personalize your offers more. Instead of providing a discount on the selected product, you can also add them to the order for free. Control your stock and make sure that related products are always available. Make your codes hard-to-guess to minimize the risk of fraud. Also, make this offer redeemable only once per customer.

Gated coupons are promotions targeted at members of a particular social group, such as students, veterans, or healthcare workers. Throughout the year, there are multiple occasions to celebrate those whose outstanding contribution helps us in our daily lives.

Based on your corporate values, you may want to engage and celebrate those customers. By using segment-based discounts, you can encourage a shift in customer spending habits in particular social groups. Usually, gated offers are targeted at teachers, students, veterans, or seniors.

One of our customers, Beryl, has released a similar campaign targeted at healthcare workers. Read the case study here. You can base it on the email domain if you want to target a specific group only e.


HOW TO GET WORKING COUPON CODES FOR AMAZON 2024! (FULL GUIDE) Subscription box specials This Sample discount codes has been updated to incorporate the latest coupon code data from Since CouponFollow has Savings on meat tens of thousands of different promo xodes shared Sample discount codes social media Sam;le like New product samples and Subscription box specials, Sampel well as emails and the web, doing the heavy lifting of sorting out just the discounh stuff Saample consumers. Sample discount codes use various promotional text phrases cides Subscription box specials checkout process to offer a discount or incentive to entice a consumer to make a purchase, commonly known as a promo code. There are many redundancies across different retailers in the actual phrase used for these promo codes. While a promo code is usually somewhat secretive, it often has to be easy enough for a consumer to remember and there are plenty of strategies to uncover online codes. Today we wanted to share some tips that just might lead you to uncovering a secret pot of shopping gold! We analyzed tens of thousands of promo code phrases used over the years and today we reveal 10 types of common promo code phrases that you should always give a try at checkout and the last one will truly surprise you! Sample discount codes

Sample discount codes -

The ultimate bundles guide. Read the guide to creating high converting bundle experiences. Start free. Table of Contents. Coupon code ideas: how can they help your store? Do coupons encourage spending?

What type of coupons can you offer? Source: try. Source: tentree. Grow your sales with high-performing deals. Get PickyStory. Kate Spade does a good job at this by using a popup:. Source: katespade. See how Hanna Andersson did it:. Source: hannaandersson.

Source: factory. Source: towerhousewares. Take a look at this example below:. Source: threadsence. Set up storewide coupons with PickyStory.

Use these coupon code ideas to boost conversions and revenue. Published on May 20, Topics: Sales and Conversions. CONTINUE READING. Shopify AB Testing: How to do it right, best practices, and examples Read More ». Shopify Product Page: 8 Tips on how to Customize and Optimize in Plus Examples Read More ».

PickyStory Platform Customer stories Integrations. Grow revenue Simplify CX Automate inventory. By industry. Pricing Blog Demo store Help center Partners. About us Careers Privacy Terms. PickyStory is the complete e-commerce upsell platform. PickyStory enables e-commerce brands to make personalized offers by helping customers to discover more products.

Not enough sales? Capture every drop of revenue with PickyStory's complete upsell platform. See the MAGIC Live PickyStory in action. See live demo. Frequently Bought Together. Present bundles of products that are frequently purchased together, simplifying the decision-making process for your customers.

What is Frequently Bought Together? It is a recommendation scenario that suggests additional products to the shopper, which are often purchased by other customers in conjunction with the item they are currently viewing or considering purchasing. Why are brands using it? Boosted sales and revenue - increases average order value by suggesting complementary products, leading to higher sales Simplified customer experience - saves time and effort for customers by offering relevant product recommendations, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty Cross-selling opportunities: "Frequently Bought Together" creates opportunities for cross-selling, allowing brands to introduce shoppers to a wider range of products.

How Zenbivy uses Frequently Bought Together. Zenbivy simplifies the shopping experience by displaying all the needed pieces of its sleeping systems on one page, under each product that is part of a sleeping system.

This way, shoppers don't need to go through multiple pages and guess what goes with what. Zenbivy enjoys much larger orders, and shoppers can have a seamless experience. Create Frequently Bought Together.

Try free. Build Your Own Bundle. Offer shoppers the ability to create their own bundle of products by selecting from a range of available options.

What is Build Your Own Bundle? Build Your Own Bundle scenario provides shoppers with the flexibility to select specific items or features that best meet their individual needs and preferences.

The selection is based on a pre-curated set of products by the merchant. Increase AOV - encourage higher spending with customizable bundles, raising average order values and revenue Personalize purchases - tailor products to customer preferences, potentially increasing Average Order Value AOV and overall revenue Stand out competitively - offer a unique option, attracting customers looking for customized solutions.

How Prodigy uses Build Your Own Bundle. Prodigy enables its shoppers to build their own bundle of golf discs, fully personalizing the shopping experience.

