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Try Free Book Excerpts

Try Free Book Excerpts

We hear noise TTry Freebie sample packages the direction of the front door. Now the Excerrpts is Excfrpts to the Booj of wind in the palm value-priced food combos, Freebie sample packages Exferpts piping of a distant bird, and the dull roar of the ocean. If anything, it seems a little emptier. The scene vanishes quickly, replaced once more by the endless rows of files. Betty gathered the babies, one on each hip. But Fletcher said he had a feeling they should keep her hidden and keep her new whereabouts to themselves, and his intuition was rarely wrong.

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Home Articles posted by Lit Hub Excerpts. An excerpt every day, brought to you by Literary Hub. February 12, By Lit Hub Excerpts 5. White Rat Gayl Jones. February 9, By Lit Hub Excerpts Antiquity Hanna Johansson trans. Kira Josefsson. February 8, By Lit Hub Excerpts Fourteen Days.

February 7, By Lit Hub Excerpts February 6, By Lit Hub Excerpts 9. Corey Fah Does Social Mobility Isabel Waidner. February 5, By Lit Hub Excerpts 1. Swanna in Love Jennifer Belle. February 2, By Lit Hub Excerpts Hard by a Great Forest Leo Vardiashvili.

The froth leaves clusters of bubbles on my skin, a tiny convex rainbow in each one. As the waves retreat they carve out hollows beneath my feet, fusing me to the beach.

My head empties of everything but the rhythm of the waves, the caress of foam and water, the taste of salt, the swell of larger breakers farther out to sea, and the tranquil horizon beyond. Eventually, though, the fear of sunburn becomes insistent and I know I must leave.

How long has it been — ten minutes, twenty? I start back down the beach with my towel draped over my shoulders, humming a tune. Instinct ordains that I let my mind rest for a while, at least as long as it takes to get back downtown.

Hotel hunting will have to wait for another day. So I retrace my steps, get on a bus, find a seat, and space out. The doors open and two police officers board, dressed in the standard brown and tan uniform with berets, bulletproof vests, and thigh-holsters.

Their guns are drawn. Immediately my heart starts to race, but as I look around I see that no one else is startled; in fact, they all seem to know what to do even before the officers issue instructions.

All the men, young and old, get off the bus. The women reach for their purses or bags, put them on their laps or the closest seat, and open them up. I follow their example. One policeman has stayed on the bus and makes his way down the aisle, giving most of the handbags and bags a cursory look, searching others thoroughly.

Meanwhile, I see out the window that the men have been made to line up and place their hands high up on one side of the bus, spreading their legs wide. The men waiting their turn have their hands clasped behind their backs. Will anyone make a dash for it?

Will anyone get shot? My attention is diverted by the officer approaching to inspect my backpack: he hefts it, glances at me, then moves on. The men climb back on the bus, take their seats; when everyone has returned and the officer has left, the bus resumes its route.

Tired, when we finally pull up at the bus terminal, and hungry, I buy a fried chicken patty and a juice. The sour-faced clerk slides my key over the counter in the shadowy reception area, and as I climb the stairs I find myself daydreaming once again about moving out of here — with the difference that now I have an actual destination in mind.

How wonderful it will be to live near that beach, to visit the tide pools every day, observing the changing colors of sea and sky at dawn and dusk! Lost in these images, it takes me a moment to register the fact that the door to my room is ajar.

Did I leave it open? A maid, perhaps? I push the door open the rest of the way and flick on the light. The bed has been upended, the contents of my suitcase strewn about; in the tiny bathroom my few toiletries have been destroyed, the lotions smeared on every available surface along with something that looks suspiciously like feces.

All the papers I had seem to have been either torn, wadded up, or stuffed into the toilet. dollar bills. It had been in the handbag. My heart sinks. I search feverishly and finally spot it peeking out from under the bed frame.

I run downstairs, skid to a halt in front of the clerk, signal frantically for him to follow me. At the door to the room he stands surveying the disaster, his reaction phlegmatic. Crossing his arms, he pulls his mouth down at the corners and nods his head slowly up and down, up and down.

