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Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas

Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas

She would look Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas each Vapue-priced back to frontdesesrt pass cruelty-frre on to me. Does Experience Free of Charge get better than that? Our Foods Our Value-priecd Dropdown Cashewmilk Yogurt Unsweetened Plain Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Vanilla Bean Honey Alternative Strawberry Blueberry Peach. Pour the filling over the crust, smooth down with a spatula, and chill in the freezer for minutes to set. That was my little ritual, so needless to say, banana bread has a special place in my heart whether I passed those tests or not.

Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas -

Anyway, it has three zones, and the one that matters to me is the one on the back, meant for those of us with oily skins and my skin has already gotten less oily I mean, can I get an amen?!

The Amazon description states: Fine silicone bristles on the front care for sensitive to normal skin, while thicker bristles along the top deliver precision cleansing in the T-zone.

On the back, broad silicone bristles specialize in cleansing oily skin. This is the easy part. It vibrates for a total of 60 seconds. After every 15 second interval, it almost buzzes so you know to move from one zone to the next, with each zone being: your left cheek, your right cheek, your forehead, and your t-zone.

After the 60 seconds is over, it buzzes three times but keeps going. According to the Amazon description :. With 8 adjustable intensities and 3 zones of varying touch point thicknesses, it is suitable for all skin types.

The LUNA mini 2 removes up-to What sonic face brushes have worked for you guys? Or do you go the traditional route with simply soap and hands?

Memorial Day is one of the few days out of the year you can rock an American flag on just about anything: your headband, your booty shorts, your pool floaties and your grill, even the one in your mouth.

But also synonymous with Memorial Day is meat, and lots of it. SO with that said, here is the first edition of my Vegan Memorial Day eats appetizer and dessert, entree to come tomorrow!

All you need to do to pre-heat your oven and prep your ingredients. Once you assemble, bake and take. The best part is, you can personal these to your flavor profile.

Read below to find out exactly where the personal touch fits in:. This is my take on a pina colada in food form. All you need for this is three ingredients, one of which is purely store bought…unless you want to be really extra and over-the-top, then I got you covered too.

Fresh pineapple slices or canned pineapple slices Full fat coconut milk Dairy free ice cream OR frozen bananas and almond extract Unsweetened coconut flakes. My husband and I are adventurous eaters, well as adventurous as a vegan and a carnivore can be.

Either way, one of our favorite cuisines is Thai and like every diner who feels like a food critic, we order Tom Ka Kai or Tom Ka Gai at every thai restaurant we try, and continue to compare, judge and rate. I know you do it too. Anyways, I decided it was time to walk the walk so wanted to try making a batch of thai coconut milk soup with tofu myself!

Most of the elbow grease goes into sourcing the ingredients. So, tie on your apron and get ready for the ultimate soup test. crushed red chili pepper or to taste 2 small green or red chilies 2 tomatoes 1 package of firm tofu 1 can coconut milk 4 tbsp. liquid aminos. Spring fashion these days is a toss-up.

Why global warming, why?! Anyway, because of the fickle weather, Spring fashion can be tricky, especially this time of year, which is why I put together one of my favorite things: lifehacks.

Come spring and summer, you want to be covered enough to feel warm just in case that nice cool spring breeze comes through. So let out your inner ballerina and opt for organic cotton leggings make sure they pass the squat test that tie around your ankles or get ones that have cut-outs anywhere on your legs to help with air flow, like these from Alo Yoga.

Their colorful, modern tank tops are perfect for yoga, pilates, spinning, fitness classes, or running. Consider vegan mustard color flats or vegan sneakers for those super casual days. Let your hair down or put it in a pony, throw on a baseball cap , some leggings, and a cute top…and dang girl, fashionista, much?

Literally two days away? This Drunk Elephant Duo is the perfect gift or gift topper to help mama feel wide awake after long days tending to the kids or your fur babies. The Tarte Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette is a quick trick to make her look and feel like she had a peaceful morning with her cup of coffee cause that woman will be glowing from cheek to cheek with these many color options.

