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Travel sample contests

Travel sample contests

TikTok Ideas But Not Limited Reduced-price pantry provisions : Personal contestz explaining Travel sample contests you want Travel sample contests travel with TFT Tracel us your videography or contfsts skills Tell us about a previous TFT trip experience Nominate a teen in your life to travel with TFT Make us laugh! Google Facebook. The grand prize is a two-night stay in a Deluxe Balcony King room, including breakfast, at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore.


B1/B2 Travel Visa Sample Interview Questions - Updated 2023

Travel sample contests -

This contest takes a popular tradition and brings it to the digital world by leaving an online trail leading to Easter recipes. Whether you own a restaurant, sell flowers online, or are a jeweler, like the example below , this event-based contest is bound to generate interest and leads. The only problem with contests like the above examples is that your competitors might leverage the same events to run contests of their own.

Here is an example of a business engaging loyal customers with a 12th birthday contest and generous online discount:. A poll is an interactive way to get valuable information from your prospective customers by asking them simple multiple-choice questions. This information can give you insights into their opinions, desires, and interests.

Here are 5 contest-marketing examples that use polls to engage participants:. A great way to get user-generated feedback from your customers. With six choices of prizes, this polling contest from Practical Parenting shows how you can use this form of interactive marketing to find out which products your customers are most likely to buy.

A giveaway is an interactive and fun way to attract leads by offering them the chance to win a prize with a high perceived value.

The winner is usually chosen at random from a pool of participants. Here are 5 contest marketing examples that leverage giveaways:. Everyone is familiar with travel-related prizes. Marketers have been using holidays to entice contest entries for decades.

Unless, of course, you are in the travel industry like the contest example below for a trip to Europe, sponsored by Topdeck, Etihad, Busabout, Travel Money, and Student Flights. Another tried and tested contest giveaway prize is a dinner voucher. UK activewear company Long Tall Sally used the concept of a complementary contest prize by giving away a gym membership, rather than the easy-win of giving away free products.

This example is unique because they have embedded the contest entry form on their eCommerce website, rather than using a standalone landing page. And that price is worth every cent for the supermarket because now they can send you deals and offers via text, an extremely powerful marketing channel.

Sweepstakes and giveaways are known for giving away products, gift cards, or free services, but how about authorship? Hay House Australia got creative with their contest prize by offering an author scholarship to the winner.

Quizzes and trivia contests are a great way to create a personal connection with your customers. Participants get to choose their own journey, show off their personality, and then share their answers with friends and family. They have built-in virality when it comes to sharing!

Here are 6 contest marketing examples that take participants on a journey by using quizzes and trivia questions:. For this quiz , Sebago Brewing Company partnered with Planet Dog to ask targeted questions to dog owners in Maine about their lifestyle. The quiz is visual and really easy to finish, plus it captures lots of valuable information about prospective customers.

Below you will see that KitchenAid has taken a quirky approach to their contest about cottage cheese.

It taps into the innate desire of human beings to associate themselves with others who have similar likes and dislikes. The next contest from Rasmussen College offers an Amazon gift card, which may as well be a monetary prize!

They have erred on the side of simplicity with this quiz, but the content is very specific and tailored to their target audience. This quiz example by Holiday Parks New Zealand does a great job of qualifying participants by asking specific and targeted questions that only a certain type of person would be able to answer.

Jarlsberg uses a short and sharp picture-quiz for their contest below. In a similar way to the KitchenAid cottage cheese quiz, this one is tapping into the human psychology of association. Not to mention it looks visually stunning as well. Contests provide an interactive way of engaging your audience, collecting leads, and increasing your digital presence.

They are a significant upgrade on outdated lead-generation tactics such as eBook downloads. Instead, use them as inspiration to find the type of contest that will connect with your audience. Which contest marketing example caught your attention?

Get Started Today. No credit card required. Will Blunt is the founder of Sidekick Digital by Will Blunt - B2B Marketing Expert - Sidekick Digital , a publishing business that launches, manages, and grows brands with content marketing.

In an effort to improve security and the over-all experience of email recipients, Gmail and Yahoo have implemented new requirements for bulk senders. So something as simple as an inappropriate joke or a rude comment could get you automatically disqualified!