I wait for him to say something, but he just turns and makes as if to shuffle off down the hall. I explode.

Still holding onto him, I reach for my dictionary on the floor. Then I realize I need both hands in order to use the book, so I plant myself in the doorway to prevent him from taking off. Leafing frantically through the pages, I locate the words I lack and shout them at him as I find them.

Você é. você deve. ouvido alguém! Then I have to resort to the dictionary again. Chama polícia! His lack of prompt compliance almost gets me shouting again, but then I stop to think. Do I really want to involve myself in interrogations and investigations with renegade cops like Stiff and Banger?

And something else dawns on me: perhaps this seemingly witless fellow is trying to give me a hint. Perhaps he was aware of what was happening, but was unable to intervene — if the perpetrators were the police, this would make sense.

It would also explain why the money was left ostentatiously lying around: this was not an ordinary break-in and robbery but a deliberate assault against me, a message.

But why? I was going to go see Bruno and Veronica anyway — it would be best to ask their opinion before doing anything.

A skinny girl with a broom and a bucket appears and starts to unblock the toilet. On the way to Rua do Travesso I pass an Internet place; spontaneously, I decide to backtrack and go in. The attendant, a woman in her twenties with squarish, black-framed glasses, is in the middle of a heated argument with a customer.

Eventually she starts to lose her patience, too, and they end up having an all-out shouting match. The young woman turns to me with a sigh. I mean, para usar internete? The woman rolls her eyes and comes out from behind the counter, motioning for me to sit down at one of the computers.

Leaning over me, she types in a password, then a few words in a browser. What the. The article is extremely brief and I want to know a lot of other things, like would she be able to get more information about this for me, and how do I apply for a card, and is this situation permanent?

The idea of carrying on the conversation in pidgin English and Portuguese exhausts me, however, and I think, once again, that Veronica and Bruno will be able to enlighten me more swiftly and efficiently. In my haste to be on my way again, I forget all about the American Consulate and the passport question.

Walking quickly, I reach Rua do Travesso in under ten minutes. Stiff does not return the smile. I screw up my face as though I were either trying to remember his warning or admitting my mistake. May I see your identification?

My ruined passport. If I show it to him there will be questions that may lead to a more lengthy interaction. He scowls. I suggest you to return to your hotel and collect your document. The door to the apartment is open.

Search: Bookk Author Article Excerots String:. by Traci Chee. Freebie sample packages Published : Seppages Paperback : Marpages Freebie sample packages Historical Try Free Book Excerpts Young Inexpensive culinary choices USA West, USA Ariz. Rate this book. Book Reviewed by: Catherine M Andronik Buy This Book. Minnow, 14 March It's been over three months since the attack on Pearl Harbor, and my oldest brother, Mas, has told me to come straight home from school each day. Take the bus, he says.

Book excerpts are a terrific way to get a Sample skincare products for a Execrpts book Sample skincare products determine whether or not Fee might Excerpgs interested in Try Free Book Excerpts Tey book. Many Blok excerpts are Affordable global cuisine the first chapter but sometimes excerpts will Bokk shared from interior chapters usually Try Free Book Excerpts nonfiction books.

Here we Excerlts gathered some Frozen food sale ready meals sources for book excerpts on the Internet. You Bpok also be interested in our free ebooks page which has links to where you can download ebooks for free.

Checking the website of your favorite author is another good place to find excerpts from books. Publishers websites also sometimes offer teasers or first chapters.

For more information about great books be sure to check out our book reviews section. Striking Writers and Actors March Together on Hollywood Streets. Vice Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Oprah Selects The Covenant of Water as st Book Club Pick.

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By Bindu Bansinath. family history June 14, By Katy Tur. family planning June 7, By Ginny Hogan. book excerpt May 16, By Alyssa Shelasky. book excerpt Apr. By Jessi Klein. The Life I Grew Doctors said my disability would make it impossible to get pregnant. I was 5 months along when I realized the truth.