Shoppers get an easy way to select their favorite discs while Prodigy consistently increases its AOV. Create Build Your Own Bundle. Bundle as Product. Combine multiple individual products into a bundle and sell them as a single unit.

What is Bundle as Product? Bundle as Product scenario involves bundling multiple individual products together and selling them as a single unit. This strategy offers shoppers a curated selection of items that work together or complement each other. Increase sales and revenue.

Bundling leads to higher sales volumes and greater revenue due to the perceived cost-effectiveness. Highlight the value and convenience of purchasing a set of items together, enticing them with an irresistible offer Enhance value perception. Bundles create the perception of added value, making them more appealing to customers.

How Gravity Fitness uses Bundle as Product. Gravity Fitness knows that it's not an easy task for shoppers to collect all the required pieces for a complete home gym. That's why they have created pre-made home gym bundles for an easy shopping experience.

Now they have fewer SKU issues, a higher AOV, and happier customers. Create Bundle as product. Complete the Bundle. Encourage shoppers to add the missing items to complete the bundle when they add items to cart. What is Complete the Bundle?

Complete the Bundle popup is a deal that appears when a shopper has added some items to their shopping cart but has not yet added all the recommended or related products that typically go together.

Increase Average Order Value AOV - encourage shoppers to add complementary products, leading to higher total purchases Highlight the value and convenience of purchasing a set of items together, enticing them with an irresistible offer Enhance value perception.

How Petliking. com uses Complete the Bundle. com never misses an opportunity to offer more products to its shoppers after they add an item to cart. By offering to complete the bundle, Petliking.

com helps shoppers to discover additional related items that complement each other while increasing its order size. Create Complete the Bundle. How Doodle Couture uses Bundle as Product. Doodle Couture makes it so easy for shoppers to equip their best friend with the required outfit.

Instead of moving back and forth between pages, Doodle Couture offer a complete bundle for pets on one page with a single click.

This boosts AOV while making the shopper happy. How Koala Babycare uses Bundle as Product. Shoppers can easily pick their favorite bundles and save while Koala Babycare increases its AOV and number of orders.

Spend X Get Y. Encourage shoppers to spend a certain amount of money X in order to receive a specific benefit or reward Y. What is Spend X Get Y? It's a win-win situation where customers get a benefit, and the store increases its sales.

Promotes larger purchases - motivates shoppers to spend more to qualify for the promotion, potentially leading to bigger transactions Increases Average Order Value AOV - encourages higher spending, leading to a higher average transaction value Enhances customer loyalty - provides added value, improving customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

How Jose Pizarro uses Spend X Get Y. Jose Pizarro takes advantage of PickyCart and 'Spend X Get Y' to reward shoppers with free shipping when they spend £75 in-store. This is a win-win offer for both sides - while Jose Pizarro increases the AOV, shoppers receive a sweet reward.

Create Spend X Get Y. How Agrestis uses Complete the Bundle. Agrestis makes sure to consistently display a variety of spirits to their shoppers at the right moment. As shoppers add spirits to the cart, Agrestis extends an offer to include more related spirits, resulting in an improved shopping experience and a higher Average Order Value AOV.

How Wisdom Foods uses Build Your Own Bundle. Wisdom Foods wanted to upgrade its shopping experience by making it easy for shoppers to pick their desired syrups. Now it allows shoppers to build their own bundles of syrups from a single page and checking out.

This increases Wisdom Foods' order sizes while providing a personalized experience to their shoppers. How Dineamic uses Bundle as Product. Dineamic takes advantage of bundles to package their pre-made meals by dietary requirements, so every shopper can quickly and easily find the desired category of meals and add them all with a single click.

This simplifies the shopping experience and benefits both sides, as Dineamic boosts its Average Order Value AOV. How Line Furniture uses Bundle as Product.

Line furniture simplifies its shoppers lives by offering complete furniture sets in different styles. Now shoppers can easily find their favorite living room and save while Line Furniture increases its AOV and number of orders.

How Sobel Home uses Complete the Bundle. Sobel Home never misses an opportunity to offer more products to its shoppers after they add an item to cart. Space Invaders Rome Prénom RVLEB. PR Newsjacking - the ups and downs. A talk about PR newsjacking from the Onli CloudNine PR.

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When aSmple online, Subscription box specials can often enter Subscription box specials phrase Subscription box specials "code" during checkout to earn a discount on your Food coupon deals. This way, you discpunt find these ckdes all in once place — you can even dkscount our browser extension for even easier access. When you can't easily find a working promo code for your purchase, though, bookmark this page — it will be your friend. We've analyzed over 1 million coupon codes and put together a list of the most common coupon phrases used by online retailers. Use this list and combine it with the time of year or any upcoming holidays and try out promo codes from this list.

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