Lastly, you can never go wrong by giving this beautiful woman a moment to herself at the spa with a gift certificate to get a manicure, pedicure or facial. For you true procrastinators out there—this is your best option! Also, shame on you. Mamas love to feed us, especially if you have an Indian mom like I do, who loves to cook, then shove rice and curry into our mouths all day long—why I ever complained about this growing up is beyond me.

I literally look forward to visiting the parents now for this reason only, oh and to see them of course…anyway, if your lady loves to cook, consider Silpat Baking Mats , they make baking and cooking mess free.

Literally all gunk rolls right off and they withstand a high temperature in the over, toaster, etc. FYI Costco sells a similar version, just not Silpat brand. Another procrastinationhack. The NutriBullet is also an easy last-minute option—you can buy them virtually anywhere.

As is the Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit —a fun way for mom to experiment in the kitchen. If she enjoys food but wants a break from cooking, give her a chance to relax with her choice of tea with this Tea Forté Tin Sampler Gift , or you can buy a bunch of boxes of tea you think she would like, throw them in a basket, add a Starbucks gift card, and boom.

If you have zero time at all, then consider an order of the Purple Carrot Meal Delivery service. You can buy her a subscription as a gift. It comes with all the measured ingredients, the recipe and directions to make a quick and easy meal. The active mama, gym rat or simply health-conscious individual sometimes needs a moment away from all the activity, and the Zafu Meditation Pillow may give her just that.

In reality, whether you got her something ages ago or are scrambling for a last minute idea, all mama wants is time with her babies. So spoil her with all of your time and shower her with love, because she brought you into this world and she can take you out.

After years of suffering, I decided to do more than just put a band-aid on the situation get it? I sought hand lotion after hand lotion and product and service after another, and this is what works for me! It may not work for you, but the whole process is kind of like a spa day so make it your own!

Please always consult your physician before starting any new regimen. Just get a regular old fashioned manicure and ask them to pay special attention to your cuticles.

What I mean is, you need to put lotion on your hands every night and treat your cuticles with some love. My hands definitely drink it in. Both products are cruelty-free! When I have time to just sit and read or relax, I put on some oil for the most part, any oil meant for skin will do and massage the oil into my cuticles for just a few seconds per finger.

Massaging with my rosehip oil really helps my circulation and keeps my hands soft! Here are some before and after pictures that prove my method works! You can see that my hands before were peeling, splotchy and red, sometimes also purple due to poor circulation.

Memo to self: remember unforgettable foods for March Favorites stay tuned—check back in March too! I tried new foundations and kept going back to the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. According to the Kat Von D website , the foundation is part of their veganalert product line, and I believe their entire brand is cruelty-free.

I bought mine from Sephora. I alternate the use of this serum with my rosehip oil every night. Any recommendations? According to ethicalelephant , Acure is a cruelty-free brand, but not all of their products are vegan the CGF oil-free serum happens to be : Acure Organics is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA Beauty Without Bunny Program.

This ensures Acure Organics products and ingredients are not tested on animals during any stage of product development and manufacturing. Acure Organics also does not sell in foreign markets that require animal testing by law.

I bought mine at Fresh Thyme but you can buy it on the Vitamin Shoppe as well, and select Target locations. According to the Fresh website , the entire brand is cruelty-free woop woop : As a result, all Fresh products undergo very strict tolerance tests using non-animal methods during the development of each product to ensure quality and safety prior to market.

I bought mine last year at Sephora. I love how these Asili Naturals bath bombs smell so subtle and not overly fragrant and best of all, I can definitely feel softer skin. I made hand soap out of the lavender bath bomb one and lurv it. You can order them on the Asili Naturals site and in select stores throughout Wisconsin.

My uncle-in-law?? You can buy it on Amazon. What is your favorite VCF serum? What would you recommend? What were your February favorites? At 90 calories per serving, I think the Califia Farms Cafe Latte with Almond Milk makes the perfect treat.

A serving is 8 ounces or ml for those who are counting. That brings us to consistency. Be forewarned, it tastes really sweet…well compared to a glass of coffee.