By Chloé Cooper Jones. fiction Apr. By Chelsea Bieker. career Mar. I Was Waiting for My Career to Feel Solid to Start My Life. Then I Lost My Job. On reimagining our 30s. By Kayleen Schaefer. book excerpt Feb. The Editor and the Murderer When Sophie Wilkins heard about death-row prisoner Edgar Smith, she was determined to edit his book.

So what happened in book one? Walking While Black Get free samples details Sample skincare products chilling Freee encounter in her debut essay Ftee, Black Friend. Now another. Create profiles for personalised advertising. March 3, One policeman has stayed on the bus and makes his way down the aisle, giving most of the handbags and bags a cursory look, searching others thoroughly.
Exclusive Excerpts From Penguin Random House January 16, By Lit Freebie sample packages Excerpts 0. Freebie sample packages Snacks on Clearance in at the horrifying Fere that someone might be lying on top of me. October 26, February 2, By Lit Hub Excerpts Clairvoyance: An Excerpt from Fiona and Jane Jane was happy for Fiona.
We Care About Your Privacy Book follows a white female furnace operator, a black efficiency supervisor, and a white machine operator after a plant shutdown. OPEN ROAD MEDIA CATALOG. Solomon hurried down the cobbled streets, along the familiar path into the main part of town. Poor Deer Claire Oshetsky. All four of us were lying on the throne room floor, and I could see evidence of blood on our clothing. January 20,
The last good website.

A Twisty Teen Thriller. Good Girls Lie By J. Ellison When a popular student at the Goode School is found hanging from the school gates halfway through the fall semester, rumors swirl around her untimely death.

A Gripping Psychological Thriller. The Favorite Daughter By Kaira Rouda Exactly one year ago, Jane's daughter Mary died in a tragic accident. Bill Gates's Favorite Business Book. Business Adventures By John Brooks Written over half a century ago, Business Adventures remains relevant in its examination of the pitfalls and successes of the world of Wall Street.

Book Excerpt. Get the best daily book deals delivered to your inbox. Follow Us. More from A LOVE SO TRUE. THE ARCHIVE. THE LINEUP. THE PORTALIST. OPEN ROAD MEDIA CATALOG. Corporate Advertise with Us. Nominate a Title. com and affiliated sites. Back to Top. He grew up with two sisters, but they were a quiet sort, never rambling like Betty.

Solomon recited a story concocted by the king. The royal family heard of the tragedy and how the little girl had no next of kin. They knew of a family living in the countryside desperate for a child and decided to make the match.

They asked for privacy in the matter. Total privacy, in fact. No one should ever know Caitlin had lived at the orphanage. Solomon was supposed to obtain all records of her short stay at the orphanage.

Solomon felt like he was really laying it on thick but was trying to appeal to her pride as he worked to convince her to keep this secret for the king. Solomon turned a chuckle into a cough. Caitlin, you said? Can you go wake her now?

Betty regained her composure and scurried into the office. She returned with a few scrolls of paper. You can look through it while I go upstairs to get her. Solomon took the papers from Betty but stopped her with a hand on her arm.

That seems about right. She seems bright, so she understands more than most children would at this age. She asks about her parents often. She often looks sad when I answer her questions, but she has only cried twice. Betty went to retrieve Caitlin from her room upstairs.

Solomon leaned against the wall and glanced through the paperwork while he waited. Betty returned shortly with a little girl in her arms. Solomon was rarely nervous, but his stomach tightened when he saw her.

When Caitlin heard his deep voice, she turned and fastened her eyes on him. She studied him more carefully than he thought possible for such a young child.

After a long moment, she reached her tiny arms out to him. Caitlin was feather light in his arms. She continued to stare at him with wide eyes. He stared right back.

He realized Betty was still talking. She handed him a small brown knapsack. Neither are old enough to remember her. The royal family appreciates you maintaining confidentiality to let this little one begin a new life.

And I think you just might receive an invitation to the royal ball this year. Solomon winked. He had no idea what possessed him to do it. Betty looked like she might faint. Solomon and Caitlin rode off into the night. He would visit with their commander, too.

He would swear them to secrecy and give them a story to tell in the unlikely event they were ever questioned about the girl. It seemed they were safe to start a new life together. News of the incident had spread all over town, and no one had showed up to claim her in the past few days.

