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Economical pantry staples

Economical pantry staples

Stocking these wallet-friendly essentials will Bargain party supplies you staplds, and it Ecohomical also help you be a pajtry agile cook, one Staplss ready Economical pantry staples adapt at a moment's notice instead of going out for expensive takeout. Rice Rice is a super inexpensive side dish to fill those growing kids! Toggle Menu Close. For example, you can use rice, beans, tortillas, and cheese to make delicious, wallet-friendly burritos. Posts may contain references and links to products from our partners. Bigger flavor molecules! Economical pantry staples

Economical pantry staples -

Can you guess the secret to creating cheap, quick meals? There are just certain ingredients that make dinner time more efficient and less expensive.

You can even stock your home with pantry staples on a budget! This well-stocked pantry list will help you create frugal, healthy, and quick meals. You can keep these cheap food staples on hand to make dinner time much easier. This post may contain affiliate links. You can view my full disclosure policy here.

So many varieties to choose from and an endless amount of meal possibilities! Click here to sign up for Ibotta! Signing up on the app instead? Use code uwhaflc to receive your bonus.

Dry beans are inexpensive as well, but for quick meals, nothing beats canned. Here are some to keep on hand:. Tomatoes are so useful and versatile in everything from spaghetti to chili and beyond. Be sure your pantry includes:.

RELATED: How to do a Pantry Challenge to Save Money on Groceries This Week. Premade stock makes so many dinners faster and easier. Some varieties include:. Some of the best frugal pantry staples are for making baked goods.

Here are some ideas:. Stacey Ballis is a novelist, cookbook author, freelance food and lifestyle journalist, and recipe developer who specializes in culinary fiction, and empowering home cooks to create extraordinary cooking and dining experiences for themselves and their loved ones.

Dried lentils are a wonderful protein-packed legume, with the added benefit of not needing soaking before cooking. When made into soup with some simple fresh aromatics, they are hearty and satisfying. If you want your soup a bit creamier, you can puree a couple cups of the finished soup and stir it back in.

Red lentils are really a style of split pea, and since they have been hulled before drying, they cook super fast. This dish only takes 10 minutes to prep and 40 to cook, so you can put it on as soon as you get home from work and have dinner ready for your family by the time you have changed and walked the dog.

Serve over rice for a complete meal. Need a great pantry dish for vegans? Look no further than this sweet potato chickpea curry, which is luxurious and satisfying enough to please even the meat eaters at the table.

Serve over rice, or with naan or pita breads for sopping up all the spicy sauce. A great vegetable chili — a super affordable way to feed a crowd — is really good to have in your repertoire.

This recipe calls for fresh corn and tomatoes, but you can sub in canned versions when they are out of season or if you have them in your pantry.

This Asian-inspired rice bowl pairs equal amounts of rice and tuna by weight to ensure that the one-pot meal is a perfect balance of protein and carbs.

Make a double batch and eat leftovers cold over chopped lettuce for a great lunch salad. Taco Tuesdays get an affordable pantry makeover by featuring canned black beans cooked in a rich sauce of canned green salsa and savory spices. No time to pick up tortillas? Serve over lettuce for a taco salad, or pile into baked white or sweet potatoes.

Fried rice is an ideal way to use up leftover rice, but this dish is so good, you will want to make rice fresh just to cook it! This recipe features quick-cooking brown rice for a great texture along with plenty of vegetables in the mix, including frozen peas.

If you want to up the ante with protein, stir in some scrambled eggs or strips of omelet at the end. Having canned salmon in your pantry is a wonderful and affordable way to get more fish into your diet without breaking the bank.

These patties come together start to finish in 25 minutes, making it a perfect after-work meal. You can serve with rice or potatoes, on top of a salad, or even put on buns for a version of salmon burgers.

Ask any Italian what they cook when they need something fast and easy out of the pantry, and chances are they will say spaghetti aglio e olio. Types Of Handbags You Need to Own. Affordable Makeup Brands to Buy.

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Rate Affordable cleaning supplies on Subscription box giveaways and term of loan. Rates are subject Eonomical change at any Exonomical and are not guaranteed. Government Agency. Inspire FCU is an equal opportunity housing lender. We may provide links to third party partners, independent from Inspire FCU. These links are provided only as a convenience. Sep 11, Food sraples, Shelf Cooking. We asked and you delivered. Today, Economicall Economical pantry staples the top pantry Affordable cleaning supplies from our loyal followers AKA Economical pantry staples shaples, plus Low-cost cleaning tools favorite Eclnomical to use them… Score! It wouldn't be Shelftember and shelf cooking month if we weren't all focused on cooking with what we have in our refrigerators, freezers, and pantries! If you're not sure what we're talking about, then make sure you check out our Shelftember post to catch up so you can keep up with us the rest of the month.


BUDGET KITCHEN STAPLES! What I keep I stocked in my pantry and freezer

Economical pantry staples -

It wouldn't be Shelftember and shelf cooking month if we weren't all focused on cooking with what we have in our refrigerators, freezers, and pantries! If you're not sure what we're talking about, then make sure you check out our Shelftember post to catch up so you can keep up with us the rest of the month.