I should note that I abhor the taste of coffee. In fact, I can only drink it with vegan creamer in it, but this is actually the best middle ground between a frappuccino and black coffee. It sounds like all Califia Farms products are made with sustainability and vegans in mind, so go buy yourself a bottle and enjoy!

Want some carbs with that schmear? Something about half of a Whole Foods Everything Bagel covered with some cream cheese makes my mornings so right—wait, what?! Cream cheese?! You heard that right!

At first glance, this cream cheese has the color of tofu that almost off-white egg shell color and the consistency of cream cheese mixed with a touch of gelatin.

The tofu color probably comes from that fact that the second, third, and fourth ingredients are: expeller processed natural oil blend soybean, palm fruit and oil , maltodextrin, soy protein, tofu. Where do I start about Kite Hill cream cheese?

When I opened it, it looked like real cream cheese. Note that the first time I tried it, I bought the chive flavor which was the only flavor that was available. The taste is even more amazing. I had meat-eaters try it and they love it.

My husband tends to favor it as well! The only place I can find Kite Hill cream cheese in my neighborhood is at Whole Foods. They have plain, chive and jalapeno.

According to Kite Hill, you can find them at Sprouts, Publix, Target and other retailers across the U. in addition to Whole Foods. You can use their Store Finder to locate it near you. Note: I tried this foundation everyday for hours per day for 2 weeks straight, just like I did for my Kat Von D Foundation review.

Dry skin individuals may opt for the Hydrating Foundation and those with oily skin hi! will probably want to try the matte foundation. So, of course, having a semi-oil slick for a face, I opted for the matte foundation. This is NOT at all a full-coverage foundation.

As in crash and burn. They only have a selection of 18 shades per line see above. Drugstore foundations have more of a color range than that, right? I found this applicator cumbersome to work with.

I mean, yes, hardcore first world problem, but every time I used this foundation, I would open it, and swipe the foundation on one of my fingers clean hands , and would swipe that onto my face. When I needed more, I used a new finger. This may be because I have oily skin not sure , but this foundation moved around SO much.

I put my makeup on around 6AM then head to work about an hour later. It MOVES. Not to mention, it get super blotchy throughout the day. Worth It? Absolutely not. Although, you obviously have different skin than I do and there are many other outlying factors where this foundation may be your holy grail!

What is your favorite vegan and cruelty-free foundation? I went back to my Kat Von D foundation, and am loving it.

Watch the video to find out how to turn your favorite bath bomb into shower gel. No surprise that I used one from Asili Naturals , but you can use any you have. NOTE: One thing I would do after mixing, is to let the solution settle for up to an hour before pouring into your bottle.

Watch the video here :. How to turn a bath bomb into a shower gel. We just came back from a trip to Albuquerque, going from 68 degrees and sunshine to a snowstorm and wind chill. You could imagine how distressed we were landing onto a bed of snow after a 4-hour delay. Anyways, aside from stress from travel hiccups, stress is a part of our daily lives, at least many of us, and it stems from one of three things: Personal, Professional and Self.

So, how do you come out of it? One of the things that transformed many of my relationships was the 5 Love Languages. As the name suggests, the love language is how you speak love—do you perceive love romantic or friendly to be in the form of affirmations, acts of service, or otherwise?

Take the quiz, review your results, then see if your friends or family can take the quiz too. We are our hardest critics, as the saying goes, and self stress from poor body image, a negative self image or otherwise can quickly send you spiraling.

So one of the first things to do to combat self stress is to smile. The next, is self love. Take care of yourself! Take some time to brew some tea, pull out a good book, throw on a vegan and cruelty-free face mask and just enjoy some of that time to yourself.

Schedule your day for focus. I sometimes have this problem, so I looked for an app to help me focus because lord help me. I found this app like Forest notsponsored. This tree gets added to your forest! The more you stay focused, the more trees you add to your land.