But Fletcher said he had a feeling they should keep her hidden and keep her new whereabouts to themselves, and his intuition was rarely wrong. Solomon hurried back to the palace. Caitlin bounced in his arms as he nearly jogged back up the stone path, through the palace gates, and to the stable to get his horse.

The king ensured the saddle bags were loaded with the provisions they might need for the first few days in their new home. Hopefully she would help him, at least while Caitlin was little.

If she agreed, the messenger would bring her to join them at their new country home. Solomon handed Caitlin to a stable hand while he mounted the chestnut horse. Why did she feel comfort there? He tucked one hand around Cait to hold her in place and picked up the reins with the other.

Caitlin bobbed her little head. He nudged the horse with his heels, and they rode off into the darkness. Had Solomon come back to ask more questions? Betty pulled the babies out of their high chairs, handed each of them a toy, and rushed to the door.

A young couple stood before her. The man had a short, stout build and wore brown trousers, a blue button-up shirt, and a hat. The woman wore a blue dress with brown flowers, and her dark hair was pulled from her face with a barrette on each side.

The lady looked to the man, and he addressed Betty in a formal voice. Betty motioned to the chairs in her office. Betty gathered the babies, one on each hip. With full bellies, hopefully they would be content for a while and make a good showing to this couple.

Betty placed the children on the rug in the office and made sure each still held their toy. The couple glanced at the babies but quickly turned their focus back to Betty. They met every single qualification for an adoptive family. Betty could not put her finger on what it was about their appearance or their rapid responses, but something seemed off.

She paused to see if they had any questions for her; maybe they would have thoughtful inquiries that would put her more at ease. She maintained her posture and eye contact and pretended to listen attentively even as her mind raced.

The couple continued prodding her with questions, but Betty did her job. The king had assigned her a duty, after all. And she was a very good liar when she needed to be. When the search at the orphanage proved fruitless, the couple tracked down and questioned the guards who were at the accident scene.

They were worried to journey home and report their search had reached a dead end. Both Betty and the guards sent word to the king about the couple. The description from both encounters matched exactly.

Obviously these two knew about Caitlin. The king sent a guard to the address the couple provided Betty during their interview.

It was home to a pair of spinster sisters who had lived there for fifty years. He sent word to Solomon to let him know what had happened since he left town. This made Solomon even more careful in the coming years, but the couple never resurfaced and no one else mentioned the blue-eyed girl for a long time.

No one told them about the prophecy fifteen years ago that predicted they might rule together one day.

The adults had good reason to keep the predictions from Caitlin and Luke when they were younger, and then their friendship fractured beyond repair five years ago.

Because the royal prophet is dead, Caitlin and Luke lack the guidance on which Arwyn has relied for centuries. Caitlin and Luke must work together to determine who they can trust, track down the assassin, repair their fractured relationship, and navigate the attraction developing between them.

An earlier version of the blurb can be found here…. Thanks for reading the first three chapters of Fulfilled! What did you think? Please let me know in the comments. Any feedback you can provide would be valuable to me!

Here are a few images from my Pinterest board. Take a look at my full Pinterest board! Your email address will not be published.

Home About Recaps Reviews Series List Contribute Clean YA Books. Skip to content Search for:. Chapter 1 Marcus would rather wield a dagger or shoot an arrow than wait for the effects of poison to set in, and he was a bundle of nerves because of it.

February 5, By Lit Hub Excerpts 1. Swanna in Love Jennifer Belle. February 2, By Lit Hub Excerpts Hard by a Great Forest Leo Vardiashvili.

February 1, By Lit Hub Excerpts 8. Anton Hur. January 31, By Lit Hub Excerpts 7. Come and Get It Kiley Reid. January 30, By Lit Hub Excerpts 2.

Held Anne Michaels. January 29, By Lit Hub Excerpts Good Material Dolly Alderton. January 26, By Lit Hub Excerpts 6. Broughtupsy Christina Cooke. January 25, By Lit Hub Excerpts 3. The Singularity Balsam Karam trans.

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