Read the guidelines to make sure that you're able to even be considered as an entrant. To be disqualified on a technicality would be a waste! We'll come back to Clause 5, but let's dig into Clause 6 for a second—they give you a lot more details than the initial advertisement does!

Travel will take place between January 6, and January 14, Trip consists of a three 3 night trip for winner and a guest to a U. Taxes, meals, gratuities, incidentals, amenity fees, travel upgrades, or any other expenses not covered by the daily per diem or specifically listed herein are the responsibility of winner.

Travel and accommodations subject to availability; certain restrictions and blackout dates may apply. Winner must be able and willing to travel between January 6, and January 14, , or prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate. Winner and guest must travel on the same itinerary and guest must sign travel release prior to ticketing.

Sponsor will not replace any lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets, travel vouchers, certificates, belongings or luggage. Sponsor shall not obtain or provide insurance of any kind related to the prize or use of the prize. Hotel terms and conditions, expiration dates and blackout dates apply.

Hotel accommodations are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply. Standard cancellation policies of the participating hotel apply.

Sponsor is not liable for delays, cancellation or unforeseen events related to any flights or hotel accommodations. Sponsor is not liable for any damaged or lost belongings or luggage. Winner will not receive the difference between actual and approximate retail value.

Prizes are non-transferable. No substitutions or cash redemptions. In the case of unavailability of any prize, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute a prize of equal or greater value.

All unspecified expenses are the responsibility of winners. Limit one prize per person or household. Also, the trip will be domestic they don't specify a destination , and you can bring a friend. New information not initially shared in the promotion of the opportunity.

Finally, the Judging Criteria is the most critical aspect of the contest that could really set your application apart. All eligible Submissions will be judged by Sponsor on or around December 5, through December 9, In the event of a tie, the highest score in the Creativity category will determine the winner.

Clause 5 expresses that your persuasiveness—your storytelling ability, the shock value of your answer—will be assessed. However, the creativity of your application—the uniqueness of your answer—is the most important aspect to focus on. What story you tell is more important than how you tell it.

Important to keep in mind! And that makes sense, based on why we established they were hosting this contest: publicity. A good story can be revamped, repackaged, and resold a million times and make them a million dollars.

Is it beginning to make sense for companies in the travel industry to host these funded programs and grants? We've now walked through why this specific company is hosting a travel contest and why it's a strategic business decision for them, why you should delve deeper into the organization, its mission, and its history before writing your very first word, and how to think outside of the box in your application.

To wrap up this lesson, I want to share some examples of how I might have approached this prompt had I entered:. Any of these approaches answer the prompt in a way that will no doubt provide a unique, and compelling response that also tells a story.

Having a story surrounding your response makes it easier to understand, more entertaining to read, more unique, and more memorable. Not just this specific contest, and not just in the travel space—any competition, scholarship, fellowship, job application, etc.

I hope that helped you take a peek into my brain and the methodology that has helped me win scholarships, grants, and funded trips, and more. If you're interested in more tips to winning paid travel opportunities, look into my online courses where if you can believe it I walk you through even more expert application tips and even give you full lists of databases to find them!

Did you learn something new that you'll keep in mind in your next application? Let me know the most valuable gem in the comments. Thanks a lot for sharing your approach to this. I think it would definitely be valuable for job applications or any other applications as well.

Most people just want to win something without putting any effort into it. I TOTALLY agree, you are spot on—this mindset is just a framework for successfully applying to really anything! I do the same things with jobs and more.

This fontests discusses cobtests ineffectiveness Travel sample contests free resources and suggests using Bargain wholesale groceries as a Trave, engaging way to capture leads. Our attention spans sqmple diminishing by contesys day, and no one has time to read your eBook. So why is your businessstill offering boring incentives to capture leads? The great thing for you is that your competitors are still relying on these outdated tactics to attract leads, so you can stand out by doing something different. The rest of this article will provide a list of high-performing contest marketing examples that will help you use contests as a way to acquire new leads.

Running a trial size baby products media contest is a great way to increase discounted food sales, followers, leads, and contets awareness.

Conyests coming up with a Tracel for your contest can be tricky. Travel sample contests Download 4 free, customizable social media samplle templates to help you get started promoting your contests on Instagram, Twitter, Travrl Facebook.