You also accumulate points. Once you hit a certain amount of points, it goes toward the company giving a tree to third-world countries where food is scarce. So win-win. Really—we need to realize that face masks can be just as preventative as they can be reactive.

Next time you want to destress post on destressing coming soon , want to relax, or just want to glow from within, try a clay mask! The one I use is from Asili Naturals. You can see my comparison of the two here. Learn how to apply a clay mask and the benefits of using one in under a minute with this super short video :.

Personally, I struggled very minimally with acne as a teenager, but not so much since. Simple Skincare is free of all the nasty chemicals you would find in most commercial face washes. The Shea Face Soap is full of nutrient-rich softening oils to help you maintain baby-butt soft skin.

The below is the Rose Hip soap I use to help my the skin on my whole body nice and soft. If you have oily skin and acne, opt for oil-free serums and lotions. Once your face has cleared up, maintain your skin with the ultimate skincare secret weapon: Rose Hip Oil.

The first thing to do is recognize the type of acne. This Spirulina clay mask will naturally pull out the impurities and prepare it for all the right moisturization. There are two theories on setting resolutions for the New Year: 1. I hear you both. But there is something especially special redundant?

about January 1st this year…it lands on a Monday. Whether you decided to stop eating meat yay you! On November 25th or want to start fresh at the beginning of a new year, more power to you!

It never matters when you start, it just matters that you start a change and most importantly, that you stick to it. Here are 5 steps to help you become a vegetarian or vegan so that you can make better not only for you, but for the plant and all the animals on it.

There is absolutely zero shame in you wanting to a better your health and b better the planet. The latter is pretty much the foundation of every religion, right? And no one will bash you for what you believe in go away trolls!

You do you. Giving something up is never easy. Just get back on the buggy. Someone may want to lose weight because they just want to be skinny and may get there the unhealthy way. Setting up a resolution should come from a desire for change. Once you feel compassionate about your cause, your resolution becomes less of a goal and more of an intrinsic belief.

Check out numerous documentaries on Netflix and YouTube, get a vegan starter kit from PETA , and follow inspirational social media influencers to surround yourself with likeminded individuals. You may be stuck on your daily ham and cheese sandwich for lunch or chicken and broccoli for dinner.

As with every resolution, becoming vegetarian does need some work, but minimal at best. Googling vegetarian versions of your favorite recipes, new recipes all together, finding inspirational meal planners on social media or YouTube, these are all things that can help you plan for success.

The easiest way to start is to take a weekend and meal prep vegetarian meals or vegan meals you can use for lunch and or dinner. I have some What I Ate Wednesday videos on my YouTube channel with ideas to get you going! Expect withdrawals, bad skin a part of detox which turns into amazing skin, stress and pressure.

But all this in such a small period of time will lead to your best self. If all goes well, then another month after that and so forth. If you waste half your life on Instagram hi. Half the time she uses her own line of products like the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir or her Farsali Unicorn Essence.

I picked up the samples, which are the perfect size as gift toppers and stocking stuffers—hint hint. Perhaps one of the most popular Farsali products, this pinky cloudy liquid smells like cotton candy and sinks like a song into your skin. It also claims to work as a dual product: it infuses your skin with beneficial skin care and also preps it for putting on moisturizer or makeup.

So I did both. I washed my face and put a drop each on both my cheeks, my forehead and my chin and patted it in. In almost immediately sinks into your skin but also has a slight sticky feeling, which can feel unwelcome at first. USE: I DO NOT suggest using this as a stand-alone moisturizer.

If you use this, definitely top with moisturizer or top with a moisturizing foundation. Definitely go with the sample to see if your skin agrees. If you have a coupon, yes! Otherwise, not so sure TBH. The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is marketed as a 24K Gold Infused Beauty Oil and it literally has flecks of 24K gold in it.

While the Unicorn Essence is cloudy in appearance, the beauty oil feels like a true dry oil, not unlike my skincare secret and anti-aging hack: Rosehip Oil.

It has Vitamin A retinol—scientifically known to help fight wrinkles , and Vitamin C, which is why it smells a bit citrusy. But really, I love it.