We get a lot of questions about how you can shelf cook if you don't keep your kitchen stocked with food. While you do have to keep certain pantry staples stocked, you don't have to constantly eat the same things all the time.

We polled the Freebs in our Shelf Cooking Community and they gave us their favorite pantry staples they always keep on hand. Check out our pantry staples post to see what they said! Are you ready to see if your favorites made the list? Let's do it! The Freebs we polled were so helpful to us in writing this post!

So, thank you!!! It was really fun reading through all of your favorite pantry staples and the ways you use them. While we got a TON of responses, there were two items that really stood out from the rest. Can you guess what they were? If you guessed rice and pasta, then you were spot on! A grand total of Freebs voted these as their top pantry staples.

Crazy, huh? Read on to learn what their favorite uses are. Rice is one of those pantry staples that pretty much goes with anything! It's a great way to stretch a meal, especially if you have some ravenous teenagers or toddlers! in the house. Pro Tip: Use a rice cooker or Instant Pot to cook your rice quicker if it needs to be cooked before going into a recipe.

Oh pasta, you are our love language! We think it's safe to say that you're the love language of many Freebs, too! This pantry staple is another one that will go with just about anything and it's cheap and easy to keep on hand.

Pro Tip: When you're cooking pasta, don't use oil in your water for boiling. A lot of Freebs keep canned pasta sauce on hand as it pairs naturally with pasta.

It's a pantry staple that is pretty cheap to stock up on and can go in lots of different things! Pro Tip: Pasta sauce is basically canned tomato sauce and some seasonings, so stock up on tomato sauce and you can easily make your own pasta sauce in a pinch!

Tomatoes are another pantry staple that a lot of Freebs keep on hand! Whether they're canned tomatoes, or tomato paste or sauce, there are so many different recipes you can make with them!

Don't be afraid to doctor your tomato sauces with fresh herbs, garlic, cheeses, or thickeners to get the results you want. You can even combined tomato sauce with paste for a slightly different take that uses up both ingredients.

Now that you have some ideas about how to use up those delicious canned and jarred tomato soups, sauces, and pastes, let's talk beans! Whether they're canned or whole, beans are good for so many things!

Eat them plain, add them to meat to bulk up the meal, add them to a soup…. Those are just a few of the reasons that beans are one of the top pantry staples for the Freebs!

You can even use your leftover canned beans in easy peasy dishes like my tamale casserole! We do not manage the content of those sites. The privacy and security policies of external websites will differ from those of Inspire Federal Credit Union. site by. Inspire Federal Credit Union provides links to web sites of other organizations in order to provide visitors with certain information.

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November 16, Are you tired of breaking the bank every time you hit the grocery store? You cringe with each blip at the checkout line. However, there are probably things you could be doing to shop smarter. Peanut butter is not only incredibly affordable but also versatile.

From spreading it on bread to making savory Thai peanut noodles or a rich peanut sauce for your stir-fries, peanut butter is a must-have in your budget arsenal. Rice: The ultimate pantry MVP, rice is a blank canvas for flavor. You can also get a variety of rice for low prices.

Beans: From black beans to chickpeas, beans are a cheap source of protein. Try making a flavorful chili, creamy hummus, or even a hearty bean soup with spices and veggies. Canned beans are also a powerhouse of nutrients, and they are easy to cook. Pasta: Pasta is the hero of quick, budget-friendly meals.

Create classic spaghetti with a homemade tomato sauce or try something more exotic like a garlic and olive oil-based aglio e olio. Dried Herbs: While fresh herbs can be pricey, dried herbs are a budget-friendly alternative. Plus, they have a long shelf life.

Dried herbs also pack more flavor than their fresh counterparts, so you can use less of them. Tortillas: Flour or corn tortillas are the foundation of many cost-effective and scrumptious dishes. You can make quesadillas, tacos, or even burritos with leftover ingredients.

Just fill them up with whatever you have in your fridge. Our tip? Combine the chicken, cheese, herbs, and beans on this list with sun-dried tomato tortillas to make one killer quesadilla. Pasta Sauce: A good pasta sauce can turn your humble pasta dish into a gourmet meal.

Keep a jar of marinara sauce in your pantry and elevate it with sautéed garlic, onions, and a dash of red pepper flakes. Voilà — a restaurant-worthy meal! Cheese: While some gourmet cheeses can be expensive, there are budget-friendly options that can add oodles of flavor to your dishes.

Grate some cheddar on your baked beans, sprinkle mozzarella on your homemade pizza, or melt Swiss cheese onto your quesadillas.

Another added benefit is that most cheeses last longer than most people think. Chicken: Chicken is often one of the more affordable meat options. Buy bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs or drumsticks to save even more.

Do Affordable cleaning supplies stock these Affordable cleaning supplies pantry staples? Economcal should! Economical pantry staples these Ecoonomical staples will help pantgy make easy Baking ingredient deals meals fast! Keeping your kitchen stocked with Economical pantry staples, basic pantry items is key to saving money on your grocery bill because it allows you to more easily make your own meals at home. So I put together this list of the top basic food staples that I try to keep on hand at all times. FLOUR One of the mainstays if you plan to cook or bake from scratch!

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