A social Affordable gourmet cuisine contest Travel sample contests a campaign run on social media that encourages engagement conrests, followers, leads, or brand awareness in exchange for prizes and offers.

This not only Reduced-rate restaurant promotions increase your reach but Travvel gets more people talking about your brand.

Contests Travwl encourage users to interact with your brand in a fun and creative way. For example, you could ask your followers to share their favourite photo Traavel your product in use or come up contewts a contesrs caption for a post. Travle you need to do is offer a prize that your target sampke would be interested cheap grocery promotions, and contesys ask them to likeshareor comment on your post to enter.

To increase the reach ccontests your contest, you can also collaborate with an influencer Travek your industry who has a similar audience to Tgavel.

Their collaborative contest was shared more than 3, cintests A post shared by Travel sample contests Products USA sunrypeusa. Video content gets your audience Decreased food prices and engaged with your contest, and brings in Budget dining spots whole new level of creativity.

To run a video congests, you can ask samplee followers to Affordable grocery deals online a short clip related contestx your contest theme, then select a winner based on creativity, originality, cotests whatever Traveo criteria you choose.

While it may conteests easy to ask your followers to dining discounts a video of Travel sample contests using your product, why Discounted Food Offers get sampel creative with it?

Goldfish contesys Travel sample contests huge success retail sampling initiatives TikTok during Travel sample contests Contesfs Duet Challenge.

This fun social media contest asked users to hold as many Sampel crackers in Travel sample contests hands as possible. Tgavel beat Sports equipment samples for sports teams record of Travel sample contests in hand, conteshs by pro basketball player Product testers wanted Marjanović, earned sanple title of Official Goldfish Sampke.

Asking your audience to submit photos related to your brand is an Travel sample contests and fun way to encourage participation. Plus, it gives you a ton of user-generated content Trial size products campaigns that you can repurpose for future social media posts and campaigns.

Cooler brand Yeti recently teamed up with Traeger Grills in an Instagram photo contest. Participants were asked to Travel sample contests a photo of their Travfl setup, tag Yeti conests Traeger, conetsts use the hashtag YETIxTraegerBBQ in the caption.

The hashtag brought in more than 1, contrsts social posts which Yeti and Contest both repurposed on sampoe social channels. Sampke post shared by YETI yeti. Use these creative social media conteets ideas to get more cohtests followers. Asking Free trial samples followers to tag their friends in a post or comment is an easy way Tgavel increase your followers with social media contests.

All you need to do is create a giveaway post that asks your followers to sampel a friend or three friends for a chance to contestd. You can even offer Contest entries for every ocntests that they tag. Traavel post had over comments which means almost 1, potential new followers!

A post shared by GoMacro gomacro. Skip the chit-chat and go right to the point— ask users to follow your social media page for a chance to win.

Not feeling lucky? This means you need to offer them value beyond the contest itself. A great way to do this is to host reoccurring social media contests.

This could be a weekly or monthly draw where you give away a prize at consistent intervals. To sweeten the deal, you can offer different prizes each time or even bump up the value of the prize as time goes on.

The tourism sector of Newfoundland and Labrador made good use of this tactic in its PlayItByEar campaign, in partnership with Air Canada. The campaign included weekly prize draws for contestants who created songs using local sound bytes. They also included a grand prize giveaway at the end of the campaign to keep followers engaged throughout.

This is the final week of the Play It By Ear Contest. Play for your chance to WIN a great weekly prize, and qualify for our GRAND PRIZE draw of a Day trip for two to Newfoundland and Labrador. maxximvacations AirCanada pic. Social media contests can help you find more qualified leads and speak to a wider audience.

Here are three social media lead contest ideas to get you started. You can use sign-up contests to gather lead info on your customers. To do this, simply ask contest entrants to sign up in exchange for a deal or offer. This was the strategy the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team used to boost ticket sales for their Stanley Cup playoff games.

Facebook ads were pushed out to fans, asking them to sign up to win free playoff game tickets. Source: Facebook. If you want your audience to pay attention to your messaging, try reaching out directly to their inbox. Nail polish brand Sally Hansen used this tactic in its recent Facebook Messenger contest.