I HATE the feeling of being covered in oil, especially when I sleep with it in. Wait until you get a Sephora coupon then spring for the full 1 OZ. Yo welcome. Yes, according to the About Us page, they are cruelty-free! Have you tried anything from Farsali Beauty?

What are your favorite night serums or moisturizers? These are the most aptly named patties…maybe ever. These burgers not only look like meat, but I personally think they taste better than meat! After I flipped it once, you can see how it browns:. I just plopped it onto a high-medium heated pan as is and it immediately started sizzling away.

I paired it with some Angelic Bakehouse hamburger buns and had it with a side salad and some Daiya provolone cheeze. Ya girl can only eat so much broccoli without turning green [P.

Now while I like to stay as clean and as few ingredients as possible, these little patties, balls and strips Las Vegas club name? make salads just a bit more fun when you need to change it up.

If you like veggie patties or want to make more delicious burgers, opt for these low-calorie, nutrition-packed vegan patties see the little circle with the heart on the bottom? Something about them is so tasty! Not so Secret Tip: If you do want the look and taste of meat, Beyond Burger patties are EV-UH-REE-THING.

Highlight: Cleaner than most other patties Veggie Masala Patty is a close contender. These are so delish. Or if you want to trick your friends, these do the trick too 😉. Like dang yum yum. Unfortunately, one serving has 7g of fat, which is pretty dang high.

Most should aim for g of fat per serving. PC: PinchofLovely. Also, if you miss spaghetti and meatballs, I got yo back! These work great with tomato sauce or also make a great addition to salads. Thankfully, I found the exact regimen you need to not only get soft, smooth and itch-free skin, but your body will thank you as well…because hello lymphatic drainage!

Stick with me…. Continue until you get to your belly button. Then start from your neck and move down in small strokes. The point is to move all the blood to your heart—this is the process of lymphatic drainage. Not only does it slough off all of your dead skin, but it helps move your blood and promote circulation yay clean blood.

I know you got to step two and are thinking, well duh. So many scrubs on the market are mixed with soap that tend to dry out your skin even more. This Himalayan Body Scrub has a mix of almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, lychee fruit essential oil and other goodness.

Go now! Again, duh. But the key here again is to find a moisturizer that has a dry oil that will easily sink into your skin.

Again, Asili Naturals delivers. This Coconut Body Butter smells like lemongrass and makes you feel clean too. It has little scrubbies in it that just sink into your skin. The Clinique Stay Matte Foundation was my holy grail, until I found out that Clinique is NOT VCF like why?

So my hunt continued and after a lot of research, I caught a new animal. Check out the face off below to see if this new VCF foundation measures up to the Clinique foundation. Best thing though is that it leaves your skin looking radiant and oh so nice.

Longevity: About half-a day, best when touched up with powder foundation every hours. The Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation is definitely a thicker foundation. Quality: Fantastic!

What else do you do when you have a coupon for Sephora? You spend your life savings and withdraw from your k to spree is what jk—but am I really. Come snoop through my cart! If you need a new lip balm that smells like divine heavenly angel food cake and caramel on a plate, then you need to get this.

Not only that, it feels dang good on the lips—your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, lover, cat will thank you. Unfortunately guys, I learned some tragic news thanks to Ethical Elephant : Fresh is NOT Cruelty — Free!

I only got the mini sizes of Farsali Beauty Unicorn Essence and the Rose Gold Elixir because I wanted to test them out first, and also because the full-size options are hella expensive bye bye dream house , so I opted for the little bottles.

Also I like Farah, so I had to support her. From their website: Our naturally inspired products are always cruelty-free, and made with exceptional-quality in mind.

So of course, this Rosemary Jasmine bath bomb joins the haul party. Aside from the fact that Fresh Sugar is NOT VCF did you hear that noise? Womp womp.

I also got a little sample of the Solid Beauty Blender cleaner because I love my Real Techniques Beauty Blender…is that cheating to us the BB cleaner for my Real Techniques sponge? I started with this recipe from Daily Rebecca , but ended up making it my own.

They take less than 20 minutes to make so if you need a last-minute omg I need to bring something to Thanksgiving dinner , then these cookies got you covered.

Plus, you probably have all the ingredients on hand. You can throw some of these into a clear plastic bag, tie them with a little string and give them away as affordable presents to your co-workers, the mailman, or just about anyone! but not your dog, cause hello, chocolate.

You can make these cookies just about however you want. Feel free to nix the chocolate chips and throw in cranberries, or nuts, toffee, or any other vegan mix-ins. Hair Invisibobble: For those women or men with long hair, being on the go means throwing your hair into a bun or man-bun and getting ish done.

My favorite hair tool of all time is the Invisibobble hello millenial scrunchie. Now I look at old hair bands and just wonder…but why. Vegan Leather Tassle: This tassle keychain is so boujee, it pretty much screams that you love fashion with an edge. You can get any of these vegan tassles and pom poms!

pretty much anywhere i. e Charming Charlie, Forever 21, Discovery, TJ Maxx, Target, pretty much anywhere, maybe even Cracker Barrel?!

Coconut Oil Packets: If your person travels a lot, remind them to keep their health in check from the plane to the hotel and anywhere else. Coconut Oil is the perfect solution to almost anything they happen to forget, like moisturizer, hair mask, toothpaste oil pulling , makeup remover, a whole bunch of stuff.

A Cute Tray: When they do come back home or take off all of their baubles before a bath, give them a place to put it all, like this cute tray! I got this one at Target on clearance but you can get them virtually anywhere.

Especially if they love to smell amazing. Santa will be jealous you thought of these first, well second I guess 😉. Formula These Formula Pacifica Perfume: This perfume is both vegan and cruelty-free and comes in a whole bunch of scents.

This means you can give a gift and set-up some time to hang out. Quality time: check! Bath Bomb: This is a no-brainer. You can wrap this Whole Foods Bath Bomb up with a bottle of some good wine and one of their favorite movies and there you go: spa night!

Maybe throw in a face mask too—see the next idea 😉. Know someone that needs to relax or is always uptight? um, hi. Then throw all of these into a cute little basket and wrap it up into their stocking and BOOM.

Bath Bomb: This is what I was talking about before! You can get festive and throw in an Asili Naturals holiday-scented bath bomb , like the pumpkin spice one above. Asili Naturals Clay Mask: On my Friday Face-Off , we compared this clay mask with Glam Glow, and guess who won?

You called it—this one is AMAZING! treatyofriend Throw in a makeup brush too, which makes applying pretty much any face mask much easier, and far less messy. What kind of stocking stuffers do you like?

What is your favorite part of gift-giving? Share, please! Am I 80 yet? Well, no but I dang sure feel a century older.

Curling up with books and wine is my kinda Friyay. Anyways, it also means slathering on a face mask and scaring the hubs what I do best. So to start your Friday night self-care routine off right, you need to have the right face mask on deck. This Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask feels cooling on the skin and is fairly easy to apply with a makeup brush.

Quality: After I put the Glam Glow face mask on, I left it on for 20 minutes. After it dried, I washed it off with warm scalding water and it felt smooth after that!

Where to Buy: I bought mine at Sephora with a discount, but you can find it at various retailers, including Amazon. As always, we can count on anything from Asili Naturals to be made from plant-based ingredients, and this Spirulina Clay face mask is no different.

Quality: As you can see, this Spirulina Clay Mask is MUCH thicker in consistency and a little drier than the Glam Glow mask. It goes on the skin thick as well but spreads out pretty easily, again with a brush.

I left it on my face for about 5 minutes they recommend and I washed it off with warm water after wards. Where to Buy: Ordering through Asili Naturals is the easiest. Asili Naturals wins by a LANDSLIDE.

Before you say anything, no they did not send me anything. If you like chocolate cake, then this one-bowl recipe is for you! I used store bought frosting 🙂 29 cents per slice, 9 big slices. Depression Cake Recipe.