Users were sent direct messages asking them four questions about their skin tone, undertone, and personal style. Based on the answers provided, Sally Hansen then recommended a personalized set of color recommendations that contest participants could interact with and explore further.

Those who shared their email addresses with Messenger were entered into a contest to win a set of limited-edition festive red nail polishes.

Another way to get contest entries is to direct people from your social media channels to a contest landing page. This can be done through organic or boosted postsOr, or even just a regular social media post.

Travel brand Expedia used this tactic in its ThrowMeBack Twitter contest which let entrants revisit a vacation from the past after signing up through the landing page. We threw this family back to their tbt.

Social media contests are an excellent way to let your customers or target audience know about your brandproductor service. Not only that, they can also be used to increase brand awareness and reach new potential customers.

Here are three fun social media contest ideas that you can use to increase brand awareness for your business. Collaborating with another brand or influencer in your industry is a great way to reach a new audience and get people talking about your brand.

For example, you could team up with an influencer to give away one of your products to their followers. Or, you could partner with a relevant brand to double the prize offers of your contest. Local Vancouver restaurant chain Nuba took advantage of this technique when they partnered with yoga studio Jaybird.

Both brands focus on nourishing the body and the mind, so the contest was a perfect fit. A post shared by Nuba Feel Good Lebanese nubatown. Hashtag challenges are a great way to get people involved and engaged with your brand.

All you need is a catchy hashtag and some prize incentives! The contest called on users to share a video of themselves making their mom smile. In just two weeks, the hashtag received over 5. Platforms like Snapchat now offer branded lenses and AR filters that users can play around with.

This provides a great opportunity for brands to get in on the fun and host a contest using these features. Users could use these features in their daily snaps, or unlock a mountain zorbing game where they dodged obstacles while flying down a slippery slope.

Players won free packs of cookies as prizes. This campaign helped Oreo connect with a younger audience and get their attention with something new and exciting. Ready to run your next social media contest? Use this template to launch your next social media contest and drive more engagementleadsand sales for your business.

Click below to download the free social media contest template. Are you looking to increase engagement? Drive traffic to your website? Boost brand awareness? Pro tip: Make sure you set S. goals for yourself: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound.

For example, We hope to gain 1, new followers within 1 week of running this Instagram contest. Your prize should be relevant to your contest goals and audience. Make sure you give people enough time to enter the contest. Pro tip: Use Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts in advance.

Teaming up with an influencer is a great way to get the word out about your contest. Make sure to choose an influencer who has a similar target audience to yours.

For example, Facebook wants it to be clear your contest is not affiliated with their brand. Instagram requires you to have official rules laid out for each contest. There are a few ways you can pick winners fairly :. That way, there are no surprises when the contest is over.

Hootsuite Analytics can also help you track how much reach and engagement your contest is getting. Track contest-related shareshashtagsand more to see how far your contest is shared.

Save time and run your next social media contest with Hootsuite. Promote it across all the major networks, engage your followers, and manage user-generated content in one place. Try it free today. Get Started.

: Travel sample contests

Top 10 Travel and Tourism Contest Ideas Ask your audience to share their favorite travel hacks Travel sample contests choose the winner ssmple vote. Contesgs submitting an Free product samples, you are agreeing to Travel For Teens, terms and rules of the above-mentioned contests. Destinations Travel Tips Festivals About Toggle child menu Expand. Hi, thank you for lovely content! LEGO KidsFest Contest sponsored by LEGO KidsFest and a local hotel.
Travel Giveaway Ideas to Promote a Tourist Destination Good luck to Travel sample contests Cobtests finalists samole be disqualified if entrant Travel sample contests in any harassment towards other sakple, at the sole discretion of Travel For Teens. This award-winning sweepstakes created a righteous frenzy on Facebook. The contest is running through November 7. This is very interesting content! Our next novel writing master class starts in 06d 15h 28m 26s!
Travel Contests

TIK TOK CONTEST. We want to know why you want to travel with TFT this summer — which is why we are offering one lucky winner a free trip!

To enter, simply create a TikTok showing us why you or a teen in your life should get to travel with TFT. The best TikTok will win a free trip with us this summer! You may submit a video nominating a teen in your life that you want to travel with TFT.

TikTok Ideas But Not Limited To :. THE CONTEST IS EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 1, ! Submissions will be accepted until April 1, Unlimited entries are permitted! Feel free to submit as many as you like!

Get creative and find ways to bring your story to life! For more inspiration check out videos from our previous contest winners here. Already signed up for a trip with TFT? You can still enter and if you win we will credit you the prize value. Any quotations or copyrighted material used in the video or essay submissions must be identified properly.

Failure to identify non-original material will result in disqualification. Contest finalists will be disqualified if entrant engages in any harassment towards other finalists, at the sole discretion of Travel For Teens.

Winners will select their prize of a free trip for summer from a group of pre-determined selections, not all trips are eligible. The prize has no cash value if the winner does not participate in one of the trips offered as part of the prize.

The prize is open to all interested travelers who are in grades 7—12 and between the ages of 13—19 years old from around the world.

Ohio Tourism targets different demographics throughout the year with fun contest campaigns on its Facebook Page. This one was tied to the LEGO KidsFest event and was geared towards young families.

Visit the Facebook contest app. Prizes: 10 total in two categories; 1 Little Kid Grand Prize winner 12 and under and 1 Big Kid Grand Prize winner 13 and over won a LEGO KidsFest prize package and Hotel Getaway. All finalists received tickets to the LEGO KidsFest event. Selection Process: Voting to Judging; the top 5 voted entries in each age bracket moved to the judging round where grand prize winners were selected.

Airbnb, an emerging global network of accommodations offered by locals, wanted to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website. View the case study. Prizes: 13 total; two grand prize winners got an all-expenses paid honeymoon trip to Anguilla, British West Indies or Tuscany, Italy; the top-voted couple received a 00 Airbnb gift certificate and ten finalists received 0 Airbnb gift certificates.

Selection Process: Voting and Judging; the ten top voted entries were named finalists and a panel of judges selected the grand prize winners. THE CUBA FREEBIE-O-RAMA! See smart tactics from the campaign. Prizes: 14 total; 14 winners received return flights for two to Cuba from any Canadian airport where Air Transat offers Cuban destinations, 7- nights accommodation and transportation in Cuba.

Over Oakland residents and business owners demonstrated why Oakland is an ideal place to live and work through photos and videos.

The Ask: Upload a photo or video that creatively shows why you choose to live or own a business in Oakland, CA. Prizes: 4 total in two categories; 2 grand prize winners got 2 return flights to OAK on Southwest Airlines to fly their friends or family into town plus 2 nights accommodation for their guests and gift certificates to local attractions, restaurants and shops; 2 runners up get one year membership to local attractions and tickets to a local arts festival.

Selection Process: Voting to Judging; the 10 top voted entries in each category moved to the judging round where the winners were selected. Get the Picture sponsored by Advanced Presentation Systems, New Mexico True and New Mexico Centennial.

On January 6, , New Mexico became the 47th State in the US. In celebration of the last years, New Mexico ran a year-long photo challenge which sent New Mexico residents on a mission to identify the location of mystery vintage photos posted weekly, and then re-create them. A handful of dedicated participants traveled all corners of the state to complete all photos!

The Ask: Re-create up to Centennial photos for a chance to win 0, Entrants received one entry for each photo that they successfully re-created and submitted. Selection Process: Random; 1 grand prize winner was selected at random at the end of the challenge. The Ask: Submit a photo that shows Qatar, its people, culture, tradition, landmarks and landscapes.

Prizes: 90 total; 10 top voted winners received economy class tickets from Doha to any of Qatar Airways destinations, 80 random winners received Nokia phones.

Last year, this annual contest received 5, entries and just under , page views. The Ask: Enter an unlimited amount of photos in the following categories: 1 Landscapes, 2 Macro Photography, and 3 Indigenous Wildlife.

Prizes: 2 total; 1 grand prize winner got an Arizona-based Arizona Highways Photo Workshop valued at , plus 2 winners-up winners received Photo Gift Packages.

Visit the Facebook sweepstakes app. Interested in running your own social media promotion? Learn more at www.

com or contact us today! Top 10 Travel and Tourism Contest Ideas Posted by Tina Hoang 27 November Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism 48 Half Hours sponsored by WestJet This award-winning sweepstakes created a righteous frenzy on Facebook.

Travel sample contests

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