This super easy recipe takes 5 minutes to prep and cook. This pudding couldn't be any easier to whip up. Chocolate Pudding Recipe. I've already been requested to make another batch of these cookies!!

Silken tofu is the secret ingredient in this smooth, creamy and totally plant-based chocolate mousse. All you need to do is swap butter for melted coconut oil to make a comforting vegan apple crumble.

This one is flavoured with warming cinnamon. Let warming spices and a rich toffee sauce made with homemade cashew cream do the talking with this vegan sticky toffee pudding recipe.

Top a fudgy Oreo biscuit base with silken tofu and dark chocolate for a rich, plant-based cheesecake. Pair it with coconut yogurt and lots of berries for a great vegan mess. A maple-cinnamon glaze helps crisp up the toast and caramelise the edges in this sweet french toast recipe which just happens to be vegan.

Decent espresso powder is the key to this luxurious vegan chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with indulgent and butter-free chocolate buttercream. Dairy-free, no-churn, no-effort ice cream. Check out this impressive whole roasted pineapple with caramel sauce. A delicate, zingy lemon cake made without eggs, milk or butter!

The key to that lemony tang is a decent lemon extract we use Nielsen-Massey. It sounds mad, but it does work, believe us! The brine from a tin of chickpeas called aquafaba takes over from eggs in this meringue recipe. Try our impressive pie recipe for an easy vegan dessert.

The vegan pastry is deliciously crisp and crumbly, with extra texture from the chia seeds. These are light and delicate puddings. Also, the addition of turmeric adds a zingy flavour. These thyme, elderflower and lemon ice lollies make great grown-up desserts in the summer.

You can make this recipe into a cordial too, just reduce the water to ml and strain into sterilised jars. Serve with a plant-based spread or coconut whipping cream and jam.

Bake a batch of our decadent vegan chocolate brownies for an indulgent teatime. Our unique recipe is super chocolatey, so vegan and non-vegan friends and family will enjoy.

Use olive oil in place of butter and chia seeds instead of eggs in this lighter, grown-up version of lemon cake. A batch of these dairy-free cupcakes, topped with a swirl of rich chocolate frosting, are guaranteed to go down a treat after dinner. Made with a surprising vegan ingredient, this classic frosted carrot cake guarantees a moist sponge every time.

Follow expert baking tips from School Night Vegan to ensure you get lovely crumbly biscuits every time. It makes for a stunning birthday centrepiece that everyone can share. Everyone can enjoy these gooey double chocolate chip cookies, that just happen to be vegan.

Made with dark chocolate and coconut oil, they are both dairy-free and egg-free. We use agave syrup for a vegan version of these dairy-free breakfast bars, with dates and nut butter used to help hold together.

Tahini, cardamom and dates give these vegan rolls a lovely creamy twist. Best served with a hot cup of coffee. Recreate this vegan spin on blondies, using coconut sugar for a caramelised flavour, coconut milk for a creamy texture and blueberries for a fruity zing.

These vegan crumble muffins make a moreish teatime treat, bursting with banana and pineapple, and gently spiced with cardamom and cinnamon. These small vegan cookies are a real family treat — ground almonds provide a nutty flavour and a burst of natural sweetness comes from raspberries.

Bananas, dark chocolate and non-dairy yogurt are used to make an easy dessert which everyone at the table will enjoy. Use avocado instead of cream or egg white to make this rich, healthy and vegan version of classic chocolate mousse.

Food allergies and Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas intolerances Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas Value--priced growing issue around Unbeatable Deals Online world, Value-priced cruelty-free dessert ideas many kids crudlty-free affected daily. These are eggsmilk crueltyfree, peanutstree nutsfishshellfishwheat and soy. These fun cupcakes are free of dairy, tree nuts, eggs, soy, peanuts and are made from natural ingredients. To make them gluten-free too, simply swap the all-purpose flour for an alternative such as rice flour or coconut flour. Keep a stash of these on hand for guests or kid-friendly afternoon tea. Get the recipe here. Great news!


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